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Cancun In October – Weather & Things To Do In 2024


If you are wondering whether a trip to Cancun in October is worth it, then this article is for you. 

It includes the benefits and drawbacks of visiting Cancun in October as well as a comprehensive guide on October weather conditions, the best things to see and experience, the best festivals to attend and ideas for things to do should you encounter a rainy day. 

Cancun is a fantastic destination to visit at any time of the year. It offers an entertaining and engaging mix of fun tourist attractions, historical and cultural sites, scenic landscapes and interesting day trips. 

You could fill your vacation with a different activity each day or spend your time lazing and relaxing on Cancun’s incredible beaches and swimming in its turquoise seas. 

Cancun in October

Cancun has an excellent tourist infrastructure with everything you need for a comfortable, smooth vacation whilst at the same time experiencing the best culture, music and food that Mexico has to offer. 

What Are The Pros & Cons Of Visiting Cancun In October?

Visiting Cancun in October.

Travel to Cancun in October has its pros and cons, so you will need to decide what you can and cannot accept. 

The pros of visiting Cancun Mexico in October include good weather, lower prices and a lack of crowds

The weather for Cancun in October is sunny and hot with the occasional rain shower or rainy day. An average Cancun temperature in October is 27 C or 84 F. Accommodation prices are much lower than in peak season, and there will be more availability and a wider choice of accommodation.

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Plus, tourist attractions, beaches, day tours and restaurants will be quieter, so you may find October generally a more enjoyable time to visit Cancun, especially if you do not like crowds. 

The cons of a Cancun October vacation is the unpredictable weather. 

October is the end of Cancun’s rainy season, so there will be some rain showers and some cloudy days with rain. 

Furthermore, October is peak hurricane season, so there is always the risk of a tropical storm or, worse, a hurricane. If you are unlucky enough to get a particularly wet October, you may also experience more mosquitoes. 


  • Good weather
  • Low prices
  • Fewer crowds


  • Risk of tropical storm 
  • Potentially some wet days
  • More mosquitos if there is still a lot of rain


Weather In Cancun In October

Average temperatures in Cancun in October

If you are hoping for sunshine and warm weather Cancun in October will provide it. 

October sees the start of cooler temperatures, but the weather will still be warm and sunny. The average temperature in Cancun in October is 27 C / 81 F, with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day.  

Cancun and Riviera Maya weather in October will average seven days when temperatures soar over 30 C / 90 F – so don’t worry about Cancun being too cold to visit in October! 

October is also the perfect month for sea swimming as sea temperatures are at their highest during this month, averaging a deliciously warm 29 C / 84 F


Humidity levels in October are high but are not unbearable. The average humidity levels in October peak at 86 in the mornings, dropping to 74 in the afternoons.

Does it rain a lot in Cancun in October?

October weather in Cancun can be wet, but not to the extent of other October destinations.

October is, on average, the second wettest month of the year in Cancun, but as Cancun is generally considered a dry destination, this statistic is not to be worried about. 

There are an average of 11 rainy days in October (that means days that see rain, not days of non-stop rain) with a monthly average rainfall of 57 mm.

When Is Hurricane Season In Cancun?

Cancun weather in October can be unpredictable. Caribbean Sea temperatures are at their highest in October, so, unfortunately, this means that October is also peak Hurricane season

That, however, doesn’t mean there will be a hurricane in Cancun during your vacation. Read the next section for more information.

Is Cancun Safe During Hurricane Season?


It is impossible to promise that Cancun is safe during the hurricane season. 

However, it is important to remember that in order to cause the most damage, a hurricane must be severe and score a direct hit on Cancun, and thankfully, that is a rare occurrence. 

Typically, Cancun is ‘brushed’ by a hurricane every three years, with a direct hit every seven years, and those direct hits vary in significance according to the ferocity of the hurricane. 

