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11 Best Beaches In Canggu Bali


Want to explore the best beaches in Canggu Bali?

We are lucky enough to call Canggu home, and trust me, we know the beaches Canggu has to offer like the back of our sun-tanned hands. We’ve walked, surfed, and partied on all these beaches, so you can trust we’ve got the inside scoop. 

From bustling beach clubs to peaceful spots brimming with local charm, Canggu offers a dynamic range of seaside experiences. Whether you’re here for the lively nightlife or the perfect wave, we’re confident you’ll find a beach that resonates with you. 

Stay tuned as we delve into our personal favourites! 🌴🌊

Best Beaches In Canggu Bali: At A Glance

Canggu beaches are mostly famous for consistent waves and excellent surf breaks for all skill levels. While they’re not ideal for swimming due to the strong currents and waves, they’ve got their own unique charm. 

One striking feature is the sand, which varies from black to dark brown, adding a moody, dramatic touch to your beach day. Each beach in Canggu also offers a different vibe. 

Here are the top 3 Canggu beaches:

🌊Batu Balong Beach 🌟Best Beach in Canggu for nightlife & surf. 

🌊Berawa Beach 🌟Best Canggu Beach Bali for beach clubs. 

🌊Pererenan Beach 🌟Best Canggu Bali Beach for tranquillity & local vibes.

#1 Batu Bolong Beach Canggu

Batu Balong is one of the best surfing beaches Canggu is famous for.


Situated right in the heart of Canggu, Batu Bolong is one of the most famous beaches in Canggu, the epicentre of all things cool and beachy. You’ll find it conveniently located between Echo Beach and Berawa Beach, making it the perfect starting point for any beach-hopping itinerary. 

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Eastin Ashta Resort (near the beach)


Batu Bolong has a mix of laid-back and lively vibes. The day starts at 6 am with the first surfers out in the sea. We also often surf at sunrise to avoid the crowds, enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. 

By sunset, the beach picks up the pace. People come for fresh coconuts or a cold Bintang beer, setting the tone for a relaxed yet lively evening. 

Sand Bar offers live music during this golden hour, and it’s common to see surfers catching their last waves of the day. You’ll also find ongoing surf lessons throughout the day. 

Occasionally, you might even see a Balinese ceremony taking place on the big rock in front of the temple, adding a local touch to the scene. 


The waves here are ideal for surfers of all skill levels. Beginners can take lessons from any of the surf shacks lining the beach and surf in the whitewash in front of the Sand Bar. 

More experienced surfers and long borders can paddle out and surf at a few different spots – right-handed reef break behind the big rock and left-handed in front of the Times Beach Warung. There is normally a channel to paddle out safely for all of the surf breaks here. 


  • Book a surf class in one of the surf shacks on the beach.
  • Chil on a sun lounger at Times Beach Warung. 
  • Listen to live music at Sand Bar.
  • Eat tacos at Motel Mexicola. 
  • Indulge in fine dining at SKOOL Kitchen.
  • Dance the night away at Old Man’s. 
  • Come back after midnight to Sand Bar for an after-party.

#2 Echo Beach Canggu

Echo Beach in Canggu


Canggu Echo Beach is situated between Batu Bolong and Pererenan, marking the end of the lively street of Pantai Batu Mejan. This street is well-known for its shops and restaurants, giving you plenty of options for a post-surf meal or shopping. 

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Echo Beach Villa and Apartment (good value for money)


Echo Beach exudes a certain style, particularly around La Brisa, the beach’s social hub. We love heading to La Brisa’s Sunday market, which showcases a range of local and sustainable products- it feels like a celebration of Canggu’s culture. 

But it’s not all about style here. Just a short walk away, you’ll find local warungs with bean bags perfect for a relaxed meal. We spend many an afternoon there, just soaking up the view. 

Towards Batu Bolong, the vibe shifts a bit. The concrete stairs there become a gathering spot at sunset, where locals and tourists alike meet, chat, and enjoy the golden skies. Pro surfers often carve through the waves here, and it’s a sight to see.


