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Is There Uber In Rome Italy In 2024? Yes, But…


Are you looking for an answer to this question – Is there Uber in Rome?

Travelling to Rome is like going back in time. From the iconic Colosseum, the ancient Forum Romanum, and the cobblestone streets of Centro Storico that instantly transport you to another era. Rome is a bucket-list destination for many adventurous travellers.

But once you arrive in this enchanting city, how do you get around?  Does Rome have Uber? The good news is, yes, there is!

Rome Uber is limited to the premium Uber Black, Uber Lux and Uber Van services. Despite that, Uber is still one of the best options for getting around Rome.

Learn more about what’s available so that you know which transportation method works for you.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about taking an Uber in Rome, from cost-efficacy and safety considerations to tips and tricks so that you make sure to get around like a local.

Is There Uber In Rome: At A Glance

Uber in Rome can be handy for getting to the Colosseum.

✅ Is Uber legal in Italy?

For those wondering – is Uber in Rome legal? – the answer is yes. Despite claims from some Roman taxi drivers, Uber is operating within the legal framework in Italy.

But what sets Uber in Rome apart from Uber in other places in the world is that they only use licensed drivers and premium cars, providing an upscale service called Uber Black. It’s not simply a cheap alternative to traditional taxis – it’s a high-end service for those seeking luxury transportation. 

Strick laws apply to all taxis in Italy, and getting a licence is extremely costly and time-consuming. So, when Uber wanted to enter the Italian market, the court deemed the standard cheap amateur service that works so well in other parts of the world unfair. This is why Uber in Rome operates only premium services.

✅ What services Uber Rome offers?

Uber Black – is the most popular Uber service in Rome. Uber Black drivers are licenced and drive premium cars such as Mercedes or Jaguar.

Uber Van – is the larger version of Uber Black suitable for groups of up to 6 persons.

Uber Lux – as the name suggests, it is the most luxurious Uber service available.

How Much Does An Uber Taxi In Rome Cost?

Trastevere is another place where you may want to book an Uber in Rome.

Uber Black fares in Rome are typically a little more pricey compared with standard metered taxis, as long as the taxi driver is honest with you, which is not always the case.

Here are some examples of Uber in Rome (Uber Black service) fares:

Ciampino Airport – Vatican €31

Ciampino Airport – Trasteverre €31

Ciampino Airport – Spanish Steps €31

Fiumicino Airport – Spanish Steps €50

Fiumicino Airport – Trasteverre €50

Centro Storico – Colosseum €14

Centro Storico – Spanish Steps €12

Centro Storico – Vatican €16

Local Taxis vs Uber In Rome

Is there Uber in Rome?

Let’s discuss in detail the difference between Uber and taxis in Rome as two ways of getting around in Rome.


✅ The biggest advantage of using Uber in Rome is that you can see the trip estimate and the exact price you will be charged for the ride before you book it. You can then decide whether it’s within your budget or not and consider alternatives such as using the Metro.

✅ The Uber app also shows the car’s registration plate, car colour and type, as well as the driver’s name and photo. This can help you to ensure that you are getting into the right car. Also, this adds an extra layer of security, which can be particularly important for solo travellers.

✅ An additional advantage of using an Uber in Rome is that you can rate your driver afterwards, providing useful feedback about their service for other customers. You can also check reviews before ordering your ride, which can save you some potential unpleasantries of dealing with nasty drivers.

✅ And, the best part is that the payment goes through the app, so you don’t have to worry about looking for ATMs and carrying enough cash on you, just in case you need a taxi.

❌ Uber rides in Rome are usually a bit more expensive than regular taxis because the only services available are the premium ones – Uber Black, Uber Lux and Uber Van.


✅ It’s often way more simple to just hail a taxi on the road, especially during rush hour. This way, the taxi is already here, and you don’t have to wait for your Uber ride to arrive.

❌ One of the biggest drawbacks is that the taxi drivers in Rome often overcharge tourists, so in the end, despite the fact that taxis should, in theory, be cheaper, you may end up paying more for a crappy taxi with no air con than for a premium Uber Black service.

❌ Taxi drivers (not only in Rome) are infamous for trying various tricks to rip off customers. The tricks they use include – not turning on the meter, taking a much longer route or pretending the card machine is broken.

Is There Uber In Rome Airport?

Uber service is available at both Ciampino and Fiumicino airports, so you can use the app as you would anywhere else in the world.

However, it’s important to pay attention to the pick-up point, as it may not be directly where you are. You could end up having to walk a little to get there, so be prepared. 