According to Cancuncare.com, there have only been two major hurricane events (a severe hurricane scoring a direct hit) in the last 40 years

Things To Do In Cancun In October

If you visit Cancun in October, there are lots of attractions to visit and activities to do on your warm, sunny Autumn days. 

Chichen Itza, Cenote and Valladolid All-Inclusive Tour

Chichen Itza is a fantastic day trip from Cancun.

This full-day tour covers the best historical sites that Cancun – and Mexico – has to offer. 

The guided tour starts at the world-famous Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, where you can explore the iconic Kukulcan pyramid, the Great Ball Court and the Skull Platform.  

Chichén Itzá is a fantastic site to visit independently, but your trip will be enhanced by having your own personal guide who can explain what you are seeing and give information about Mayan symbolism, history and culture. 

The fascinating day trip continues with a visit to the scenic, ancient cenote of Saamal. After descending 80 steps down into the impressive cenote, you can spend time swimming, sunbathing or diving into the cenote. Alternatively, for an extra charge, you can choose to fly above Saamal cenote on a zipline. 

After a buffet lunch (included in the price), the tour spends two hours exploring the attractive colonial city Valladolid, the oldest city in the Yucatan.

In your allotted two hours, you could visit the National Sculpture Museum, the 16th-century Church of St Paul, or the 12th-century Church of Santa María la Antigua. 

The tour price includes small bus transfers, your lunch and Saamal entrance fees. 

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Luxury Catamaran Cruise With Open Bar

Boat tour around Isla Mujeres.

This 5 – 6 hour trip will give you a taste of the jet set life whilst visiting some of the most scenic locations on the Riviera Maya. 

The trip starts with a relaxing cruise along Cancun’s stunning Caribbean coastline before arriving at the picture-perfect island of Isla Mujeres. 

This idyllic island is known for its clear, turquoise warm water and offers some of the best snorkelling and diving locations in the world with exceptional visibility and a wide variety of marine life. 

You will visit different snorkelling locations as well as spend some free time exploring laid-back Isla Mujeres. You can hire a bike or a golf cart to explore the small, eight-kilometre-long island or spend time sunbathing on Playa Norte beach, which is considered to be one of the best beaches in Mexico. 

The tour price includes an open bar with unlimited drinks and a gourmet lunch on board the catamaran, use of snorkelling equipment, and a hotel pick up and drop off. 

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ATV Jungle Adventure with Ziplines, Cenote & Tequila Tasting

Cenote tour from Cancun.

If seeing historical sights or relaxing on a boat trip is not for you, how about an adrenaline-filled adventurous activity tour?

The four-hour tour starts with an exhilarating 30-minute off-road all-terrain vehicle ride along dense jungle trails. This is followed by fun and fast zip-lining on three canopy-high zip lines. Your tour culminates with a more sedate activity; swimming in an emerald green cenote. 

The half-day tour ends with a guided tequila-tasting session and tacos. You will learn how tequila is made and what to look for when tasting and buying Mexican tequila. 

The tour price includes all your activities and transfers to and from your Cancun accommodation. This tour welcomes families and is highly rated by previous guests. 

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What to do in Cancun when it rains?

There are also several things to do in Cancun when it rains. The following attractions are ideal for a rainy day in October and are suitable for all ages and interests. 

Visit Museo Maya de Cancun

Visiting Museo Maya de Cancun is one of the best things to do in Cancun in October.

The contemporary Museo Maya de Cancun is a must-visit if you are visiting other Mayan sites, as it will enhance your understanding of what you are seeing. 

This elegant and sleek museum showcases hundreds of locally discovered Mayan artefacts and charts the history and culture of the Mayan civilisation through the artefacts, display boards and several audio-visual exhibits. 

After visiting the museum, follow a short path through the untouched jungle to reach San Miguelito, the ruined site of a Mayan settlement which was abandoned in the 16th century. 

Today the 80-hectare site has the ruined remains of houses, a palace, a temple and a pyramid. It is a perfect complement to the museum. 

