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Broken Beach Nusa Penida – All You Need To Know


Are you planning to visit Broken Beach Nusa Penida?

Broken Beach is one of the many places on Nusa Penida waiting to take your breath away with its out of this world natural beauty.

In this guide, you will find everything you need to know before visiting Broken Beach Nusa Penida including how to get there, what expect and where to stay.

broken beach Nusa Penida
Aerial view of Broken Beach

Where Is Broken Beach?

Broken Beach Bali is situated on the western side of Penida island about an hour drive from Toya Pekeh harbour where people arrive from Bali and Lombok by boats.

Broken Bay Nusa Penida is located on the same site as Angel’s Billabong which is a natural pool formed by the sea tides. So, you’ll be able to visit both spots in one trip!

broken beach Nusa Penida

Where To Stay On Nusa Penida?

Luxury Kompyang Cottage 

This hotel consists of a beautifully designed cottages with tasteful accessories made of natural materials like stone and wood. They come with lovely outdoor bathrooms and a porch and are situated in a well-kept, lush garden. There is a nice pool where you can get your breakfast served on a floating tray or served in your room if you prefer that, both for no extra charge. The hotel offers a free pick up and drop off at the harbour. Kompyang cottages are located on the west side of Nusa Penida within 20 minutes drive to Toya Pakeh harbour and within walking distance to a good selection of local warungs.

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MidrangePenida Bay Village

Penida Bay Village via Booking.com

Penida Bay Village is situated 10 minutes’ walk from Crystal Bay Beach in a traditional local village with good proximity to a few little shops and local warungs. The bungalows are clean and spacious and include free wifi use and toiletries in a private bathroom. There is an onsite restaurant that serves a good breakfast that is included in the room price, but also lunch and dinner for an extra charge.

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La Roja Bungalows 

nusa penida hotels
La Roja Bungalows via Booking.com

The hotel, which is also one of the best Nusa Penida hostels offers private and shared rooms. It is located within 20 minutes’ drive from the harbour on the western coast, minutes’ walk from shops and small, local restaurants. What I liked most about this property is a beautiful pool area with white decking around it and a well-kept garden. There is a choice of older bungalows and newer ones situated around the pool which are so cute, simple yet very tastefully designed. This is an excellent option for a solo traveller for very cheap but quality accommodation with chic communal areas!

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Where to stay on Nusa Penida – Full Guide

Nusa Penida Broken Beach – What To Expect?

Broken Beach also called Pantai Pasih Uug by locals was formed by the erosive power of the sea where part of the shore collapsed and a natural lagoon was formed hence the name Broken Beach. There is a perfectly formed archway over the lagoon where waves enter the natural pool.

A path between Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong
Angel’s Billabong at low tied

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to swim in Broken Beach. The site is more for admiring nature’s formation and taking some incredible photos.

TIP: If you want to swim, arrive early here and take a dip in the refreshing natural infinity pool of Angel’s Billabong which is located a 5 minute’s walk from Broken Beach! Swimming is only safe at low tide, so make sure you do it at the right time.

At Broken Beach instead of swimming, take a walk around the lagoon, you will find different viewpoints and interesting angles to admire this natural monument.

If you keep walking through the archway to the edge of the cliff you may spot manta rays or even dolphins swimming in the sea below. You can then come back from the other side completing a loop around the Broken Beach, which should take around 30 minutes to complete including multiple stops for taking in the incredible views.

The lush greenery at Broken Beach

When you’re back to the mainland side of the Broken Beach, you may notice that locals set up some photo stations to help visitors in capturing the unworldly scenery. Take advantage of them, they are free to use.

When you finish exploring the sites, there is a good selection of local warungs and cafes where you can have a nasi goreng for lunch or just treat yourself with a cold coconut!

How To Get To Broken Beach?

By scooter

For those already staying on Nusa Penida, the easiest way to get to Broken Beach is by hiring a scooter and driving there yourself.
Motorbike rental on Penida is a little pricier than in Bali mainland so expect to pay around 75k IDR for a full day. Remember to ask for a helmet and check breaks and lights before you set off.

broken beach Nusa Penida

Also, the roads in Nusa Penida are poor, narrow with many bumps and potholes. If you’ve never ridden a scooter before, then this is not the place for your first time. However, if you’re an experienced driver you may find it strenuous but you will be fine. And a lot of visitors choose that option so you definitely won’t be alone.

From the main harbour area, it should take around 60 minutes to get there. If you’re already on the island, try to leave before the ferries arrive with day-trippers. I’ve witnessed some crazy traffic from the ferry port at ‘rush hour’.

broken beach Nusa Penida

With a driver

If you don’t feel comfortable to ride your scooter, you can hire a car with a driver. A full day should cost around 600k IDR. The advantages of hiring a driver are you don’t need to worry about driving and navigating steep, bumpy roads that often turn into dirt tracks. Also, it is nice to relax in the air-conditioned car while getting to your next location.

Nusa Penida Day Trip

broken beach Nusa Penida

Only have one day but still want to experience Broken Beach on Nusa Penida? Don’t worry that’s entirely doable!
Take one day Nusa Penida tour from Bali. All the logistics including ferry and transport will be arranged for you. You will also be able to see other top places all in one day including Broken Beach, Angel’s Billabong and the most famous spot on Nusa Penida – Kelingking Beach.

Things To Know Before Visiting Broken Beach

Entrance fee

There is a 5k IDR entrance fee per person which gives you access to both Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong and another 5k IDR for parking.

Broken Beach Opening Times

There are no official opening hours as the site doesn’t have a gate but it makes sense to visit at daylight, otherwise, you won’t be able to see much.

broken beach Nusa Penida

Best Time to visit

Broken Beach has become really popular in recent times with more people discovering Nusa Penida so the site gets busy. If you want to fully appreciate this place and even have it to yourself then arrive early in the morning at sunrise and definitely before 9 am.

Other good time would be late afternoon after 4 pm when most day visitors from Bali would have left.

Other places nearby

If you want to make a day itinerary then consider visiting other places near Broken Beach including:

Kelingking Beach
Angel’s Billabong
Peguyangan Waterfall

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Broken Beach is one of the many epic places to visit on Nusa Penida! Mother nature did an incredible job here. Combine your visit with other nearby points of interest for an awesome day. Enjoy.

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