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Where To Stay In Paros – 2023 Best Areas & Hotels


Are you heading to the Cyclades and wondering where to stay in Paros?

Located in the Aegean Sea just off mainland Greece’s southeast coast, this enchanting island is brimming with stunning beaches, bustling restaurants and nightlife spots, historical sites, a vibrant culture – and more.

But before you can enjoy all the amazing sights and experiences this island has to offer, there’s one important question you need to ask yourself: where will I stay? To make your decision easier, we’ve created this guide on the best areas to stay in Paros.

We love Paros and visited the island on multiple occasions, and we are going to help you choose the best place to stay, so you can make the most of your trip.

where to stay in Paros
Naoussa, Paros

Where To Stay In Paros – Quick Guide 

Looking for a quick answer to where to stay in Paros Greece? Below, you’ll find a quick summary of the best places to stay in Paros, including top hotel picks.

Parikia Paros


Is the port town of the island and the best place to stay in Paros for first-timers. It boasts a wide range of well-priced accommodation and good nightlife. Parikia also has a good bus connection with the rest of the island.

➡️ Argonauta HotelTOP PICK eco-conscious, Cycladic decor, right in the historic centre.

➡️ Siroco’s – top budget pick.

Naoussa Paros Aerial View


A 15-minute drive from Parikia, elegant Naoussa boasts a picturesque marina, an excellent dining scene, chic cocktail bars and superb shopping opportunities. Stay here for a luxury experience and nightlife.

➡️ Christina HotelTOP PICK, adults-only, in the heart of Naoussa.

➡️ Anna Studios – top budget pick.

Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros


Located on the eastern coast, a 30-minute drive from Parikia, Chrisi Akti, also known as Golden Beach, is one of the best places to stay in Paros for beach & water sports lovers. In this part of the island, you will also find fantastic Faragas Beach and known for parties – Punda Coast.

➡️ Saint George HotelTOP PICK, beachfront.

➡️ Flora & Agelos Studios – top budget pick, near the beach.


PARASPOROS BEACH – stunning quiet beach location, luxury hotels, a 9-minute drive from Parikia ➡️ TOP HOTEL ➡️ Paros Bay.

ALYKI – a small town with a beach, excellent for families, south coast and a 16-minute drive to Parikia ➡️ TOP HOTEL ➡️ Acoya Suites Paros.

PISO LIVADI – a remote fishing village on the eastern coast, a 30-minute drive from Parikia ➡️ TOP HOTEL ➡️ Aspries Suites.

LEFKES – authentic village stay in the central part of the island, good for hikers, a 16-minute drive from Naoussa ➡️ Villa Byzantino.

ANTIPAROS – off-beaten track island ➡️ Lagadia Village.

DRIOS – a quiet town near the famous Golden Beach ➡️ Drios Luxury Studios.

One of the best things about renting a a car in Paros is that you can explore beyond Parikia.

Planning On Renting A Car In Paros?

In this blog post, we will tell you how easy it is to rent a car in Paros, covering everything from prices, rental conditions, insurance requirements, tips for driving in Paros, and so much more.

🛳️ Parikia Paros – Where To Stay In Paros For First Time  

Best hotels in Parikia

BEST FOR | Convenient stay close to all amenities, families, great base for exploring the island, excellent nightlife & restaurant choices. 

Paros Parikia is one of the most popular places to stay in Paros Greece, and a great base for exploring the rest of the island. It is the port town of the island, so anyone arriving in Paros starts from Parikia. 

Parikia boasts a charming historical part where you can get lost in the narrow alleys amongst whitewashed Cycladic buildings and cute blue and white churches. It has a few beautiful churches, including the Church of Agios Konstantinos, from where you can watch the best sunset on the island!

For the history buffs, there are ruins of the Frankish Castle, and for the rest, many super cute cafes hidden around the historic part of the city and cool boutique shops.