Take a Cooking Class 

Taking a cooking class is one of the best things to do in Cancun when it rains.

Immerse yourself in Mexican culture with a Mexican cooking class. As well as having fun and eating delicious food, you will learn new skills that you can apply back at home.

The class starts by shopping for fresh ingredients at a local market under the expert eye of your own chef. Once you have purchased your ingredients, you will learn how to make a delicious four-course traditional Mexican dinner using traditional cooking techniques and equipment such as clay pots. 

A sample menu includes guacamole, refried beans, handmade tortillas, soups, enchiladas and a local dessert speciality, Arroz con Leche: all of which you will make from scratch. You will even learn how to make the perfect margarita! 

The experience ends with a communal meal where you can indulge in all the food you have made. This is a fun and educational activity for solo travellers, couples and families. 

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Visit The Interactive Aquarium Of Cancun

Visiting Canucn Aquarium is one of the best things to do in Cancun when it rains.

Cancun’s only aquarium is home to 140 species of marine life. 

In addition to countless large and small fish tanks, there are touch tanks to get up close and touch some marine animals, such as starfish or sea urchins and a fish foot spa

There is also a movie theatre with educational videos and a fun interactive iPad zone where kids (and adults) can learn about marine animals and marine conservation.

Adults and children over 8 years old can take part in an exhilarating Aquarium Trek. Using special helmets, you will ‘walk’ along the bottom of one of the fish tanks. It is an unforgettable experience and a good option if scuba diving is not for you. 

Go On A Taco Tour

Taking a taco tour is one of the best things to do in Cancun in October.

This 4 – 5 hours guided taco tour will introduce you to the best tacos in Cancun. 

After a complimentary hotel pick-up, your guide will take you to different locations around Cancun to taste the best offerings of the region. Each location has ‘skip the line’ priority access and a reserved table for your tour group.

All the tacos you will taste, as well as four drinks (alcoholic or soft), are included in the tour price. Your taco tasting will be finished off with a complimentary churro

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Watch A Movie At The Cinema

There are several large cinemas in Cancun, which are a great option for relaxing or resting weary sightseeing feet on a rainy day. 

You can also go to the cinema and enjoy cool air conditioning on a hot day. One of the cinemas, Cinepolis Puerto Cancun, boasts an IMAX theatre. 

Fun Events In Cancun In October

Another benefit of visiting Cancun in October is that you will coincide with some of the best festivals Cancun and Mexico have to offer. 

Dia De Las Brujas (Halloween)

Dia de los muertos is the best event in Cancun is October.

Halloween on October 31st is celebrated with decorations, costumes and parties. 

Many of the hotels in Cancun’s Zona Hotelera are decorated for Halloween, and several hotels, such as Hilton Cancun La Isla and Seadust Cancun Family Resort, hold ticketed parties or events. 

As local nightclubs and bars host themed Halloween nights, it is worth packing a small Halloween headband or mask in your luggage. 

Dia De Los Muertos

The Dia De Los Muertos festival, otherwise known as The Day of the Dead, is one of Mexico’s biggest and most popular festivals. Cancun is no exception. 

The festival officially falls on November 1st, the Feast of All Saints in the Catholic calendar, but the festivities start on October 31st and run until November 2nd, All Souls Day. 

Dia De Los Muertos is a traditional celebration which remembers, and honours, family members and friends who have died.  

October 31st is known as Witches Day and is the principal day for dressing up in imaginative costumes, doing intricate face painting and enjoying costume parades. This is the day you will most likely see the artistic white skulls face painting and elaborate, colourful headdresses that Dia de Los Muertos is best known for. 

November 1st is Dia de Los Inocentes, a day dedicated to children who have died and November 2nd is dedicated to deceased adults. 

How is the Day of the Dead celebrated in Cancun?

