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20 Incredible Things To Do In Bacalar Lagoon


Are you travelling to Bacalar and looking for the best things to do in Bacalar Lagoon? Bacalar is a truly special place and still largely under the mainstream tourism radar. 

It is known for its 7 colors lagoon that is perfect for swimming, kayaking and sailing. If you love water sports, you will have a great time here! The lagoon is also the best place where to stay in Bacalar for exclusive lake access and epic views. 

Bacalar is a small town with a laid-back vibe, right on the banks of the incredible Bacalar lake, that more resembles a Caribbean beach or an island in the Maldives than a lake as we know it. 

things to do in Bacalar lagoon

The town is also famous for its stunning Bacalar cenotes, such as Cenote Azul, Cenote Cocalitos and Cenote Esmeralda. Swimming is cenotes is a super cool experience, so make sure you include a couple of them on your Bacalar to do list! 

This post is an ultimate guide to the best things to do in Bacalar Lagoon. Let’s dive straight in!

Bacalar Lagoon Quick Guide

Distance | From Cancun 4.5 hours $ 346 km | From Tulum 2.5 hours & 215 km 

Where to stay in Bacalar | Best – Casa Bakal | Cheap – Casa Shiva

How to get to Bacalar | By bus – BookaWay By car – Discover Cars

Best Boat Tour Bacalar Lagoon | 2 Cenotes, Snorkelling, Snacks & Open Bar

Top Things To Do in Bacalar Lagoon

In this first section, I’m highlighting the very best six things to do in Bacalar Mexico, for travellers that are staying in Bacalar for a couple of nights and want to make the most of their time in Bacalar Mexico.  

#1 Spend The Afternoon At The Incredible Cenote Cocalitos

Cenote Cocalitos Bacalar

WHERE | 4 km of Bacalar town

ENTRANCE | 50 MXN ($2.50)

OPENING TIME | 10 am – 5 pm 

If you only have the time to visit one cenote – Cocalitos is by far the best Bacalar cenote to see. Cenote Cocalitos Bacalar is located a short bicycle or taxi ride from the town centre, and it is famous for its awe-inspiring turquoise water and its stromatolites colony.

Stromatolites mean “layered rock”, and they are made by bacteria that, over time, bind sediment together, formating what looks like a reef. Stromatolites come from prehistoric times and are the first organisms that produced free oxygen on Earth! How cool is that?

They can only be found in a few locations worldwide, so make sure you don’t step on them and only swim in the designated areas.  

Balneario Cocalitos is a delightful place to spend an afternoon. You can swim in its shallow and warm water, enjoy its water swings and hammocks or just stretch your towel on its specious picnic area and relax. 

The water at Cenote Cocalitos is shallow, and it is possible to explore a wide area on foot. If you want to take a peek at marine life, bring your snorkelling mask. The water as the cenote is crystal clear, perfect for snorkelling. 

Cenote Cocalitos also boasts a restaurant and a bar where you can grab a light bite for lunch and facilities such as bathrooms, showers and changing rooms. 

We visited Cocalitos in the afternoon and really enjoyed its chilled vibe talking to other travellers, chilling in the sun and drinking cold cerveza. 


#2 Take A Sunrise Paddle Board Tour

bacalar lagoon sup

A sunrise paddle board tour is one of the most unique Bacalar activities that I highly recommend, even if you’re staying in Bacalar Mexico a couple of nights. 

This tour is the perfect opportunity to explore the Bacalar Lagoon at the most peaceful time. Early morning is also the perfect time for spotting wildlife and finding out why it is called the lagoon of 7 colors. 

Watching the sunrise over the peaceful waters of the lake is an absolute highlight of all available Bacalar attractions. This sunrise tour also includes a visit to the deepest point of the lake, known as Cenote La Bruja (or Cenote Negro Bacalar), where the water is so deep that it appears to be black. This cenote is only accessible through the water. 