Parikia stretches along the coast and has a few beaches within walking distance of the town. The best beaches are Livadia and Parikia, situated north of the Paros ferry port. Parikia is also close to some of the best beaches in Paros, a short (up to 30 min) drive away, that are perfect for a day trip. One of my favourite ones is Monastiri Beach. 

Parikia also has a few cute historic windmills that stand along the coastline.  

Parikia Paros Greece
Paros Parikia restaurants

Staying in Parikia is super convenient because it will mean you can literally walk from the ferry to your Paros accommodation. Moreover, Parikia has an excellent bus connection with the rest of the island. So, if you don’t want to drive, definitely stay in Parikia.

The town of Parikia is also excellent for a wide range of amenities such as grocery stores, superb restaurants and chilled bars, tour operators and car & ATV rental shops. Due to its convenience, Parikia is also the best area to stay in Paros with kids and families. 


  • Relax on Parikia Beach
  • Watch the sunset from Agios Konstantinos
  • Party at The Dubliner
  • Visit the ruins of Frankish Castle
  • Have tea at the windmill at Alexandros Cafe


  • Nick’s Burgers | excellent burgers (including a veggie option), gyros & pitas
  • Bountaraki | one of the best in Parikia Paros for seafood and mese
  • Enjoyment Cafe | best breakfast (veggie omelette) 
  • Cuore Rosso Paros | best pizza in town 
  • Ephesus Paros | best sunset dinner with veggie options

Best Hotels in Paros Parikia 

🌟TOP Pick
where to stay in parikia paros.
Argonauta Hotel via Booking.com


Located in the heart of Parikia’s historic town, this property boasts elegant suites and offers complimentary breakfast and personalised service.

High Mill Paros via Booking.com


Situated in the southern part of Parikia, a 15-minute walk to the historic centre, the property boasts panoramic views over the bay and a large pool. Delfini Beach is 11 minutes walk.

Siroco’s via Booking.com


This property offers studios with kitchen sleeping up to 4. It is located a 10-minute walk to the beachfront and there is an in-house cafe where guests can purchase breakfast.

🥂 Naoussa Paros – Where To Stay In Paros For Chic & Luxury Experience. 

where to stay in paros, Naoussa Paros

BEST FOR | Luxury stays, boutique shops, cute marina, superb dining, great beaches 

Naoussa Paros is situated on the northern coast of Paros, 15 minutes drive from Parikia. Naousa is way more upmarket than Parikia. You will find here more luxurious accommodation Paros is known for, fancy restaurants and chic boutiques selling cool clothes and fashion accessories.  

Naoussa boasts a picturesque marina with colourful ships and yachts parked by the shore and a variety of seafood restaurants that offer al fresco dining at the seafront. There is also a regular boat service that can take you to various beaches daily, such as Monastiri Beach and Kolymbithres Beach. 

paros naoussa greece
Old Town in Naoussa Paros.

There is a decent beach in town, but Naoussa is also close to some of the best beaches on Paros, such as Santa Maria, Lageri and Monastiri, and it would be a shame not to visit them. An excellent idea for a day trip from Naoussa is renting a car and exploring one of the gorgeous Paros beaches.

If you are a wine lover, there is also a great winery nearby called Moraitis Winery

Where to stay in Paros Parikia or Naoussa?

If you’re looking to spend your holidays in Paros Greece in style, including staying in the best hotel in Paros Greece, eating in the best restaurants in Paros with a view and want to stay somewhere lively, choose Naoussa.

If you’re more of a budget traveller, don’t care about stylish restaurants or hotels, but you’re primarily after convenience, stay in Parikia. 