Cancun’s houses, streets, parks and paths are decorated with colourful papel picado bunting and flowers, particularly Marigolds, to ‘welcome’ the spirits of deceased loved ones home. You also will see effigies and paintings of Monarch butterflies, which are believed to hold the spirits of the deceased.  

Homes and many hotel foyers will have small decorated altars dedicated to deceased loved ones. 

You can indulge in traditional Dia de los Muertos foods such as the delicious Pan de Muertos (a sweet aromatic egg bread), or savoury tamales (Chachacuas) or atole, a tasty hot corn and masa drink.

Visiting a cemetery to see the floral displays, candles, mementoes and offerings from families to their loved ones is a must-do. It is both a sobering and uplifting experience full of colour and emotion, and as long as you treat the cemetery and the event with respect, you will be welcomed. 

Photos are not allowed of the highly personal items and decorations within a cemetery.

On November 1st and 2nd, families hold all-night vigils in the cemeteries next to their loved ones’ graves. 

You can also attend the lively Festival of Life and Death Traditions in Xcaret Park. This popular festival consists of music and dance performances, theatrical shows and concerts. 

Dia De La Raza

The Dia de la Raza (which literally translated means Race Day) on October 12th celebrates the cultural mix of Spanish and indigenous heritage that has created modern Mexico. It also is the day when Christopher Columbus landed in Mexico. 

The festival is celebrated throughout Latin America with parades, parties and fireworks. In Mexico and Cancun, the focus is on indigenous culture. 

Nuestra Señora del Rosario

The catholic feast of Our Lady of the Rosary falls on October 7th

You can expect religious parades featuring flower-adorned statues of the Virgin Mary, packed churches and family celebrations. 

Cancun jazz festival in October

Cancun nightlife

The popular three-day Cancun Jazz Festival has been running for over twenty years. 

It plays host to well-known local and international professional jazz musicians as well as some unknown up-and-coming artists. The festival attracts jazz fans from all over the world, and previous headliners have included Kamasi Washington and Gregory Porter. 

The festival usually takes place at the Cancun Convention Center. It is a fun, family-friendly event and includes a kid’s area with activities and entertainment. 

What is the best time to visit Cancun?

For The Perfect Weather

To experience the ‘best’ weather Cancun has to offer, visit between January and April. You will experience hot, sunny days with very little cloud or rain. 

Although the best weather months in Cancun happen between January and April, during this time, prices are higher, and locations will be busier. 

October offers cheaper prices and fewer crowds, and it will still offer warm, sunshine-filled days. 

For The Cheapest Rates

The cheapest months in which to visit Cancun are September, October and November. These months are the end of the rainy season and are peak hurricane season. 

For Whale Sharks

The best time to visit Cancun to see or snorkel with whale sharks is from June to September. July and August offer the best chance of multiple sightings. 

For Families

A family holiday to Cancun in October will be in the shoulder season. Other shoulder season months are May, June and November. These months are amongst the best times to visit Cancun with a family. 

Cancun will be quieter, sightseeing locations will be less busy, and beaches will not be overrun with tourists. Peak season in Cancun can often prove too hot for children, and whilst shoulder season months won’t offer perfect weather, it will still offer mostly sunny, warm days. 

You will also find lower prices in shoulder season months which can make a big difference if you are travelling as a large group or family. 

For Nightlife

Cancun has a lively nightlife scene all year round. At different times of the year, the party scene is fed by either locals, domestic tourists or international tourists. 

The peak season from December to April brings the largest partying crowds of international tourists, especially over Christmas, New Year and U.S. spring break.

How Is Cancun In October?: FAQs

Sunrise in Cancun.

If you are still unsure about travelling to Cancun in October, the following FAQs may help to convince you that October in Cancun will provide a fantastic vacation.

Is it better to go to Cancun in October or November?

Both months have their pros and cons. October is cheaper than November, but it will be wetter with a greater increased risk of hurricanes than November. However, you will experience unforgettable Mexican festivals such as the Day of the Dead.