You will also have the opportunity to check the benefits of the natural sulfur mud that has beneficial exfoliating properties for the skin. 

Don’t worry if you’ve never done stand-up paddle boarding, as this tour is suitable for anyone, and if you struggle with your balance at first, you can always go on your knees until you feel comfortable. 

The tour also includes coffee and a light breakfast, and you will get it served right in the lagoon. 

The meeting point is at Parque Nacional Maraquya, a 20-minutes walk from the city’s main square.  

#3 Watch Sunrise Over The Lagoon

lagoon bacalar sunrise

Another unforgettable experience and a Bacalar must do, is waking up early to watch the sunrise. Bacalar lagoon is east-facing, which makes it the perfect sunrise spot. 

Many visitors decide to stay in one of the hotels in Bacalar that offer direct access to the lagoon. An advantage of that is having your own private pier not only to swim and relax during the day but also to watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee and enjoy a slow morning. 

The good news is that you don’t have to stay in one of those hotels. You can also come to the public pier to enjoy this magical moment. It is a great alternative for those that are not big fans of kayaking or SUPing. 

Check what time exactly the sun rises at the time of your stay in Bacalar and arrive at least 15 minutes before to secure the best spot on the pier. Honestly, for me, coming down for sunrise was one of the top things to do in Bacalar and the most romantic one!

Don’t forget your camera! Bacalar sunrise is spectacular. Use a low shutter speed to capture as much light as possible, and for the best results, bring your tripod. 

#4 Swim At Cenote Azul

Cenote Azul Bacalar

WHERE | 4 km of Bacalar town

ENTRANCE | 25 MXN ($1.25)

OPENING TIME | 10 am – 6 pm 

Another excellent cenote near Bacalar ​​is Cenote Azul, located just outside of Bacalar town. Cenote Azul is near Cenote Cocalitos, and you can easily visit both of them in one day

Cenote Azul has an intense deep blue colour due to its incredible depth, reaching a maximum of 90 meters! For that reason, swimming in this cenote is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The water is very refreshing, and you can swim its entire length along a robe. 

If you’re not a confident swimmer, you can also rent out a lifevest or a kayak to enjoy the cenote safely. 

The cenote looks like a perfect circle from above because the greenery entirely separates it from the main Bacalar Lagoon. If you own a drone, this is a cool cenote for taking aerial shots. 

You can leave your belongings by the shore of the cenote or stretch your towel on the grass. The cenote also has a viewing platform located on the first floor, above the restaurant and a swing with the cenote’s name. 

It is also a great place to stop for lunch. The cenote features a seafood restaurant with a large seating area overlooking the sinkhole. 


#5 Explore The Bacalar Lagoon On A Kayak

things to do in bacalar lagoon kayak

All the best places to visit in Bacalar are located near or on the Mexico Laguna Bacalar, and one of the best ways to visit is by renting out a kayak for the full day

Why would you want a kayak for the whole day? Since Bacalar doesn’t really have a beach, exploring the lagoon from a kayak is a super cool alternative. You can take snacks and drinks and venture to the other side of the Bacalar Lagoon stopping whenever you find a perfect little sandy beach or fancy a swim. 

We rented a kayak only for 2 hours, and that was nowhere near enough since we enjoyed it so much! 

Kayaking Bacalar can easily be done independently and will give you a lot of flexibility! There are several places where you can rent them in Bacalar. Remember to negotiate a daily rate instead of paying per hour. You can also prebook the kayak rental online if you don’t want to haggle. 

The kayak pick-up is located on Costera 67, which is close to the best Bacalar cenotes (Cocalitos & Azul) and Bird’s Island. 

The staff will normally advise you on routes you can take depending on your fitness level and the time you’ve got. I highly recommend visiting the Pirates Channel! Below, you’ll find more details. 

