Instagram Spots



#1 "Ven A La Luz" Sculpture

Location: Tulum Beach. Ticket: 60 MXN ($3) in cash. Opening Hours: 9 am to 6 pm. PRO TIP: Come before 9 am!

Entrance: 250 MXN ($14). Location:  3 km from downtown. PRO TIP: use your phone as they charge extra for camera.

#2 Cenote Calavera

#3 Matcha Mama

Location: Tulum Beach. Free entrance, but we highly recommend their smoothie bowls! PRO TIP: Arrive before 8 am.

#4 Follow That Dream Sign

It's free and you can come any time!

#5 Crooked Palm Tree

Location: Playa Paraiso. Pro Tip: come at sunrise.

#6 BONUS - Raw Love Cafe (Tulum Beach)

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