  • Go shopping in Naoussa
  • Walk to the half-sunken Venetian Castle
  • Dine at one of the marina restaurants 
  • Enjoy wine tasting at Moraitis Winery
  • Spend a day at Santa Maria Beach


  • Sigi Ikthios | best seafood and a prime spot in Naoussa marina
  • Agosta Paros | one of the best bars in Paros, perfect for sunset drinks
  • Sousouro | best avo on toast and smoothie bowls
  • Soso | excellent traditional Greek food 

Best Naoussa Paros Hotels 

🌟TOP Pick
Christina Hotel via Booking.com


Situated in Naousa town, 6 minutes walk to the seafront and a 10-minute walk to Piperi Beach, this adult only property boasts a heated pool and elegant suites.

top pick and boutique hotel in naoussa paros
Bohemian Luxury Boutique Hotels via Booking.com


This adult-only property boasts an excellent central location, excellent facilities and elegant suites ideal for couples on a romantic trip.

naoussa paros accommodation
Anna Studios via Booking.com


Located a 2-km from Naoussa and near the stunning Kolymbithres Beach this property features cosy self-catering studios and good facilties inc. paid shuttle service.


🏖️ Chrissi Akti Paros (Golden Beach) – Best Beach Stay

Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros

BEST FOR | Beach holiday, water sports such as SUP, kayak and windsurfing

Chrissi Akti (or Chrissi Atki) is situated on the southeastern side of Paros, a 20 km or 30 minutes drive from the port of Parikia and 17 km from the Paros Airport. The area centres around Chrissi Akti Beach, also known as Golden Beach Paros.

Golden Beach is famous for its powdery golden sand that glistens in the sun and calm sea that stays shallow for a long way out, making it a safe beach for families with young children.

This area of Paros is also popular with windsurfing and kite surfing, and a little away from the Golden Beach, there is Nea Chrissi Akti, a place where the World Cup by Professional Association of Windsurfing takes place. The conditions on that beach are perfect for windsurfing, and there are several schools where you can try this fantastic water sport.

Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros
Chrissi Akti Golden Beach Paros

Apart from windsurfing, all the best beach clubs in Paros are situated in the area of Golden Beach as well as a few cool beach bars. Golden Beach is also the best place to stay in Paros Greece, for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP).


  • Laze on the best Paros beach
  • Spend a day in style at the Golden Beach Club
  • Rent a SUP 
  • Explore the shore in the kayak
  • Learn how to windsurf


  • Blue Dolphin Restaurant | seafood & Greek cuisine
  • Stella’s Taverna | family-run, traditional Greek food
  • Kima Seaside | seafood, Mediterranean


Where To Stay Paros – Chrissi Akti

🌟TOP Pick
One of the best hotels in Golden Beach Paros.
Saint George Hotel via Booking.com


Situated right on Nea Chrissi Atki Beach, 10 min walk from Golden Beach, this hotel is the perfect choice for beach loving couples and families.

Summer Senses Resort is the best place where to stay in Paros for beach and party lovers.
Summer Senses Luxury Resort via Booking.com


The property is located in Punda and boasts a private beach, 5 min drive from Golden Beach. Guests can enjoy ultra modern suites and free breakfast.

Flora & Agelos Studios via Booking.com


This is a great choice for a self-catering stay for couples and families, a 10-minute walk from the western end of Golden Beach. 

🐈‍⬛ Lefkes Paros – Best Place To Stay In Paros For An Authentic Experience

Lefkes Paros

BEST FOR | Authentic experience seekers, away from the tourist crowds, photographers and outdoor lovers. 

The town of Lefkes is situated 18 km east of Parikia ferry port in the centre of the island of Paros Greece. The town is perched on the hill and boasts panoramic views over the surrounding greenery and the sea. The nearest beach to Lefkes is Piso Livadi – one of the best beaches Paros is renowned for. 

Lefkes was the capital of Paros in mediaeval times, and today this is visibly in its architectural heritage, especially the many beautiful churches that date back to medieval times.

If you want to experience the authentic Cycladic village, the charming town of Lefkes is the best place to stay in Paros. And the best way to experience its beauty and charm is to stay a few nights.

During the late morning to early afternoon of the high season, Lefkes may fill up with tourists coming for a day trip, but not many people actually stay in Lefkes outside of the ‘rush hour’, so you can have this cute place entirely to yourself! 

Lefkes Paros Greece

The historic centre of Lefkas is entirely pedestrianised. Wake up in the morning and stroll its whitewashed alleys. Sit on the Byzantine square and drink fresh orange juice.