Echo Beach is best suited for pro and advanced surfers. Most use short boards to tackle the waves. The best spots for surfing are in front of La Brisa and near the concrete stairs, offering both left and right-handed waves.


  • Visit La Brisa: Whether for the Sunday market or just a stylish hangout.
  • Watch Pro Surfers: A perfect spot if you enjoy watching high-level surfing.
  • Grab a simple meal at a warung and enjoy the ocean views from a comfy bean bag.
  • Have an Italian-style gelato at Gaya Gelato.
  • Try the local street food: BBQ corn on the cob.

#3 Berawa Beach Canggu

Berawa Beach is one of the Canggu Beaches famous for its chic beach clubs.


Berawa Beach is one of the more family-friendly beaches Canggu has to offer, located on its southern edge, which you can find walking south of Batu Balong. 

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Wayang Retreat (Balinese-style).


Berawa Beach is a tale of two halves, making it one of the more diverse beaches in Canggu. In the northern part, it’s all about the local scene. Families gather, especially on weekends, and kids play with colourful pool floats where a river meets the ocean. It’s a joyful, busy atmosphere that we’ve come to appreciate for its authenticity. 

As you walk south, the ambience shifts noticeably. Here, you’ll find upscale beach clubs like Atlas and Finns, where the focus is on fancy cocktails, party vibes, DJs, and loud music. It’s a different kind of fun, and we’ve had our fair share of lively afternoons here.


Surf conditions at Berawa cater to a range of skill levels. In front of Finns, the waves are better suited for intermediate to advanced surfers. The rides may be shorter, but it’s less crowded compared to Echo Beach or Batu Bolong. 

Towards the southern end, there’s a beginner-friendly spot and even a surf school if you’re looking to learn.


  • Visit Atlas or Finns Beach Clubs for a swankier experience.
  • Watch the local life at the weekend.
  • Visit Finns’ Splush Park if you’re travelling with kids.
  • Walk to Seminyak Beach (south) or Echo Beach (north).

#4 Old Mans Beach Bali 

Echo Beach and Old Man's Beach Canggu


Nestled between Batu Bolong and Echo Beach, Old Man’s Beach ends at Pantai Munduk Catu, one of Canggu’s bustling shopping streets. It’s conveniently located, giving you plenty of options for after-beach activities. Old Man’s is also the best beach Canggu has to offer for surfing. 

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ COMO Uma Canggu (right on the beach)


Old Man’s Beach is often way less crowded, making it a go-to for those looking for a quieter beach experience in Canggu. You can rent a couple of sun loungers and umbrellas and just relax. 

Surfing here is a treat- especially at the surf spot called Old Man’s, which is our personal favourite. We’ll dive into that more in the surf section. 

Towards the northern end of the beach, you’ll find COMO Uma resort and a beach club. Don’t expect a loud party scene; it’s more about chilled vibes here. And for a touch of local culture, there’s a small Balinese temple nearby.


Old Man’s is one of the best beaches Canggu has to offer for intermediate surfers!

This particular spot has earned the top place on our list of favourite surf locations in Canggu, and for a good reason. Surf schools often bring intermediate-level students here, so yes, it can get a tad busy. But don’t let that deter you. 

What sets Old Man’s apart is its well-defined channel for paddling out. It’s such a relief to have a safe route to the line-up, avoiding those crushing waves that can make the start of a surf session feel like an ordeal.

Now, let’s talk about wave conditions. The ideal time to surf here is during mid-tide. The waves are consistent and perfect for intermediate to advanced long-board surfers. 

If you’re like us and appreciate a good, long ride, the right-handed waves here are a dream. But don’t dismiss the left-handed ones, as they’re usually equally good, just a bit bigger. 


  • Visit COMO Uma Beach Club: For a more laid-back, upscale experience.
  • Check out the Balinese Temple, located at the northern end, for a quick cultural experience.
  • Visit Penny Lane for a few Instagramable shots and a drink.
  • Go shopping on  Pantai Munduk Catu.
  • Surf Old Man’s Spot.

#5 Pererenan Beach Canggu

Pererenan is one of the most tranquil beaches in Canggu. black sand beach Canggu


Pererenan Beach sits at the northern end of Canggu’s stretch of sand, yet it feels like a world apart. While it’s just a stone’s throw away from bustling Echo Beach, the ambience here is remarkably different. 

