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Bingin Beach Uluwatu – The Ultimate Guide

Bingin Beach Uluwatu – The Ultimate Guide

Bingin Beach is one of my favourite beaches in Bali. It is because, Bingin Beach offers more off the beaten track experience compared to other beaches in Uluwatu. Main tourism hasn’t got there yet nor the big hotel developments. And with small bars and warungs and a surfer base, Bingin Beach offers a great vibe and laidback atmosphere.

This post is a complete guide to visiting Bingin, happy reading!

How to get to Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach
Bingin Beach

Bingin beach is located on the western side of the Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu. It only takes about 30 minutes’ drive to get here from the Bali Airport and 15 minutes from Uluwatu main area.
Bingin Beach is perched between Dreamland Beach and Padang Padang. The best way to get there is on a scooter or by car. Bingin is one of the best Uluwatu beaches for surfing.

By motorbike

Scooter rental can be found in various locations in Uluwatu and normally cost 50k IDR per day, and you’re expected to fill up the petrol yourself. If you prefer to book it in advance, you can pre-book your scooter here which includes delivery to your hotel. Alternatively, you can email your hotel, and they may be willing to arrange it for you or advise on the nearest motorbike rental.

Always check the scooter before you embark on your ride. Check breaks and light and make sure you are given a helmet.

Simply type ‘Bingin Beach’ and follow the Google directions. I recommend listening to the instructions through earphones instead of looking at your phone while riding a scooter.

Bingin Beach

By car

If you prefer not to use a motorbike, you can either book a driver for a whole day or download a Go Jek or Grab app on your smartphone (they are Asian equivalents to Uber Drive) and get a lift with them.

My personal experience using Go Jek and Grab is very good. They are reliable and efficient and so much cheaper than a Taxi which charges typically more if you’re a tourist!

What to expect on arrival

Staircase down to Bingin Beach
Staircase down to Bingin Beach

There is a Bingin car park where you need to pay 2K IDR for parking. Once you parked up, just follow the swirly path down the cliff, which takes about 5-10 min and involves climbing down nearly 200 steps. You’ll go through some narrow, dodgy alleys too. Don’t worry. This is the right way down to the beach! I promise it will be worth the effort! There are a few exits and no matter which one you choose, you’ll end up in the right place – on the beach.

Pantai Bingin

Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach has a lovely powdery white sand, and there is plenty of space to put down your towel and relax. There are a few homestays right on the beach offering very basic rooms for really low prices. However, if you have large luggage with you, it’s not recommended to stay here due to the strenuous climb down.

A few local warungs operate on the beach where you can grab a nice lunch or stay over for a BBQ in the evening.

There are also a few surf rental shacks where you can get your board. It’s also possible to book a surfing lesson here if you’re a beginner.

Bingin Beach attracts professional surfers due to its high-quality waves. But even if you’re not a surfer, the place is cool to hang out and watch the action from the beach with a cold Bintang or coconut water in your hand.

If you keep walking left, there are smaller parts of the beach to explore more secluded and intimate than the central part with the warungs.

Things to do on Bingin beach

Surf the Bingin barrelling wave! To the right of the beach is Bingin surf break, which is famous amongst experienced surfers. If you one of them go ahead and try it, if not get some coconut water and enjoy watching the surfers from the comfort of your beach towel. There are some surf shacks on the beach where you can rent out a surfboard. It cost around 50,000 IDR for two hours. There are also some surf lessons available on the beach.

Walk to the neighbouring beaches. During the low tide, it is possible to walk to Dreamland beach which is situated to the right and Padang Padang beach to the left. Be careful; the tide may change quickly.

Watch the sunset. The sunsets in Uluwatu are one of the most epic I have ever seen! Have a Bintang and enjoy this simple pleasure.

Have a BBQ at sunset. There are plenty of warungs where you can have fresh food from a BBQ at sunset time. The beach is not as touristy as other Bali beaches so you can enjoy its serenity. My favourite was Kelly’s Warung where you can enjoy great smoothie bowls, wraps, juices and Indonesian cuisine. The best thing about this place is that it is right in front of where the wave breaks and all the surfing action happens!

Other restaurant options include:
Cashew Tree serving tasty smoothies and salads and Lucky Fish situated right on the beach serving fresh seafood from BBQ daily.

Best time to visit Pantai Bingin

Best time to visit the beach is during the low tide. At high tide, most of the beach is submerged under the water and not a lot of space to stretch your towel and chill out. The best time to visit will obviously be different if you’re planning to surf.

Things to take with you

Day Backpack – Visiting beaches in Bali is like an adventure and usually require a fair amount of hiking. So, I always take a comfortable backpack with me instead of a beach bag. Wearing a backpack allows me to have my hands free for support when I’m climbing up or down the stairs to the beach. Kanken backpack is my favourite minimalist back. It’s made of durable material, very comfortable and cute!

Aerial image of Bingin Beach
Aerial image of Bingin Beach

Power bank – This is so handy to recharge your phone (especially practical if you use Google Maps on your phone to get to locations, which can quickly drain the battery).

Go Pro camera – Go Pro is small and so lightweight, which is essential when you need to carry it all day in your backpack. And it takes excellent quality videos and photos.

Water shoes – to wear in the sea.

Water flask – I always carry my reusable water bottle with me. It’s great at airports to fill up water for free. Many hotels, hostels and cafes in Bali also offer free water refills. I don’t like using plastic unless it’s absolutely necessary and it also keeps my water chilled all day!

Fast-drying towel – It takes little room in the backpack and dries fast, which is perfect for a beach adventure.

Eco-friendly sun cream – The sun cream usually washes off when we swim, so it’s essential to choose one that doesn’t harm the ecosystem and the reef.

For more tips on what to pack, visit “Bali Packing List“.

Places to stay near Bingin beach


Suarga Padang Padang

Suarga Padang Padang is a sustainable boutique hotel featuring 36 villas built with a minimal impact on the environment with the use of recycled wood and solar panels. It’s located on a clifftop boasting some epic views over the ocean, an infinity pool and it’s only 5-minute walk to Padang Padang beach and 7 min drive to Bingin beach. Breakfast is included in the room rate and offers many healthy options.


Sal Secret Spot

This place is located 11 min drive from Suluban beach, 5 min walk from Bingin beach. It’s got a simple, boho style to it with white rooms all uniquely decorated and outdoor bathrooms. There are two locations of rooms, in the main building and 15 min walk on the Bingin beach with some scenic views. There are a salted water swimming pool and floating loungers for relaxation.


Uluwatu Breeze Village

This budget hotel is located 9 min drive from Bingin beach and 15 min from Padang Padang beach. It offers a pool with sun loungers, a good breakfast, free daily water, scooter rental and massage booking. It’s within walking distance to a selection of restaurants and shops.

Other points of interest nearby

To find out about more incredible beaches, go to “Uluwatu Beaches Guide”.

Just a short motorbike ride from Bingin Beach there is Uluwatu Temple. An incredible way to fully appreciate this temple is to watch Balinese traditional dance called Kecak that generally starts around sunset time in an amphitheatre within the temple grounds.

To explore Balinese culture in more depth head to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, which is also situated in Uluwatu area.

Finally, for an epic sunset view visit Single Fin Beach Club which is situated on the dramatic clifftop with breathtaking views and great vibes.

For more inspiration, what to see and do visit “10 Days in Bali Itinerary”.


Bingin is an excellent beach slightly off the beaten track and way less touristy than Seminyak or Kuta beaches. I particularly enjoyed lazing in the more secluded part of the beach, which can be found by walking south of the entrance to the beach.

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