Lefkes is also a paradise for all photography lovers. Every street is picture-worthy, so don’t forget to charge up your camera! The most iconic landmark of Lefkes is its beautiful Parekklesio Church perched on a hill

Lefkes is also the best place to stay Paros if you’re planning to hike the Byzantine Road, which is a spectacular 3.5 km hike to the village of Prodromos. 


  • Sit at a cafe and people watch 
  • Visit Parekklesio Church
  • Hike the Byzantine Road
  • Visit one of the silver workshops of Lefkes
  • Visit the nearby village of Marpissa


  • Lefkiano Restaurant | authentic Greek cuisine with a rooftop seating area
  • Ramnos | excellent cafe on the hill with panoramic views 
  • Agiazi Cafe | tasty cakes and smoothies on the picturesque Byzantine square
  • Kafeneio Marigos | excellent orange pie and homemade lemonade 

Best Places To Stay In Paros Greece – Lefkes

🌟TOP Pick
Best hotel in Lefkes Paros.
Villa Byzantino via Booking.com


The property is situated right in the heart of the village of Lefkes, overlooking the Agia Triada church. It boasts elegant suites with hot tubs.

Antigonis House via Booking.com


Tucked in the historic centre of Lefkes, this is a great choice for a budget self-catering stay for couples or solo travellers.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Piso Livadi Paros – Best Town To Stay With A Family

Piso Livadi Paros

BEST FOR | Families, a quiet stay by the beach away from the crowds, excellent dining with the marina view, well-priced rooms. 

Piso Livadi is a small fishing village that in recent years has been transformed into a low key seaside resort, especially favoured by families with kids. Piso Livadi boasts an excellent selection of well-priced accommodation

Piso Livadi is situated 17 km southeast of Parikia and 12 km southeast of Naoussa. Piso Livadi has a small beach in town that is perfect for families, and it’s a short walk from Paralia Logaras (Logaras Beach), situated 500 meters from the town marina. Golden Beach (Chrissi Akti) is 4 km away. 

Piso Livadi Paros
Piso Livadi Paros

The beach features sun loungers and umbrellas that belong to a couple of taverns. If you order a drink or a meal, you can use them free of charge. There is also a children’s playground right by the beach in Piso Livadi to entertain the little ones. 

Piso Livadi has a small marina in the heart of town with colourful fishing boats. Also, from this small port, you can take a day trip to the nearby islands such as Naxos, Ios or Santorini.

The town is also renowned for its excellent restaurants serving traditional Greek cuisine, seafood, and international dishes and most of them are located along the town’s promenade.  Even if you decide against staying in Piso Livadi, we reccommend coming here for dinner.


  • Relax on the beach
  • Visit nearby beaches such as Chrissi Akti & Logaras
  • Take a day tour to Ios island
  • Dine in one of the the marina restaurants 
  • Visit Marpissa and Lefkes


  • Markaris Restaurant | seafood, in the marina
  • The Sailor | excellent Greek, Mediterranean & seafood 
  • Halaris Ouzery | seafood, in the marina
  • Mango Pizza & Pasta | Italian in beautiful settings

Best Piso Livadi Hotels

🌟TOP Pick
Aspries Suites Piso Livadi.
Aspries Suites via Booking.com


The property features a range of tastefully decorated Cycladic studios with kitchenette and is a 15-minute walk to the beach.

Aloni Hotel is one of the best places to stay in Paros for a luxury escape.
Aloni Hotel via Booking.com


Right in the heart of the village, Aloni Hotel offers stylish Cycladic suites for couples and families, some feature a private pool. A cafe, shared pool and free breakfast are also available.

🏖️ Parasporos Beach – Where To Stay In Paros For A Quiet Beach

Parasporos Beach Paros

BEST FOR | Staying close to a superb beach in a quiet location but minutes drive from lively Parikia.