It offers an alternative experience while being so close to the Canggu action. It’s a location that serves up a slice of tranquillity without requiring you to venture far from the main areas.

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Ohana Retreat


Pererenan has a more local, relaxed atmosphere, and it has quickly become one of our go-to spots when we need a breather. Unlike its buzzing neighbour Echo Beach, Pererenan brings us a calmer, more grounded experience. 

One thing that grabs your attention is the huge statue of Gajah Mina, an elephant-headed mythical figure with the body of a fish. It adds a unique and slightly mystical touch to the place. You’ll also find a few warungs selling cold drinks, and let’s not forget the distinct black sand that marks this beach as different. 

There is also a recently opened rooftop bar – Sol Rooftop Bali – that we’ve found to be a great addition to the Pererenan scene. Offering panoramic views of the ocean and the beach below, it’s the perfect spot for sunset cocktails or a casual evening with friends.


If you’re seeking a less crowded surf spot, Pererenan might be your answer. We’ve found that it accommodates both beginners and intermediate surfers, which is a nice touch. 

The waves are primarily left-handed here. It’s a kind of “hidden gem” that doesn’t attract the same crowds as nearby spots, making it a more tranquil place to catch a wave or two.


  • Marvel at the Gajah Mina Statue: It’s a fantastic piece that adds character to the beach.
  • Chill by the pool at Sol Rooftop Bali.
  • Walk to Echo Beach: If you fancy a change of scene, Echo Beach is just a short walk away.
  • Check out Pererenan dining scene: Rize Cafe, Touche and Woods Pererenan. 

#6 Nelayan Beach Canggu


Situated conveniently between the buzz of Berawa Beach and the action-packed Batu Balong, Nelayan Beach is accessible via the end of Jalan Nelayan road. The street itself is a treasure trove of dining and shopping options, making the beach an easy stop during a day out in Canggu.

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Arnalaya Beach House


A laid-back oasis that’s a tad less hectic than Berawa and significantly more relaxed than Batu Balong, Nelayan Beach has a unique charm. What were once fisherman boat houses have gradually transformed into cosy beach warungs, where you can kick back on bean bags while sipping a cold drink. 

It’s a fantastic spot for those of us who love kite surfing, especially on the windy days that make Canggu a surfer’s paradise.


  • Kitesurfing: If the winds are right, grab your kite and board to catch some air and ride the waves.
  • Beach Chillin’: Spend an hour or two lazing around on the warung bean bags, perhaps with a fresh coconut or Bintang in hand.
  • Explore Jalan Nelayan: Venture off the beach and into the street, where culinary delights await. KYND Cafe is a must-visit for vegans, Doppio offers budget-friendly brunch options, and if you’re in the mood for something a bit more posh, check out Coach Cafe.

Best Beaches Near Canggu

Ready to venture beyond the well-trodden sands of Canggu? While we adore the local beaches Canggu has to offer, we can’t deny the allure of exploring what lies just a short drive away. 

The nearby beaches offer a mix of experiences- from hidden gems perfect for a peaceful escape to vibrant spots bustling with activities. In this section, we’ll introduce you to some of the best beaches around Canggu so you can decide which coastal adventure suits your mood.

#7 Batu Belig Beach

Batu Belig Beach Bali


Situated just south of Berawa Beach, Batu Belig Beach occupies a strategic spot off Jalan Batu Belig- a bustling street that connects Canggu and Seminyak. 

This location makes it easily accessible yet slightly removed from the hustle and bustle of its more popular neighbours. It’s like the beach is offering you the best of both worlds- close enough to the action but far enough to give you breathing space.

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Aria Exclusive Villas & Spa


Batu Belig Beach has this wonderfully balanced character that we’ve fallen in love with. Less busy than Berawa but by no means lacking in energy, the beach has a local, laid-back atmosphere that’s genuinely inviting. If you’re with family, this is an excellent spot to consider, as the vibes are family-friendly without losing that quintessential Bali charm. 