November will be drier and warmer than October, coupled with a reduced risk of hurricanes.

But, as it is closer to peak season, prices may be higher than in October, particularly around Thanksgiving, which can get very busy in Cancun. 

Is it hurricane season in Cancun in October?

Yes, it is. October is peak hurricane season due to high sea temperatures. Although hurricanes are common, severe damage-causing hurricanes or storms that require evacuations are very rare

If you travel to Cancun in October, keep an eye on local weather forecasts and heed all hurricane warnings and travel advisories before you travel and whilst in Cancun. 

Is October a good month to go to Mexico?

You may be asking yourself, “Should I go to Cancun in October?” October is a good month to visit Cancun in Mexico, as long as you check the hurricane forecast. 

You will have warm, sunny days with the occasional rainy or cloudy day. Locations will be quieter, and accommodation prices will be lower. 

However, it is important to be aware that October is peak hurricane season, so any trip to Cancun in October carries an element of risk. Make sure you take out comprehensive and adequate travel insurance for your trip. 

Is it safe to go to Cancun in October?

For personal safety, Cancun in October is as safe as any other month, maybe more so because of smaller tourist numbers. 

There is no guarantee that you will or will not experience bad weather or a hurricane in Cancun in October, but as it is peak hurricane season, it is essential to monitor local weather forecasts and developing hurricanes on the National Hurricane Center Website.

As previously mentioned, protect yourself against unforeseen issues by taking out quality travel insurance that will cover hurricane disruption.   

Are there many mosquitoes in Cancun in October?

Peak mosquito season is from April to November, so unfortunately, yes, there will be mosquitoes in Cancun in October. 

Mosquitoes are more prolific after rainfall, so if you experience a very rainy October, you will also experience more mosquitoes than normal. Protect yourself by covering up at dusk and packing sufficient supplies of adequate mosquito repellant. 

Is Cancun busy in October?

Due to the lack of school holidays in October plus the risk of rain and hurricanes, October has one of the lowest tourist figures visiting Cancun. However, Cancun will be busier around Halloween and the Day of the Dead festival.

What to pack for Cancun in October?

The weather in October will be warm and balmy, but there is the risk of rainy days. 

You will need to pack cool, warm-weather clothes but also a few waterproof, quick-drying clothes. Don’t forget to pack some closed-toe shoes and adequate mosquito repellant.

With pleasantly high sea temperatures, a swimsuit is a must-pack item. Although the sun will not be as hot as in peak season, you will still need to pack a sun hat, sunglasses and sunscreen (ideally reef-safe screens to protect the Riviera Maya’s vulnerable coral reefs). 

What to wear in Cancun in October?

With an average daily temperature of nearly 30 C, the best clothes to wear in Cancun in October are lightweight, cool linen or cotton fabrics which are also quick drying.

Cotton summer dresses, linen shorts or trousers, cotton tops and sandals are all ideal items to pack. Layer up on a cooler evening with a jersey top or linen jacket. 

How is fishing in Cancun in October?

If the weather in October in Cancun is clear and calm, fishing in Cancun in October can be a memorable experience. 

The best fishing months are from March to November. In October, you can see and fish for Grouper, Barracuda, Amberjack, Mackerel, Snapper and Tuna. 

There are lots of companies in Cancun that offer private or group tour coastal and deep sea fishing trips for novices as well as tourists who are experienced in fishing. 

Cancun in October Final Word

A trip to Cancun in October is not without a small element of risk due to the weather.  But the benefits of an October trip can be huge. 

You will experience this fabulous destination and its varied attractions with fewer crowds whilst enjoying lower accommodation prices, warm sunny weather and seas, plus less seaweed on Cancun’s stunning beaches. 

In addition to this, you will be in Mexico for some of its best cultural holidays, which speaking from personal experience, will be unforgettable. 

Keep an eye on the weather forecast, pack for all weather and enjoy a fantastic and affordable trip to Cancun in October.

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