Parasporos Beach is situated on the south-western edge of Parikia, 3 km from the ferry port. Parasporos is a gorgeous beach with turquoise, crystal clear water and powdery, golden sand surrounded by rugged hills. A few tavernas on the beach provide parasols and sun loungers for rent, cold drinks, and light meals during the European summer (and high season). 

The sea is relatively shallow, and the shore is a little stoney and uneven, so it is recommended to wear water shoes.  

Nearby, there is a campsite that is popular with backpackers. During the months of July and August, the beach gets busy and lively, with the backpackers and beach tavernas organising beach parties. Outside of the summer holidays, the beach is super quiet. 

Parasparos has a good range of luxury resorts, small hotels and apartments scattered amongst the hills and overlooking the peaceful bay. If you’re looking to stay in a quiet location Paros but within a super short drive to the nightlife of Parikia, Parasparos could be the perfect match. 


  • Laze on the beach
  • Take a ferry to Antiparos from Pounta 
  • Visit Parikia 
  • Watch the sunset 

Best Parasparos Hotels

🌟TOP Pick
Paros Bay is where to stay in Paros with a pool access.
Paros Bay via Booking.com


Having direct access to Delfini Beach and is situated a 10-minute walk from Parasporos Beach, this property is the ideal choice for beach lovers.

Villas Agia Irini via Booking.com


Stylish villas with private pool located 500 meters from Agia Irini Beach and 4 km from Parasporos Beach, perfect for families and groups. 

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Alyki Paros – One Of The Best Places To Stay In Paros With Kids

Alyki Paros where to stay on paros for families

BEST FOR | Peaceful family holiday, well-priced accommodation. 

Alyki (also spelt Aliki Paros ) is a small fishing village situated 13 km (20 minutes by car) from Parikia and the ferry port and 5 km from Paros airport, on the island’s southern coast. 

Alyki town has a charming beachfront with a couple of restaurants providing sun loungers, parasols and outdoor dining. The beach has a chilled, family-friendly vibe, and it usually doesn’t get too busy. Aliki is definitely a family destination looking for a quiet location and fair accommodation prices

Alyki Paros where to stay on paros for families

Apart from the Aliki Beach (Paralia Aliki) situated in the heart of the town, there are two more nearby beaches, both within walking distance from Alyki. Piso Aliki Beach is 650 meters to the south, and Agios Nikolaos Beach is 750 meters to the northwest. 

Apart from the nearby beaches, good hotel and apartments options and a few good places to eat, Alyki is super quiet. However, for those that are looking for some interesting activities, Aliki does not disappoint. Check the section below, what’s available in Alyki. 



  • Aliki Restaurant Paros | top choice, Greek, seafood, Mediterranean
  • Mouragio | Greek, seafood, Mediterranean
  • Sul Mare | Italian food on the beach
  • Aliki Wok Restaurant Paros | best Asian & Indian 

Alyki Paros Where To Stay 

🌟TOP Pick
Acoya Suites is one of the best Aliki Hotels Paros.
Acoya Suites Paros via Booking.com


This property features beachfront stylish apartments overlooking Aliki Beach, and are perfect for a relaxing couple stay.

Angeliki Seaside Hotel via Booking.com


Simple rooms equipped with a fridge and boasting sea views, perfect for couples or families seeking a relaxing stay by the beach.

🏝️ Antiparos – Best Off-The-Grid Location

where to stay in Antiparos
Panagia Beach

BEST FOR | A super quiet, off-beaten track and chilled holiday, drinking coffee on your own terrace and looking at the beautiful scenery.

Antiparos is a smaller island located off the southeastern coast of Paros. A frequent ferry service connects the two islands, and the ride takes only 10 minutes

What’s special about Antiparos is its local charm and quintessential Cycladic vibe. Here you can stroll through super sleepy whitewashed alleys and experience the local hospitality. The island of Antiparos is as far as it gets from the mass tourism in the Cyclades. 

Antiparos is where to stay in Paros for an off the beaten track experience.

Antiparos has a few stunning beaches, the historic town of Chora and some super cool caves. What’s interesting, Antiparos is also famous for the holiday villas of some Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Hanks! 

