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Pasut Beach Bali – A Guide to all Instagram Worthy Spots


Are you planning to visit Pasut Beach Bali?

Pasut Beach is one of the gorgeous black sand beaches in Bali. If you’re looking to for a unique beach for a day trip, then look no further. This post is a complete guide to visiting Pasut with an extra paragraph on all the cool shots you can take here.

Where is Pasut Beach?

Pasut Beach is located about a 40-minute drive west of Canggu beaches. It is a scenic drive through authentic Balinese countryside, and the journey is an adventure by itself.

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How To Get To Pasut Beach?

Pasut Beach Bali

By motorbike

Riding a scooter is my preferred way of getting around Bali. It gives you maximum flexibility and is the cheapest mode of transport, besides nothing beats riding a scooter through the beautiful Balinese countryside. Expect to pay between 50k-80k IDR for scooter rental a day.

Petrol is widely available in Bali. Vendors sell it in glass bottles by the side of the road. If you ever wondered why they sell vodka on the side of the road everywhere, that’s petrol. Petrol currently costs 10k IDR per bottle, and a scooter holds about three bottles.

You can simply type the name of the place in Google Maps, and you won’t have troubles finding it. Put away your phone and use earphones for navigation prompts. Don’t hold your phone and ride, that’s the most common way tourists crash on motorbikes in Bali.

Pasut Beach Bali

By hired car

Hiring a driver is also a very convenient way to travel around Bali and definitely the most comfortable with the car aircon. If you’re travelling in a bigger group or with children, it makes sense to hire a car. You can hire a car that comes with a driver that will take you around to places. The going rate starts at 500k IDR per 8 hour day.

By Gojek

Gojek is equivalent to UBER in Indonesia. It is super easy to use and very reliable. Download the app and see your location then just say where you want to go, and the app will send your driver. You can either get a car or a motorbike lift. The payment is typically taken by cash unless you top up the app and it’s very affordable. You can even get a Gojek to pick up your groceries. How convenient! I use Gojek for shorter distances, and I have never had any complaints.

What To Expect At Pasut Beach?

Pasut Beach Bali

When you arrive at the beach, park your motorbike on the side of the road by a small temple to the left. If you have a sarong to cover knees and shoulders you can venture inside to have a look, if you don’t, just continue to the beach.

The beach is very wide, and there is a fair stretch of it which is perfect for a longer stroll. The sand is completely black, which creates a beautiful and unique backdrop for some awesome photos.

If you arrive in the morning, you will be able to spot fishermen taking their colourful boats out to the sea.

Pasut Beach is also a famous place where local youth take their motorbikes to race on the beach as the sand’s surface is very hard and flat. If you want to give it a go, just be careful and use common sense to avoid an accident. Not to mention appropriate travel insurance.

Pasut Beach Instagram Photography Spots

Leaning Palm Tree

Pasut Beach Bali

If you go to the right form the road, after about 5 minutes’ walk, you’ll find the Instagram famous leaning tree. You probably saw a very famous photo that everyone seems to be taking, sitting on top of the tree.

Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not as easy as it seems to climb this palm tree. The beginning of the tree is pretty much vertical, so I don’t really know how people do it. I even attempted to climb it, l I put my fingers in a small hole to lift myself. Until a horde of ants came out angrily from the whole infesting the whole palm tree. So, in the end, I took a photo standing next to the palm tree, but I may try again next time I’ll go to Pasut Beach. And if I succeed, I’ll update this post with the trophy photo.


Pasut Beach Bali

If you go left from the road, passed the temple on your left, there is a swing. There was no one there during my visit, but I’m suspecting; usually, there is someone that charges for the use of this swing. You can take some excellent shots with the beach and palm trees on the background.

Palm Trees

Pasut Beach Bali

Just behind the swing, there is a patch of very tall palm trees. This is another cool spot for taking some incredible shots, especially in the late afternoon when the sun is slowly setting.

Best Time To Visit Pasut Beach

Pasut Beach Bali

Best time to visit Pasut Beach is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when you can stay to watch the sunset. During the day, those two times are great for photography when the light is not as harsh as at midday and in the morning is nice and fresh, which is also a bonus if you’re planning to do some exploring.

Pasut Beach Entrance Cost

The beach is free to enjoy, and there is no collection for the parking.

What to take with you

Day Backpack – for this adventure and many other ones, you’ll need a day pack. My favourite one is the stylish and minimalistic Kanken. It is made of durable materials and it’s super simple and super comfortable.

Mirrorless camera – I love Sony cameras! If you’re looking for an entry-level, compact camera that takes awesome photos, go for Sony Alpha 6400, I’ve used it for years and took some excellent pictures with it. For a more advanced selection, I recommend Sony A7iii, I can’t be more happy with it, and I know lots of professional photographers and creators who use it too.

Power bank – power bank to charge my mobile phone saved my life a few times, no kidding. It is handy if you’re using Google maps which is a drain on the phone’s battery. I recommend choosing a lightweight one

Raincoat – I know you’re probably thinking I’m crazy, but trust me, the raincoat is essential, especially if you’re scootering your way through the island. When it’s rainy, it actually gets cold on the scooter, and during the rainy season, which is between November and April, it rains buckets!

Reusable water bottle – water flask, especially thermal ones, is so practical here in Bali. Many hotels and restaurants let their guests refill the bottles for free in an effort to reduce plastic use on the island.

Sun cream – this is another essential to carry with you and frequently reapply. Choose an eco-friendly and vegan one to do your part for the environment.

Adventure sandals – sports sandals with straps are the best type of footwear for any Bali adventure. They dry quickly and are sturdy enough to keep you safe on your hikes. I use North Face sandals, I’ve had them for years and they never let me down.

For more tips on what to pack, visit “Bali Packing List“.

Other places to visit nearby

Tanah Lot Temple
Tampih Beach
Seseh Beach

Pasut Beach: Final thoughts

Visiting Pasut Beach is a great day trip idea. You’ll get to see some authentic Balinese villages on your way and explore the non-touristy beach. And if you’re into photography, Pasut beach will definitely inspire your creativity!

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Pasut Beach is situated 40 minutes drive from Canggu, and it is an excellent place for a day trip. Check out this post for all the tips on how to get there and what photos to take on this beautiful Bali beach. | #baliblacksandbeach #balibeaches #pasutbeach #balitravel #baliinstagram

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