Top things to do in Cusco

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I know, many stay in Cusco only to book onto Machu Picchu trek. But the city itself is charming enough to spend here at least a day or two.

Top things to do in Cusco

1. Plaza de las armas

It’s the city’s main square. A very good starting point for a day wander. Offers beautiful colonial architecture and is home to Cusco Cathedral and Church de la Compañía de Jesús.


2. Walk the streets of Cusco

Wander around cobweb streets of Cusco in search for many great souvenirs. Iconic Peruvian jumpers and huts, paintings, Inca masks to name just a few. Walk slowly to avoid nasty headaches caused by high altitude.

3. Visit Temple of Saint Cristobal.

This church offers the best view of the city. Also, don’t forget to climb the bell tower to get even better view.

4. Plaza de Sant Blast

Chill out at this beautiful square. It’s my favourite square in Cusco. It’s very charming and peaceful with plenty of benches and a water feature, very nice to take a break from sightseeing. Don’t forget to visit the church and it’s tower for a nice view.

5. Hotel with a view

Stay in a hotel that offers a great view of the city. We stayed in El Balcon that had a veranda with a spectacular view. We especially appreciated it after days of hiking when we sat on a bench, covered with a warm blanket taking in the view of this unique and beautiful city.


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