If chilled ‘in the middle of nowhere’ island vibes are your thing, then stay in Antiparos. Here, you can find some limited Paros accommodation options, a few hotels, and taverns. 


  • Laze on a quiet beach (Glyfa, Livadia)
  • Explore the Cave of Antiparos (Kambos)
  • Visit the old town of Chora
  • Check out the 15th-century Venetian Castle 


  • Kalokeri | Greek and Mediterranean cuisine
  • Nautica | Antiparos | best cafe, deserts
  • Yum | International, pancakes, avo on toast, brunch
  • Lollo’s Antiparos | Pizza and Italian cuisine 

Best Hotels In Antiparos

🌟TOP Pick
where to stay in Antiparos.
Lagadia Village via Booking.com


Located 2 km from Antiparos Port and near Psaraliki Beach, this property features 1-2 bedroom elegant holiday homes with gardens.

🏝️ Drios Paros – Where To Stay In Paros Off-Grid

Drios Paros

BEST FOR | A quiet stay close to the famous Golden Beach.

Drios (also referred to as Dryos Paros) is a super small town situated on the eastern coast of Greece’s Paros island, 22 km from Parikia. Drios is also 2.5 km south of Golden Beach (Chrissi Akti) or a 16-minute walk along the coast.

Despite being in the neighbourhood of the famous Golden Beach, Drios is a much more low-key resort. It has its own beach –  Paralia Drios, a few excellent local tavernas specialising in fish and seafood (of course!) and some excellent Paros apartments, hotels and B&Bs. 

A few kilometres away from the shore, you can spot a small, uninhabited island – Drionisi. Apart from Golden Beach, other nearby beaches include Pirgaki, Lolantoni and Bountari


  • Restaurant Anna | Greek healthy food, seafood, and veggie options
  • Anezina Restaurant | best cooking class experience 
  • Kima Seaside restaurant | best modern spin on Greek cuisine, seafood

Best Drios Paros Hotels

🌟TOP Pick
Where to stay in Paros for a luxury experience.
Drios Luxury Studios via Booking.com


Elegant Cycladic apartments with pool access 750 meters from Drios Beach and various restaurants and cafes and 2.6 km from Golden Beach.

Budget places to stay in Paros, Drios village.
Apartments Tarsa via Booking.com


Tarsa apartments are located just 30 meters from Drios Beach and feature kitchens, balconies and some have sea views.

Where Is Paros? – Paros Map

Paros is a Cycladic Island amongst Santorini, Mykonos, Milos, Naxos, Ios and other smaller islands, situated southeast of mainland Greece.

Paros Greece Map – Click on the blue pins to learn more.

How To Get To Paros? 

Flights to Paros 

A convenient way to get to Paros is to take an Athens to Paros flight. Paros airport is situated 10 km south of its ferry port and town – Parikia. It’s a super small airport that mostly serves Athens to Paros flights.  

A few airlines serve this connection, including Aegean, Sky Express, and Olympic. Use a flight comparison website such as KAYAK to search for the cheapest flight to Paros.


Paros Ferries

Parikia Port, Paros
Port in Parikia, Paros

The most common way of getting to Paros is taking a ferry either from Athens or, if you’re island hopping in the Cyclades, from another island. Several companies service the route between the Cycladic islands in Greece: Seajets, Blue Star, and Aegean Speed Lines. 

If you want to save some money on the ferries that can be costly, especially if you’re island hopping, I recommend booking your fares way in advance. I always use Ferry Scanner to look for the best tickets.

If you’re planning your trip to Paros during peak season, booking your ferry in advance makes even more sense, especially if you’re not very flexible on dates. If you book online, Ferry Scanner offers an extended free cancellation period in case your plans change. 

When searching for tickets, you will also notice that slower ferries can be a lot cheaper, so if you don’t mind a 2-3 hours longer trip, booking a slower ferry can be a good way of saving some money. 