For a bamboo-styled chill spot, we recommend Mari Beach Club. It’s a laid-back beach club that never feels overwhelming. Then there are various warungs like 707 Beachberm and Warung Cantina that provide that casual, homey feel we often crave. It’s a mix of everything we like about beaches near Canggu wrapped up in one neat package.


  • Lounge at Mari Beach Club: Ideal for a more subdued but still stylish beach club experience.
  • Eat at a Beach Warung: 707 Beachberm and Warung Cantina offer casual, budget-friendly dining options.
  • Take a Beach Stroll: It’s a quieter beach, making it perfect for a leisurely walk along the shore.
  • Watch the Sunset: Given its less busy nature, finding a good spot for sunset viewing is a breeze.

#8 Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach


If you head south from Canggu, you’ll eventually hit Seminyak Beach, a stretch that almost feels like a different world. It’s conveniently located near the heart of Seminyak, making it easily accessible and a central point for travellers.

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️ Hotel Indigo


Seminyak Beach really amps up the holiday feel. While Canggu has a relaxed surfer atmosphere, Seminyak leans into the resort vibe with an array of fancy beachfront properties. 

This beach is flat and expansive, ideal for long walks. Sometimes, you can even spot people riding horses down the shore, adding a unique touch to the scenery. 

As for the beach bars and restaurants, they’re abundant but generally more upscale than what we’re used to in Canggu. Many have a minimum spend, so keep that in mind if you’re budget-conscious. But hey, the experience is worth every penny.


  • Dine at La Plancha: A Mexican-themed beach restaurant that offers colourful bean bags right on the sand. Perfect for a relaxed meal.
  • Visit Potato Head: One of the most iconic beach clubs in Bali, known for its infinity pool and hip vibe.
  • Chill at KU DE TA: A luxurious spot for dining, lounging, and enjoying some high-end cocktails.

#9 Seseh Beach

Seseh Beach


Situated about 8 km from the bustling centre of Canggu, Seseh Beach is becoming a more appealing destination, especially as Canggu grows busier and more commercial. 

It’s as if the laid-back spirit of older Canggu days has migrated further south, attracting not just those looking for peace and quiet but also businesses and expats wanting to escape the hustle. 

The drive here offers scenic glimpses of rural Bali, lined with rice paddies, and once you arrive, it’s like stumbling upon a well-kept secret.

🌟 TOP HOTEL PICK📍 ➡️Udara Bali


If you’re yearning for an escape from the more touristy beaches, Seseh is a breath of fresh air. The beach feels expansive, and the black sand stretches as far as the eye can see. Waves lap against the shore, creating a soundtrack perfect for an evening stroll. There’s a sense of solitude here that’s increasingly hard to find elsewhere in Bali.


  • Visit Pura Batu Bolong Seseh: A serene temple that adds a touch of local spirituality to your beach outing.
  • Sunset Drinks at Warung Pantai: Sit comfortably on a bean bag and sip a cocktail as the sun dips below the horizon. A much quieter alternative to the more bustling beach bars.
  • Walk to Echo Beach: If you’re up for it, you can stroll along the coast to Echo Beach, enjoying the changing landscapes as you go.

#10 Pasut Beach

Pasut Beach near Canggu
Pasut Beach near Canggu


Now, if you’re looking for the best beaches near Canggu that are off the beaten path, here is a spot for you. 

Located about a 45-minute drive northwest of Canggu, Pasut Beach is for those who want to venture away from the bustling mainstays of Bali’s beach scene. The journey itself feels like an exploration- winding roads cutting through lush landscapes and quaint villages.


Pasut Beach offers a stark contrast to the buzz of Canggu’s social hubs. Here, it’s all about tranquillity and a more authentic, local feel. The beach has black sand, like many of Bali’s beaches, but there’s something about the quiet here that makes the sunset even more magical. We often pack a little picnic and revel in the serenity that you can’t quite find on the busier beaches closer to town.

With fewer crowds and a picture-perfect landscape, Pasut Beach has become a go-to place for photo shoots

The leaning palm tree here has gained its own sort of Instagram fame- it’s like nature’s own photobooth, providing the perfect backdrop for those magical sunset photos. 