The prices depend on the time of the day and sometimes how busy Uber drivers are at the time. We shared some examples of prices above.

How To Avoid Taxi Scams In Rome?

Uber in Rome

🚫 Make sure the meter is on before accepting and starting the ride. A taxi driver may pretend the meter is broken. In this case, just politely decline and get off the taxi.

🚫 Pay attention to the route your driver is taking, and don’t let them take a longer route than necessary. In this instance, it would be much easier to learn a few Italian words or have your Google Translate app on your phone.

It happened to us in Istanbul on the way to the airport. The driver took twice as long route and we almost missed the flight and had to pay him double what cost us to get from the airport to the city centre.

🚫 Have the small change on you, in case the driver doesn’t have any change. Taxis in Rome are required to have a card machine, but there is no actual guarantee the machine will be working.

🚫 Taxi fares from the airport are mostly fixed. Make sure you both understood the price correctly. You can type it on your phone and show it to the driver to confirm. It will be harder for him to deny the agreed price later, when it comes to paying.

🚫 Don’t ever accept a lift from people that are actively approaching tourists at the airport trying to offer a “cheap” ride to the city centre. This service is illegal, and there is also no guarantee the person will stick to the initially quoted price. You will also be sharing a car with other people, waiting for them to be dropped off first. Always head to the official taxi line instead.

How To Get Around Rome Without Uber



If you want to avoid getting ripped off by taxi drivers trying to scam tourists, Free Now App is a great alternative to Uber in Rome.

Free Now App allows you to order an ordinary taxi, and also you can pay for your ride all through the app, eliminating the need to haggle or worry about getting overcharged.

A ride through Free Now should be a little cheaper than Uber, but you will have to get another app downloaded and set up for payment, so it’s up to you whether it’s worth it or not. Perhaps, look into how many rides you will be requiring during your stay in Rome and whether the money saved outweighs the hassle of setting up and familiarising yourself with another app.

✔️ Rome Public Transport

There are plenty of bus lines in Rome, so you can reach almost any place in the city. The ticket prices start from €1.50 for a regular single ticket and increase depending on the duration of travel. You can also buy discounted tickets for 6-day, 2-day, and 3-day travel passes.

The underground metro system in Rome is not very extensive (only three lines currently), but it’s enough to cover the main tourist spots such as the Vatican, The Colosseum and the historic centre. The ticket prices are the same as for buses – €1.50 and again you can buy discounted tickets for a few days of travel.

You can buy tickets from the machines at each station or get a rechargeable travel card with preloaded funds. This option is more convenient if you plan to use public transport often during your stay in Rome.

We normally use the public transport option on Google Maps, which shows us the best ways of getting to a place using buses and metro. It normally works really well and tells you where the bus/metro stop is and where you need to change.

✔️ On foot

Although Rome is a huge city, the main tourist attractions are relatively close to each other. So, on our trip to Rome, we opted for walking almost everywhere. The Vatican is close to the historic centre, home to attractions such as The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Spanish Steps. The only point of interest that is a little further away is the Colosseum.

Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and pay attention to your belongings when walking around the busy streets of the city centre.

Best Tours To Take In Rome

🌟 Rome Walking Food Tour

Pizza Rome

If you’re a foodie, taking a food tour is the ultimate way to explore a new city. And what better place to do that than Rome? A food tour in Rome gives you a chance to learn about local customs and the origins of dishes while sampling some of the best Italian specialities, like pasta and gelato.

You will also get to try more local Roman delicacies, such as fried artichokes and traditional Roman pizza. One must-visit spot is the Campo de’ Fiori Market, where you can sample fresh, local produce. The tour also takes you to Trastevere and the Jewish Ghetto for more gastronomic discoveries.

The tour group is kept small, with a maximum of 12 participants, so you receive personal attention, and the tour lasts around four hours, giving you ample time to satisfy your appetite.

Book your spot at the #1 Rome food tour here:

🌟 Guided Tour Of The Vatican

The Vatican, Rome.

Embark on a journey through history as you explore the magnificent Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums with a knowledgeable expert guide.

You’ll have the luxury of skipping the line with your entrance tickets, so you can spend more time admiring the stunning artwork and architecture. And to ensure you don’t miss a single detail, you’ll be given audio headsets.

With a maximum of 20 participants, you’ll be able to take in the experience in a more personal and intimate way.

After your visit to the museums, you’ll head to St. Peter’s Basilica, one of the most important architectural and religious landmarks in the world. This tour is a must for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the treasures of the Vatican.