#6 Visit The Pirates Channel Shipwreck

Pirates channel bacalar lagoon

WHERE | Google location


Lastly, one of the amazing things to do in Bacalar Lagoon is visiting a shipwreck in the Pirates Channel! The Pirates Channel, or in Spanish Canal de Los Piratas, is located just across the lagoon, opposite the Bacalar town centre

The Pirates Channel in Bacalar has a fascinating history of being a natural border between Belize and Mexico, a major trade route and a route used by pirates to raid the local communities.  

Rest assured that today there are no pirates left in the channel. Instead, the channel is one of the coolest Bacalar must see places to visit by kayak or on one of the Bacalar boat tours.

The water in the channel is shallow, and it is possible to explore a large part of it on foot. Here, you also be able to see different shades of blue in the lagoon of seven colors in Bacalar. 

In the middle of the channel, an abandoned shipwreck provides a spectacular backdrop for photos and videos! It is possible to enter the ship and even jump from its platform into the water. 

The channel, as well as the shipwreck, can be visited any time of the day, but arrive early in the morning if you want to avoid the crowds. Take with you a lifevest (just in case), suncream, a hat and water as you will be exposed to the sun the whole time. 

Not comfortable with a kayak? Take a boat tour to 3 cenotes, Bird’s Island and Canal de Los Piratas:

Best Things To Do Bacalar Town

In this section, you will find the best things to do in Bacalar Town centre. You can easily complete all of the “ to do Bacalar “ from this section in one day. 

#7 Swim At The Public Balneario Bacalar

bacalar mexico

WHERE | Balneario Municipal 


OPENING TIME | any time

If you’re looking for free things to do in Bacalar Quintana Roo, this is for you! Not really a Bacalar beach, but Balneario Bacalar provides a public place to swim in the lagoon for free. 

The public “ Bacalar lagoon beach “ is located a short – 7 minutes walk from the city’s main square. 

There is a public pier where you can stretch your towel and access the Bacalar lagoon. The water is pretty shallow – waste length, and it’s safe to swim

If you’re planning a longer stay, bring some snacks and water. Alternatively, you can get some supplies in the nearby grocery store. If you’re a fan of cider, like me, the shop sells a good one called “Ladron de manzanas”, which in Spanish means thief of apples. 

This public pier is also an excellent place to watch the sunrise

#8 Take A Photo With BACALAR Letters

bacalar to do

WHERE | Google location


OPENING TIME | any time

When you visit Bacalar or any other “Pueblo Magico” in Mexico (towns recognised with a special status that in English means “magic town”), you’ll notice that they all have colourful town letters located somewhere in the city centre. 

I’ve seen similar giant letters in Valladolid, Holbox or Izamal. The Bacalar letters are located right next to the Fuerte de San Felipe ruins, on the right looking towards the lagoon. 

The letters are a perfect quick photo stop, and you will definitely come across them when exploring the Bacalar town centre.

#9 Visit Fuerte De San Felipe

fuerte de san felipe bacalar

WHERE | Google location

ENTRANCE | 50 MXN ($2.50)

OPENING TIME | Tuesday to Monday, 9 am – 7 pm 

Perched right in the town centre and overlooking the Bacalar lagoon, this historic fort is the most imposing structure in Bacalar. 

It was commissioned in the 18th century, during the Spanish colonial times to protect the city from notorious pirate invasions. Do you remember the pirate’s channel mentioned under #6?

In the past, lagoon Bacalar was an oasis for English, French, Dutch and African pirate ships, and Bacalar suffered multiple lootings. This is why the Spaniards decided to build a military fortress. The fort was designed by an Italian architect Juan Podio in the shape of a star and was equipped with over 34 cannons. 

Visiting  Fuerte de San Felipe is one of the best things to do in Bacalar for history enthusiasts. 

The entrance ticket includes access to a museum, where you’ll be able to see several Mayan artefacts from the colonial era, weapons, ammunition, plans and maps. It also exhibits a large mural depicting the most important events of that era by Elio Carmichael.  

