Steeped in ancient history, which is evident in the Greek landmarks from that era. Also, famous for its attractive islands with exquisite beaches and unique Cycladic architecture.

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Mandrakia Milos


The Cycladic island of Milos is an up-and-coming destination that, in recent years, went viral on social media, wowing with its unworldly landscape, colourful traditional fishing villages and epic beaches.

Find out the best places where to stay in Milos.

15 Incredible Boutique Hotels In Milos

15 Best Milos Airbnb & Holiday Apartments Milos

Explore 20 Best Milos Beaches.

Delve deeper into the Cycladic heritage at the island’s capital Plaka Milos.

Explore the island’s most picturesque fishing village, Klima & Mandrakia, discover the bustling port of Adamas and relax in the family-friendly town of Pollonia Milos.

Parikia Paros


Paros is a place that you’ll find hard to tear yourself away from with its charming harbour towns, white-washed alleys, quaint churches and sugar cube houses.

Find out the best places where to stay in Paros.

Discover the cosmopolitan harbour town of Naoussa Paros

and stay in one of the 15 Best Hotels In Naoussa Paros

Visit the vibrant port town of Parikia Paros.

Go off-beaten track and explore the island’s mountainous region and its delightful Cycladic villages, such as Lefkes.

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Alyko Beach Naxos


Naxos is the perfect choice for all beach and nature lovers. It is the biggest Cycladic island that boasts incredible beaches and excellent hiking trails.

Find out the best places where to stay in Naxos.

Go on a beach-hopping tour and discover 14 Epic Beaches of Naxos.

Discover the island’s historic capital Chora Naxos Town.

Relax on one of the island’s best beaches Plaka Beach, Agios Prokopios, Agios Georgios Beach or the charming beach town of Agia Anna.

Venture inland to explore some of the more authentic momentaneous villages, such as the delightful Halki Naxos and Filoti.