Book your spot on this tour before it sells out here:

🌟 Guided Tour of Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Forum Romanum Rome

Explore the grandeur of Rome’s ancient past with a group tour that takes you through the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, and Roman Forum. With a knowledgeable guide to lead the way, you’ll learn about the incredible history of these iconic landmarks and the significant events that took place within their walls.

To ensure you don’t miss a word of your guide’s insightful commentary, audio headsets are provided for a crystal clear listening experience. With skip-the-line entrance tickets, you’ll avoid the crowds and enjoy priority access to these famed sites.

With a maximum of 24 participants, you’ll have an intimate and personalized tour experience. Delve into Rome’s rich history and explore ancient ruins that have stood for centuries, all within a three-hour tour.

Book your spot on this tour before it sells out here:

🌟 Rome Golf Cart Tour

does italy have uber
Photo credit: Viator

Discover Rome in a unique and exciting way with a private golf cart tour! With the ease and convenience of zipping around the streets, you have the ability to decide which landmarks you want to check off your bucket list.

Your driver will handle all the logistics as you take in the picturesque views of Rome, including the quieter backstreets, allowing you to skip the busy traffic.

From the iconic Pantheon to the stunning Trevi Fountain, the enchanting Piazza Navona, the beautiful Spanish Steps, and the bustling Campo de’ Fiori, you will have the chance to experience all the wonderful sights that Rome has to offer.

This tour is an excellent option for travellers on a short itinerary as you’ll be able to see a lot of the sights in a short amount of time.

Book your golf cart experience here:

Best Areas To Stay In Rome

If you’re planning a trip to Rome, choosing the right accommodation can make a significant difference in your overall experience. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to stay in Rome. The three best areas to stay in Rome, depending on your preferences, are the Historic Centre, Prati, and Trastevere.

The Historic Centre is perfect for those who want to be in the heart of the action, with its stunning architecture, historical landmarks, and high-end shopping.

best places to stay in Rome for couples


Located a 6-minute walk to Pantheon and Piazza Navona, this hotel boasts an unmatched location, optional breakfast and elegant double and family rooms for an affordable rate.

Prati is a great option for families on a budget, as it offers affordable accommodation and a local atmosphere, with close proximity to the Vatican.

best place to stay in Rome first time


This is where we stayed! The hotel boasts double and family rooms with chic decor and modern amenities. It is located right behind Castel Sant’Angelo and within an 11-minute walk to Piazza Navona. The nearest metro stop is a 10-minute walk.

Meanwhile, Trastevere is the place to be for couples seeking a more bohemian vibe, with plenty of charm, character, and buzzing nightlife.

where to stay in Rome first time


Located a leisurely 13-minute stroll to the main square, Domus Monami boasts double and triple rooms with stylish, quirky decor. Guests can enjoy an optional breakfast and a rooftop terrace overlooking the neighbourhood.

Is There Uber In Rome: FAQ

What is similar to Uber Rome?

If you’re looking for an alternative to Uber in Rome, look no further than the FREE NOW app. With this app, you can easily book an ordinary taxi and pay for your ride through the app, just like you would with Uber. 

The main difference between FREE NOW and Rome Uber is that the former lets you book a standard taxi, and the latter offers a more premium service usually operated by a Mercedes or another car of a similar class.

Should I tip the taxi driver in Italy?

Tipping is not necessary in Italy. The fare you’re charged should already include a service charge, so tipping your driver isn’t required, although it’s always appreciated if the driver goes above and beyond for you.

Are taxis expensive in Rome?

Taxis in Rome can be expensive, so it’s important to plan ahead and try to use alternatives such as public transport or walking whenever possible. The cost of a taxi ride is dependent on the distance you’re travelling and the time of day – at night, fares are slightly higher.

Is there Lyft in Rome Italy?

No, there is no Lyft in Rome. The only ride-sharing app available in Rome is Uber, and only premium services are available. There are other alternatives to Uber, such as FREE NOW and public transportation, that you can use to get around the city.

Is There Uber In Rome: Final Word

We hope this article has been helpful in answering some of your questions about getting around Rome. Whether you choose to use Uber, FREE NOW or any other alternative transportation service available, we wish you a safe and enjoyable trip!

Every corner of the city is filled with history and culture waiting to be explored, so make sure to take full advantage during your stay. We’re confident that with our guide on Is There Uber In Rome, you’ll have all the information needed for getting around and experiencing one of Italy’s most beloved cities.

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