The fort is also an incredible viewpoint, so even if you’re not a big history lover, for just over $2, you can get some epic panoramic views of the laguna here. The best time to visit is in the morning, and the visit won’t take longer than an hour.  

#10 Have A Healthy Lunch At Yerbabuena

best restaurants in bacalar
Lunch at Yerbabuena.
best restaurants in bacalar
The cute courtyard.

WHERE | Google location 

OPENING TIME | 8 am – 4 pm 

If you’re looking for the best places to eat in Bacalar that serve delicious and healthy food, look no further! 

You can find Yerbabuena Smoothie Bar a few minutes walk from Zocalo (Bacalar’s main square and park). The entrance to the restaurant is colourfully painted so you can’t miss it! You will need to order at the counter, and after placing your order, go inside and take a seat in a picturesque courtyard.

The menu includes a variety of fresh salads, pokeh bowls, eggs and sandwiches. As the restaurant’s name suggests, Yerbabuena also specialises in making healthy smoothies and juices. 

#11 Spot Bacalar’s Colourful Murals

During my trip around Yucatan, I’ve seen many beautiful colourful murals! And I’m pleased to tell you that Bacalar also has some beautiful street art! 

The best way to see the murals is to wander and get lost in the streets of the city centre. Make sure you bring your camera or phone to capture your favourite murals.  

You can spot some of the best street art in Bacalar on the way from Zocalo to Balneario Municipal as well as in the streets surrounding the main square.   

#12 Check Out Souvenir Shops

Despite being a small town, Bacalar has a good range of artisan shops selling local arts and crafts, fashion boutique with clothes and accessories and shops selling natural cosmetics and local produce. 

For the best shops, stroll Avenida 5, Calle 20 and Avenida 7, located southwest of Zocalo (the town’s main square). 

Best Things To Do Near Bacalar

If you’re staying in Bacalar a little longer, here are some of the best things to do around Bacalar.

#13 Sail The Lagoon Bacalar

boat tours bacalar

Sailing through the lagoon of 7 colors is one of the most fun things to do in Bacalar! If you have the time, I highly recommend doing it!  

This Bacalar sailing tour takes about four hours and includes snacks and an open bar with unlimited soft and alcoholic drinks. 

You will swim through the famous pirate’s channel, where you will have the opportunity to test the beneficial properties of a sulfur mud mask

Next, you will visit two cenotes near Bacalar – Cenote Negro and Cenote Esmeralda with a stop for swimming and snorkelling. The tour also stops at Bird Island, where you can spot Bacalar wildlife.    

#14 Take A Day Trip To Los Rapidos Bacalar 

bacalar los rapidos

WHERE | Google Location 

ENTRANCE | 150 MXN (under $8)

OPENING TIME | 10 am – 6 pm 

Visiting Los Rapidos is one of the best things to do Bacalar Mexico has to offer for those enjoying water activities, and it makes for an excellent day trip!  

The Rapids is a narrow section of Bacalar Lagoon that is famous for its incredibly crystal clear and turquoise water inhabited by stromatolites. 

Stromatolites look like huge rocks, but in reality, they are organisms that grow over sand and sediment. What is special about them is that they are over 1000 years old, and they are one of the first organisms on the planet that produced oxygen. 

Bacalar is one of the few places on the planet where you can see stromatolites, and The Rapids is one of their biggest colonies. You can either walk along the shore on a wooden bridge, swim or rent a kayak to explore and see them up close.      

To access The Rapids, you will need to pay an entrance fee. There is a restaurant and a picnic area where you can stretch your towel and stay as long as you want, and sun loungers and hammocks where you will be required to purchase something from the restaurant.  

The Rapids are a super popular place, so come at the opening time and avoid weekends to beat the crowds. 

Los Rápidos Bacalar is located 14 km south of Bacalar town. To get here, you can either rent a car or a scooter and self drive or take a taxi. 

