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Bingin Beach Bali – Ultimate Guide to Uluwatu’s Chill Surf Scene


We have lived in Bali (in Canggu) since 2020, and Bingin Beach has always been our favourite out of all the stunning beaches in Uluwatu.

It’s our go-to escape, especially during Bali’s rainy season when Uluwatu always weirdly has better weather.

Bingin, with its youthful and hip vibes, has been our favourite since we stumbled upon it in 2018. Back then, it was a secluded treasure, and while it’s no longer the well-kept secret it once was, Bingin still pulses with a cool, laid-back rhythm that first drew us in.

In this post, we cover:

  • Getting there.
  • Things to do, including surfing. 
  • Where to stay.
  • Our Local Tips on where to eat & go.
Drone shot taken by blogger Mal of Bingin Beach in Uluwatu.

What To Expect At Pantai Bingin

Bingin Bali Quick Facts:

  • WHERE: 34 km from Canggu & 20 km from the airport.
  • ACCESS: 10 min through a steep staircase.
  • FACILITIES: beach umbrellas, a few good restaurants, and surfboard rentals.
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT: low to mid tide.

Bingin Beach Bali boasts pristine white sands where you can unfurl your towel for some laid-back lounging. 

The beach’s main drawcard is its relaxed hipster ambience, with chilled warungs perfect for watching the action on the Bingin surf break. 

We love coming here because, unlike on Seminyak Beach, here we don’t have to deal with the slightly annoying persistent beach vendors! We also enjoy watching the surfers from one of the warungs. If you’re keen on surfing, you can rent out a board or even take a class here. 

If you’re looking to stay a while, Bingin Beach accommodation offers a few good options that will allow you to wake up to the view of the ocean. Just remember to arrange some help with the hotel in carrying your luggage down the stairs, which can be too much for you after a long international flight!

Things To Do At Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach Stairs leading to the beach.
Surfers at Binging Beach Bali.

Surf the Bingin barrelling wave

To the right of the beach is Bingin Surf Break, which is suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. If you’re one of them, you’ll definitely like it here! Right on Binging Beach, you will find surf shacks renting surfboards. It costs 50,000 IDR (only $3!) for two hours. You can also ask the surf shack guys for a lesson.

If you are not into surfing yet, get a fresh coconut or ice-cold Bintang and enjoy watching surfers from the comfort of your beach towel.

Walk to the neighbouring beaches

Bali Bingin

During the low tide, it is possible to walk to Dreamland Beach, which is situated to the right and Padang Padang Beach to the left. But be careful, as the tide may change quickly. We once did walk to Dreamland Beach from here and had to take a Go Jek back to Bali Bingin because the water was too high to make it back along the coast!

✅ Take some photos

Bingin Uluwatu
bingin beach uluwatu

Bingin Beach Uluwatu is super picturesque, and we loved taking cool beach shots here. Walk south (to the right) to get to the picturesque rock formations like the ones in the photo above. The best time to shoot here is in the morning when the sun comes from the east.

Watch the sunset

The sunsets in Uluwatu are one of the most epic I have ever seen! Have a Bintang and enjoy this simple pleasure.

✅ Take a dip

Swimming at Bingin Beach is safe and pleasant.

We often get asked: can you swim at Bingin beach? Yes, you can swim at Bingin Beach. It’s important to be mindful of the rocky sections and the undertow that can be present at all the beaches in the Uluwatu area, but beyond these, the waters are inviting​​.

The best time for a swim is during higher tide when there’s more water above the reef, offering safer and more enjoyable conditions​​. While the coral can be slippery as you enter, there’s a sandy bottom further in where you can comfortably hang out​​.

Stay for a sunset BBQ

As the Bali sky turns into a canvas of fiery oranges and pinks, Bingin Beach transforms into the ultimate spot for a sunset BBQ. The warungs, a signature of this serene hideout, serve up the day’s freshest catches grilled to smoky perfection. Here, away from the bustling tourist tracks, we had the most romantic dinner ever!

Best Restaurants At Bali Bingin Beach

Bingin Beach restaurants

📍Kelly’s Warung

At Kelly’s Warung, our visits are always laid-back and full of local flavour. It’s off the beaten path, with a bit of a walk from the nearest parking, but it’s well-signed and worth the trek. Don’t forget cash since cards won’t cut it here. The menu is small, but every item is a hit – we still dream about the teriyaki bowl, which was so yummy!

Kelly’s Warung is not only great for lunch but also the perfect spot to enjoy a cold margarita while watching the sunset. Service can get busy, but it’s all part of the charm. Between the food, the views, and the furry friends wandering around (Mal loved all the kittens there!), Kelly’s Warung is our go-to for beachside bliss.

📍Lucky Fish

the view from Lucky Fish over Binging Beach.
The view from Lucky Fish.

We’ve found ourselves returning to Lucky Fish for their fresh BBQ and cold beers not once but twice. It’s just that good. Dining at tables set on the sand offers the unique pleasure of feeling the beach beneath your toes, and live music adds a nice touch of magic.

