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Hey there! We are Robin & Mal, the team behind this blog.

We’re full-time travellers and photographers. With four years of travel blogging under our belts, we are your go-to experts for itineraries and travel guides, only recommending you places we personally experienced and loved. 

We have a soft spot for Mexico, a land we’ve traversed extensively for months on end. Indonesia is like a second home to us, given that we live there part-time. And Europe, particularly Greece, holds a special place in our hearts, thanks to annual visits and Robin’s family ties. And let’s not forget Italy – with its enduring magnetism that draws us back every year.

Our work has been recognised and featured in high-profile platforms like USA Today and The Seattle Times. We’ve also had the honour of collaborating with reputable brands like Get Your Guide.

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Colourful pueblos magicos where Mayan and colonial heritage rhyme together, pristine beaches, and hipster surfing towns.


Steeped in ancient history, and famous for its attractive islands with exquisite beaches and unique Cycladic architecture.


Mighty beaches, hidden waterfalls, ancient temples and lush rice fields are awaiting to be discovered.


Underrated European destination boasting superb beaches and Byzantine stone cities hidden in the mountains.