Top 5 Things To Do In Tulum?


#1 Laguna de Kaan Luum

A 20-minute drive from downtown, lagoon is a super fun place to visit and swim. Entrance costs 300 MXN ($17).

#2 Tour Instagrammable Places

Matcha Mama

"Ven A La Luz"

#3 Chill At A Beach Club

We recommend Vegaule (min spend $100 per person) or Selina (only $50).

Entrance 250 MXN ($14). This cenote is very unique and located close to downtown. You can even cycle here!

#4 Cenote Calavera

#5 Tulum Ruins

Perched high on the 12-meter tall cliff, these Mayan ruins are a must-visit place. Ticket $5.

#6 BONUS - Cenote Escondido

Psst.. this cenote is a hidden gem. Ticket 150 MXN ($9).

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