📍Cashew Tree

This restaurant is not right on the beach, but in its vicinity, the Cashew Tree has quickly climbed to the top of our list of favourites. Whether it’s kicking off the day with a hearty breakfast and decent coffee or winding down with dinner and cocktails, every meal here is spot on. The generous portions are matched by vibrant flavours and freshness that linger on the palate. And we also love its spacious layout, adorned with trees and twinkling lights.

Climbing The Bingin Beach Stairs

Staircase down to Bingin Beach

There is a Bingin car park where you need to pay 5K IDR for parking. Once you park up, just follow the swirly path down the cliff, which takes about 10 min and involves climbing down nearly 200 steps. You’ll go through some narrow, dodgy alleys, too.

Don’t worry you’re on the right path to Bingin Bali, and this is a part of the experience! During our first visit, we were as confused as you probably will be, but we promise the tunnel leads to the beach, and it will be worth the effort!

There are a few different paths you can take, but no matter which one you choose, as long as you’re heading down, you’ll end up in the right place – right on the beach.

How To Get To Bingin Beach

Blogger Mal at Bingin Beach Bali

Bingin Beach is located on the western side of the Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu. It only takes about 30 minutes drive to get here from the Bali Airport and 15 minutes from Uluwatu main area.

Bingin Beach is perched between Dreamland Beach and Padang Padang. The best way to get there is on a scooter or by car. Bingin is one of the best Uluwatu beaches for surfing.

🛵 By motorbike

Aerial view of Bingin taken by blogger Mal.

Scooter rental can be found in various locations in Uluwatu and typically costs 50k IDR per day, and you’re expected to fill up the petrol yourself. Alternatively, you can email your hotel, and they may be willing to arrange it for you or advise on the nearest motorbike rental.

Always check the scooter before you embark on your ride. Check breaks and light, and make sure you are given a helmet.

Simply type ‘Bingin Beach’ and follow the Google directions. I recommend listening to the instructions through earphones instead of looking at your phone while riding a scooter.

🚗 By car

If you prefer not to use a motorbike, you can either book a driver for a whole day or download a Go Jek or Grab app on your smartphone (they are Asian equivalents to Uber Drive) and get a lift with them.

My personal experience using Go Jek and Grab is very good. They are reliable and efficient and so much cheaper than a Taxi, which typically charges more if you’re a tourist!

Best Time To Visit Pantai Bingin

People sunbathing at Bingin Beach in Uluwatu.

To maximize your beach enjoyment, plan your visit during low tide when ample space beckons for relaxation. However, if you intend to ride the waves, your optimal time may differ. For surfers seeking the perfect tide, consider using the Surfline app, a handy tool to stay updated on tide conditions and ensure a fantastic day in the waves.

Best Places To Stay Near Bingin Beach

Here are our top hotels near Bingin Beach, where we personally stayed and can recommend you guys!

🌟luxury Pick🌟
Suarga Padang Padang via Booking.com

Suarga Padang Padang

Suarga Padang Padang, an eco-conscious boutique hotel, offers 36 villas crafted from recycled wood and solar power. Perched on a clifftop, it offers ocean vistas, an infinity pool, and easy beach access.

🌟mid-range Pick🌟
Dreamsea via Booking.com


Nestled on the cliff’s edge, this boho boutique hotel is where we stayed on our last trip! We loved its location, which is within a short walk to Binging and Padang Padang.

🌟budget Pick🌟
Sal Secret Spot - Bali hotel instagram worthy.

Sal Secret Spot

Sal Secret Spot is a stroll away from Bingin Beach, and it is where Mal stayed on her first visit. She loved the hotel’s boho-style pool area!

Out Top Tips For Visiting Bingin Beach

Here are our top tips for visiting this gorgeous beach:

🌅 Early Bird Advantage: Bingin Beach is a popular spot, especially if you’re hoping to rent an umbrella or secure a prime lounging spot. Getting there early ensures you have the best pick of amenities.

🌊 Tide Timing: Swimming is best at high tide when the water covers the reef, offering a safer and more enjoyable experience.

👟 Sturdy Steps: The path to Bingin Beach can be rocky and steep. Sturdy shoes will make your trek down to the sand much more comfortable.

💵 Cash is Cool: Bring enough rupiah with you. Many places here don’t accept cards. Cash is king for those beachside warungs, rentals, and even some accommodations.

🧴 Sun Safe: Lather on the SPF, don a hat, and shade those eyes with sunnies.

⏱️ Island Time: The vibe is chill, and so is the service. Sit back and soak it all in.

Other Places To Visit In Uluwatu

Here are some of our favourite places in Uluwatu that you can visit in combination with Bingin Uluwatu.

Just a short motorbike ride from Bingin Beach, you’ll find Uluwatu Temple. An incredible way to fully appreciate this temple is to watch the Balinese traditional dance called Kecak, which generally starts around sunset in an amphitheatre within the temple grounds.

To explore Balinese culture in more depth, head to Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, which is also situated in the Uluwatu area.

Finally, for an epic sunset view, visit Single Fin Beach Club, which is situated on a dramatic clifftop with breathtaking views and great vibes.

Bingin Beach: Wrap-Up

We hope you found this guide to visiting Bingin Beach helpful, and if you had any doubts as to whether it should be part of your Bali itinerary, we made it clear that Bingin is so worth your time!

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