And it’s not just the palm tree; the beach also features a picturesque swing and Balinese-style huts, all surrounded by tall palm trees and lush greenery, adding a distinct, photogenic appeal to the area.


  • Picnic with a View: Bring some local Balinese snacks, lay down a mat, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. It’s a great place for a romantic outing or some quality me-time.
  • Photography: Grab your camera or smartphone and capture the stunning landscape, especially the famed leaning palm tree. The golden hour here is truly magical, and you’ll want to capture it.
  • Swing Away: Try out the beach swing for that perfect Instagram shot or just for the sheer fun of it. Swinging over the sands as the sun sets is pretty much as idyllic as it gets.

#11 Tanah Lot Beach Near Canggu

Tanah Lot Beach, Bali.


Just a 20-25 minute drive from the heart of Canggu, Tanah Lot is one of those iconic spots you simply can’t miss when you’re in Bali. 

The journey itself is a pleasant experience as you meander through the island’s picturesque rice fields and rural scenery. Once you arrive, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most photographed places in Bali.


Tanah Lot exudes an aura of spirituality and mystique, probably owing to the famed sea temple perched atop the rock formation jutting out from the coastline. 

The waves crashing against the rocks and the silhouette of the temple against the setting sun make it a romantic and deeply evocative location. However, be prepared; it’s a popular spot, so you won’t have it all to yourself.


  • Visit Tanah Lot Temple: Naturally, the temple is a must-visit. Even if you don’t go inside, the view alone is worth the trip. A tip for those keen on photography: this place is a dream during the “Golden Hour.”
  • Souvenir Shopping: The area surrounding Tanah Lot has a series of small shops selling everything from Balinese trinkets to paintings.
  • Enjoy a Meal with a View: There are several restaurants (try GalangSunset) and cafes overlooking the temple and the sea, offering an ideal backdrop for a memorable meal.

Best Beaches in Canggu: Map

Best beaches in Canggu Map
Click anywhere on the map to open the interactive version.

How To Get Around Canggu

Navigating through Canggu has its own unique set of thrills. Whether you’re scooting past rice paddies or hopping into a convenient Go-Jek, here are your best options:

By Scooter

The classic way to get around Canggu and, honestly, our personal favourite. Nothing beats the freedom of zipping through the streets on a scooter. Rentals are easy to find and usually cost around 50,000 to 70,000 IDR per day. Just make sure always to wear a helmet and be aware of the often chaotic traffic.

By Go-Jek or Grab

If two-wheelers aren’t your style, Go-Jek and Grab offer convenient and affordable transportation options. You can book anything from a motorbike ride to a full-size car. These apps are super handy for longer journeys or when you’re carrying a bunch of beach gear with you.

Is Canggu Walkable?

This is where things get interesting. Until recently, walking in Canggu was a bit of an adventure due to the lack of sidewalks. However, more and more pavements are being built, making strolls more feasible. 

It’s still not a walking-friendly zone like some European cities, but it’s getting there, slowly but surely. We find it especially nice to walk along the beaches, which are connected, making for a pleasant and scenic amble.

Best Beaches In Canggu: FAQs

Can you swim at the beach in Canggu?

The short answer is yes, but it’s not your typical tranquil swimming experience. The beaches here are primarily known for their strong currents and high waves, making them a surfer’s paradise

For the casual swimmer, this means you’ll need to exercise caution. We often spot tourists taking quick dips near the shoreline, especially at calmer beaches like Berawa or Echo Beach during low tide. We don’t normally swim here.

However, if you’re not a strong swimmer or unfamiliar with ocean currents, it’s advisable to stick to the shallows or the beach clubs’ pools. Always heed the flags and local advice- it’s better to be safe than sorry! 

La Brisa on Echa Beach in Canggu.

How many beaches are there in Canggu?

In Canggu, you’ll find a continuous stretch of coastline that’s divided into five main beaches: Echo Beach, Batu Bolong, Old Man’s, Berawa, and Pererenan. The beauty of it is that they’re all connected, forming a seamless sandy pathway that allows you to explore each unique spot on foot. 

