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60 Awesome Travel Lover Gifts for Every Budget

Are you looking for clever, practical or cute travel lover gifts for your partner, friend, sister or cousin? You came to the right place, my friend! In this post, I’ve gathered some epic ideas for the best gifts for travel lovers.

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Indonesia is one of the most exciting countries you will ever visit! Start with the Island of Gods – Bali. Mighty beaches, hidden waterfalls, ancient temples and lush rice fields are awaiting to be discovered. Bali is truly a slice of paradise! Learn how to surf, eat your way through the island’s cafes and warungs and visit hidden gems such as Sidemen and the North. And of course, Indonesia with over 170k islands is so much more than Bali!


Steeped in ancient history and famous for its attractive islands with exquisite beaches and unique architecture.


Underrated European destination boasting superb beaches and Byzantine stone cities hidden in the mountains.

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Now, I live the digital nomad life and let my inner wanderlust speak up and dictate my life. The more I travel, the more fulfilled my life gets and the less material possessions I need.

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