sustainable and responsible tourism
Escadaria Selaron, Rio de Janeiro

My name is Mal and I was born in Poland. I am a vegan and I believe in sustainable and responsible tourism. As individuals, we can do a lot to contribute towards protecting our Planet, like using reusable water flasks and choosing ethical places to stay.

My story

Since I was 19 I wanted to travel the world and live abroad. I lived 4 months in Greece, 6 months in Spain with top babe Marta, and 12 years in the UK where I’m currently based.

I have visited 36 countries so far (April 2019) and have a desire to visit them all. The more I travel, the more I want to travel. Visiting a country doesn’t shorten my bucket list but adds a bunch of new, exciting places that I had no idea existed. I mostly travel with my other half Steve, friends or family but also sometimes on my own on a mid-range budget.

What I most love about travelling is being able to spend every day differently and learn about myself through learning about the world.

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism

I am a vegan. I stopped eating animal products for health reasons. I suffer from RA and a plant based diet mostly raw has been helping me to heal from my condition. Today I’m also vegan because I don’t wish to contribute to animal suffering and environmental degradation. I believe in sustainable and responsible tourism to minimise the negative impact on the planet while travelling. One of the most important changes we can make is to reduce amount of animal products we eat. But also considerable reduce amount of plastic we use, which often ends up in the oceans.

2019 PLANS

In 2019 I’ve been to Brazil, Poland and Sweden; so far I’m planning to go to France, Indonesia, Singapore, The Netherlands and South Africa. If you have any suggestions where else I should go then feel free to leave me a message or a comment.

My ultimate dream is to stop travelling 5 weeks a year and start travelling the other 47 weeks

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