We often take leisurely strolls from one end to the other, experiencing the distinct vibes and landscapes each beach has to offer. It’s like having a beach-hopping adventure without needing to pack up and drive to the next location! 

From the surfer buzz at Batu Bolong to the tranquil vibes of Pererenan, each beach offers something different while still feeling like part of a larger, laid-back community. 

Why is Canggu so popular?

For starters, it’s a digital nomad’s dream come true. Imagine answering emails with a coconut in hand, sitting in a stylish café with strong Wi-Fi and an even stronger cold brew. We frequent spots like Coach Cafe and Tribal to blend work with leisure seamlessly.

The nightlife is also a big draw. Beach clubs like Finns and La Brisa set the stage for epic sunsets, followed by nights full of dancing and world-class DJs. Who wouldn’t want to sip a cocktail while feeling the sand between their toes?

And let’s not forget the surfing culture. From beginners catching their first wave at Batu Bolong to seasoned pros carving it up at Echo Beach, Canggu is a surfer’s haven.

Lastly, the local charm is palpable. Despite its growing popularity, you can still find peaceful spots and local warungs serving up mouth-watering Indonesian fare. Try Warung Local for some authentic Nasi Campur, you won’t be disappointed.

Is it safe to walk around Canggu at night?

Absolutely, strolling around Canggu at night is generally considered safe, and it’s one of the things we love about living here. The area has a laid-back vibe and is usually buzzing with both locals and tourists enjoying the nightlife or heading to late-night eateries. 

That said, there’s one thing you really have to watch out for: scooters. The streets can get busy, and scooter drivers are not always the most cautious.

Is Canggu expensive?

It’s a topic we get asked about quite often. Compared to other parts of Bali, Canggu can be a bit pricier, especially if you’re indulging in the more “Instagrammable” aspects of life here. Think beach clubs, upscale dining spots like SKOOL Kitchen and chic boutique hotels. 

However, it’s all about balance. You can still find local warungs where a tasty meal will set you back only a few bucks. We love Warung Local for affordable yet delicious local dishes and Doppio Cafe, where you can eat Western-style brunch for as little as $3. Transportation, mainly scooters, is also relatively cheap. So, in short, Canggu can be as expensive or budget-friendly as you make it. 

Is Canggu a party town?

Oh, you bet! Canggu has earned its reputation as a party town, and for good reason. When the sun sets, the energy level rises, and places like Old Man’s and The Lawn turn into bustling hubs for social butterflies. 

On weekends, the beach clubs like Finns or Atlas host events that sometimes go on until the early hours of the morning. We’ve danced many nights away, meeting people from all corners of the globe. 

But what’s great about Canggu is its versatility. If you’re not in the mood for a rager, there are plenty of quieter bars and lounges where you can enjoy a cocktail without the club vibe. Whether you’re a party animal or just looking for a good time, Canggu’s got you covered.

Can you walk along the beach from Seminyak to Canggu?

Absolutely, and it’s one of our favourite things to do! You can indeed walk along the beach from Seminyak to Canggu.

We often make this scenic trek, which takes roughly an hour each way (Berawa Beach to Seminyak Beach). It’s a fabulous way to soak in the beauty of Bali’s coastline while getting some exercise. 

The walk gives you a wonderful mix of the lively atmosphere in Seminyak and the more laid-back vibes of Canggu. We usually time our walk to catch the sunset, and let me tell you, the views are nothing short of magical. It’s also a great chance to spot surfers catching their last waves of the day or families building sandcastles.

Best Beaches In Canggu: Final Word

As we wrap up our sun-soaked guide to the best beaches in Canggu, we hope you’ve caught some of our enthusiasm for this coastal paradise we call home. 

From the surfer’s delight at Echo Beach to the serene beauty of Pererenan, Canggu offers an unforgettable mosaic of seaside experiences. Whether you’re a digital nomad, a nightlife aficionado, or simply in search of Bali’s best beaches, there’s a sandy haven here for you. 

So grab your sunblock, your surfboard, or even just a good book, and come discover what makes the beaches Canggu has to offer so irresistibly captivating. 

Until then, we’ll save you a spot on the sand. 🌴🌊🍹

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