#15 Or To The Sac Ha

Sac Ha bacalar

WHERE | Google Location 

ENTRANCE | 40 MXN ($2)

OPENING TIME | 9 am – 5 pm 

If you’re not a fan of tourist places such as The Rapids, Sac Ha Bacalar is a fantastic alternative for enjoying the Bacalar Lagoon and kayaking. 

Sac Ha is located a few kilometres before The Rapids, and it is way less busy and a much cheaper place to swim. To give you an idea – a kayak rental at The Rapids costs 350 pesos ($18) per hour, while at Sac Ha, you can rent it for as little as 100 pesos ($5). 

If you’re on a tight budget but still want to kayak along Los Rapidos, you can start at Sac Ha and kayak to the Rapids from here. Just keep in mind that you’ll be paddling against the current on your way to The Rapids, so you must be fairly experienced. The way back is easy as the current will push you towards Sac Ha. 

There is also a much easier route to kayak at Sac Ha. You can also just swim and relax on the peaceful shore. The facilities at Sac Ha are limited. 

Best Day Trips From Bacalar

#16 Visit Kohunlich Ruins

WHERE | Google Location 

ENTRANCE | 85 MXN (just over $4)

OPENING TIME | Monday to Sunday, 8 am – 7 pm 

If you have some more time while staying in Bacalar and love exploring Mayan ruins, I highly recommend visiting the Kohunlich Archeological Site. 

Tucked in the middle of the jungle and surrounded by a howler monkeys colony that can be heard during your visit, Kohunlich ruins are a truly mystical place to explore!

This prehispanic Mayan city was inhabited between 500 BC. and 1100 AD., and today, we still find the remains of political, ceremonial and residential buildings as well as many precious artefacts, pieces of pottery, tools and other objects. 

The Temple of the Masks is the most important structure, with stucco masks decorating its facade. The exceptionally well-preserved masks, still displaying red paint marks, measure over 2 meters in height! Unfortunately, only 5 out of 8 masks survived until today. 

The Kohunlich ruins are one of the best off-beaten track Mayan ruins you can explore on the Yucatan Peninsula, and one of only a few sites left where it is still allowed to climb the top of the temples.  

#17 Have A Beach Day At Mahahual 


Situated just over an hour drive from Bacalar Lagoon, the small coastal village of Mahahual is the perfect day trip for travellers wanting to have a beach day.

Mahahual is famous for its white sand beaches and the turquoise sea lapping gently against its shore. It is also known for its coral reef, located close to the beach, where you can snorkel for hours and spot giant manta rays! Come in the morning and rent a sun bed for a relaxing beach day or stretch your towel on the sand under the shade of coconut trees.

Mahahual also boasts excellent dining options for when you get hungry, lively beach bars and plenty of interesting souvenir sellers that you can find along the beach.  

TIP | Mahahual is located right by a large cruise ship port and can get very busy when one of the cruise ships lets their passengers out for the day. 

WHERE | Google Location 

What To Do In Bacalar At Night

Here are the best things to do in Bacalar at night.

#18 Have A Drink At I Scream Bar

things to do in bacalar at night

If you’re looking for a lively bar to have a few drinks in Bacalar, look no further! I Scream Bar is a fun place with crazy bartenders. Come at a happy hour (6 pm to 8 pm) for awesome cocktails and, if you’re a little lucky, for some booze pouring in your mouth! 

They also have a small menu serving fish tacos, nachos and delicious vegan ice cream. 

I Scream Bar is located on Calle 22, a block away from Zocalo. 

WHERE | Google Location   

#19 Dine At Mango And Chile

things to do in bacalar at night
things to do in bacalar at night

For an excellent veggie burger, head to Mango y Chile, located near the city’s main square! The restaurant is super popular so if you want to secure a table, arrive early, well before sunset. 

Their menu also includes delicious waffles, tacos, healthy salads and huge smoothies!  

