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My name is Mal. I was born in Poland but spent most of my adult life in the UK, where I graduated from Southampton University.

I have always loved travelling, and every year I spent all of my 25 days of leave abroad, visiting countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, and Brazil – the further, the better. 😛

In 2020, I decided to quit my job; I worked as a financial analyst in a big firm. I didn’t hate my job, but I just wanted something else more – freedom and adventure. 

During the pandemic, I sold my house and all my belongings and moved to Bali.🌴 I quickly fell in love with the island, which from then on became my new part-time home. 

about raw mal roams


In the summer of 2021, I travelled through the Balkans and met my partner Robin, who joined me in my lifestyle and is now a part of the team behind Raw Mal Roams. 

Robin comes from the Netherlands, and apart from being a passionate traveller, his other passion is football and supporting Feyenoord – the 2023 Champions of the Netherlands (he made me add this 😀).

Together, we travel the world. In 2022 we spent an extended time travelling through the Americas, including Costa Rica, Guatemala and Mexico. We also visited together GreeceAlbania, Italy, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Uzbekistan. 

Every year we go back to Bali 🌴, where we surf 🏄🏻, work on new articles from Canggu cafes and hang out with friends. 

Our mission is to inspire you guys to visit lesser-known destinations and help in planning your trips.