Travelling on ferries is an experience in its own right! Remember to arrive early as the boarding process and loading of the vehicles is swift, and boats don’t wait around and usually leave on time. Also, always check ahead of time if your ferry is scheduled to go on time. Ferry services rely on good sea conditions, and cancellations are common, especially in September and October when there are more chances of strong winds. 

Ferry Athens to Paros

Athens to Paros ferry is the most popular route and the most frequent service. Ferries from Athens to Paros leaves multiple times a day from Piraeus or Rafina ports to Parikia. Depending on the ferry, the journey takes anything from 3 to 5 hours. For ferry schedules and prices, check Ferry Scanner

Ferry Mykonos to Paros

A ferry Mykonos Paros is another popular route with multiple ferries scheduled daily. The trip takes from 45 minutes to over an hour, and during summer holidays, ferries get booked out quickly, so consider booking online if you’re travelling during that time. 

Ferries Santorini to Paros

The same applies to the ferry Santorini Paros. The journey takes 2 to 5 hours, and online booking is recommended for travels between July and August. 

Ferry Naxos to Paros

Naxos is another superb island worth visiting if you like gorgeous beaches! Ferries Naxos to Paros frequently leave during the day, and the journey time is super short – between 30 and 50 minutes. 

Crete to Paros Ferry

If you’re looking for how to get to Paros from Crete, there is a ferry operated by Seajets that leaves from Heraklion to Parikia once a day with a journey time of 5.5 hours. 

Ferry Sifnos to Paros

Sifnos is also a super easy island to get to from Paros. The trip only takes 50 minutes, and it’s one of the best day trips from Paros if you’re short on time. 

How to get around the Greek Island Paros 

Paros Tours 

Parikia Paros

If you’re looking for what to do in Paros, you’ll be delighted to know that there are tonnes of exciting activities in Paros for all tastes and travel styles. Here are some top pics of the best things to do in Paros: 

Authentic Foodie Tasting Experience with veggie & vegan options! There is no better way of experiencing the Cycladic culture other than to eat your way through the island!

Guided Stargazing Tour + Night Photography. This tour is an excellent activity for all avid photographers and adventurers. 

Photo Walk + Tour of Naoussa. This tour is another excellent activity for photography enthusiasts. Naoussa is one of the cutest places on Paros with tones of photo-worthy spots!

Group Beach Hike from Parikia. This is a fun hike to a hidden, unspoiled beach for all outdoor lovers out there.

Professional Photoshoot in Paros. Are you dreaming of some perfect photos from Paros to share on Instagram, or maybe you would like a professional photoshoot with your partner? Either way, check out this Photoshoot tour with Viator.

Paros Boat Tours

Here are some of the best Paros boat cruises.

Full-Day Sailing Cruise around Antiparos & Despotiko. This cruise is one of the best boat tours Paros is famous for!

Full-day Boat Trip Paros on a Sailing Yacht. This tour takes you to some of the hidden, perfect bays and small islands such as Irakleia, Schoinousa and Koufonissia.

Car Rental Paros

If you rather explore the island at your own pace, you can easily rent a car and drive to the best Paros spots yourself. I found that online car rental costs the same as doing it in person on arrival, and it saves you the hassle of shopping around on the island. It also makes sense to pre book the car online if you’re travelling during the peak season. 

I usually use Discover Cars to search for the best car rental option and always opt-in for the full insurance cover to save myself unpleasantries such as paying an excess fee for damages. 

Car Hire Paros Deals

ATV Rental Paros

Riding an ATV vehicle is also a popular form of exploring the island. ATVs are easy and fun to drive, and they are good at riding off-road. The downside of renting an ATV is they are as expensive (or more) as car rental Paros and may be unpleasant to drive in windy conditions. 

Buses Paros

Paros has excellent public transport, with Paros buses frequently running between the most popular tourist destinations. If you’re planning to use buses in Paros instead of a car, stay in Naoussa or Parikia, where you get the best connections, and also remember that buses are way less frequent off-season. 

Paros Bus Timetable

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