WHERE | Google Location  

#20 Have A Marquesita

Have you ever tried marquesita? If not, you must put it on your Bacalar what to do list! Marquesitas are a type of street food, super popular in Mexico. They are crunchy crepes rolled and filled with a topping of your choice. 

My favourite filling for marquesita is Nutella, banana and strawberries. But, in Mexico, Philadephia cheese is also popular.   

You can find marquesita vendors in Zocalo, which is Bacalar’s main square. They tend to open their stalls just after sunset, and they make marquesitas fresh in front of you 

WHERE | Google Location   

Best Places To Stay In Bacalar

🌟TOP Pick🌟
The best eco resort in Bacalar.


Set right on the lake, 8 km from the town centre Habitas Bacalar boasts luxury bohemian-style accommodation, excellent service and epic lake views.

hotels in bacalar mexico


Blue Palm Bacalar is a mid-range adults-only hotel located a 7-minutes walk from the city’s main square. The hotel boasts modern suites with a patio or balcony and ensuite bathroom.

How To Get To Bacalar Mexico?

bacalar lagoon sunrise

Cancun To Bacalar

If you’re not driving, you can also take an ADO bus from Cancun to Bacalar. ADO terminal is located in the Cancun city centre, and you can either pop into the bus station to get your ticket or book online. 

If you have a Mexican payment card, you can use the ADO website, and for the rest of us, the best way to get your ticket in advance is through the BookaWay site. 

The Cancun Bacalar trip takes 5 hours 40 minutes, and there are multiple departures per day, starting from 6:10 am until midnight. The tickets start at $35. 

Tulum To Bacalar

ADO buses also operate in Tulum, and a bus from Tulum to Bacalar takes just under 3 hours, and there are 16 departures per day starting at 9:00 am. A one-way ticket starts at $22. 

ADO terminal in Tulum is located in the city centre on the main road number 307 that runs through town. Again, you can either pop into the bus station or book in advance through the BookaWay site. 

Merida To Bacalar

Merida Bacalar bus takes around 6 hours, and there are only 4 connections per day, so it makes sense to secure your seat in advance. The departure times are 8:40 am, 1 pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm. 

ADO Merida is also located in the city centre, on Calle 69, two blocks away from the central square.  

Chetumal to Bacalar

Chetumal to Bacalar takes just under an hour, depending on the traffic. If you’re arriving in Chetumal, you will have a couple of options for getting to Bacalar Mexico. From the ADO terminal you can either catch an ADO bus or a local colectivo

Colectivos normally serve short-distance routes, are super cheap and look like vans. 

Holbox to Bacalar

If you’re travelling from Holbox, you will first need to take a ferry to the mainland – the small town of Chiquilá. From the port, walk a few minutes, and on your right, there will be the ADO bus station

First, you need to get a bus to Tulum or Cancun and then get a connecting bus to Bacalar. 

You can also book direct transport to Bacalar through the BookaWay portal. 

Best Restaurants In Bacalar

Mango and Chile | Delicious vegan burgers & smoothies.

Yerbabuena | Great for lunch, sandwiches, eggs & juices.

Picaflor | Chilaquiles, eggs, sandwiches & juices.

Mi Burrito Bacalar | Good for dinner, nice atmosphere. 

La Playita | Lunches & dinners, great for lagoon views.  

Getting Around Bacalar 

things to do in bacalar mexico

Bacalar Car Rental 

If you want to stay flexible and visit multiple places in Bacalar, the best way to get around is with a rented car. However, car rentals in the city are very limited, and I can’t really recommend any particular Bacalar car rental shop.

If you want to create your own Yucatan itinerary and visit Bacalar independently, I recommend renting a car in a larger city such as Cancun, Tulum or Playa del Carmen. Use a trustworthy car comparison service online, such as Discover Cars, to browse the best deals for renting a car in Mexico. 

Book your rental car at the best rate here:

bacalar lake

Motorbike Rental 

For those with motorbike riding experience, renting a scooter is an alternative way of getting around Bacalar. The motorbike rental shop in Bacalar that I can recommend is called Italia Probike, located just west of the main city square. The scooter rental rates range from 450 to 700 MXN per day ($23 – $35), depending on the type of motorbike. 

TIP | If you decide to get a motorbike in Bacalar, rent it out ahead of time. Surprisingly, there are not that many available scooters in town, and renting on the same day may not be possible. This happened to us, and we had to take a taxi because there were no motorbikes or cars left in town on the day of our trip. 

Bacalar Taxis

Another way of getting around Bacalar is by taking a taxi. You can request a taxi at your hotel or hail one down on the street, which is cheaper. The standard taxi rate for a one-way ride is 100-200 MXN ($5-10).

On the way back, you can also ask the taxi driver for their WhatsApp number and message them when you’re ready to get back. 

Cycling In Bacalar

Another great way of getting around Bacalar is renting a bicycle. Places like Cenote Cocalitos or Cenote Azul and anywhere in town can easily be visited by bike. 

Some hotels in Bacalar offer complimentary bicycle rentals, and also various bike rental shops in the city centre have bicycles available for daily rent. Expect to pay around $10 per day. 

Other Useful Tips Fo Bacalar Lagoon

things to do bacalar

What is the best time to visit Bacalar Mexico?

The best time to go to Bacalar Mexico is during its dry season, between November and May. The temperatures are hot all year round, ranging from 28 to 33 degrees Celcius (82 to 91 Fahrenheit). 

The rainiest months are June, September and October, and the busiest time is December, around Christmas time and Easter. 

How many days in Bacalar?

While this is always a tricky question, which depends on our travel style and the places you want to visit, I recommend spending at least 2 to 3 full days in Bacalar

This time will allow you to visit the Bacalar highlights such as Cenote Cocalitos, Cenote Azul, Los Rapidos and the Pirate’s Channel, and do at least one of the boat tours Bacalar is famous for (see #3 and #13 ). 

What are the options for flights to Bacalar Mexico?

The closest international airport to fly to is in Cancun or Merida, from where you can take a private shuttle or an ADO bus to arrive in Bacalar. 

Is Bacalar safe?

Bacalar is one of the safest cities to travel to for foreigners. However, there are a few things you should be aware of. Also, always check the up-to-date travel advisory before your trip.

ATMs | Only use the supervised cash points that are inside the bank.

Car rental scams |  Mexico has been known for car rental scams where they either add an astronomical insurance cover to your daily rental or try to blame you for damages you’re not responsible for. Use a reputable car rental service such as Discover Cars to protect yourself from scams.

Petty theft | This problem is no different from petty theft problems experienced in big cities in Europe or the US. Always be aware of your surroundings, and don’t leave your belongings unattended. Also, get travel insurance! 

Drug cartels | Mexico does have a problem with drug cartels; however, you are very unlikely to be of any interest to them. Again, be aware of your surroundings and take a taxi back to the hotel if you go out at night. 

what to do in bacalar

Holbox or Bacalar?

The main difference between Holbox and Bacalar is that the first one is way more popular and a little more expensive

Holbox is also a little harder to get to since you have to take a ferry. Both places are spectacular when it comes to nature and the incredible turquoise water, but Bacalar does not have a beach, and Holbox is better for spotting tropical birds. 

Is Bacalar worth visiting?

Bacalar is an incredible place, 100% worth including in your Mexico itinerary! The Bacalar Lagoon is super unique, and it feels like an island in the Maldives. Bacalar also boasts some incredible cenotes, excellent restaurants and a laid-back vibe.  

Things To Do In Bacalar Lagoon Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide to the best things to do in Bacalar Lagoon and managed to come up with your own unique Bacalar itinerary. If you have any questions, feel free to use the form below to leave me a message. 

Mal xx

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