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Sandboarding in Huacachina

Sandboarding in Huacachina

Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. In the past it was a natural oasis formed by tears of legendary mermaid that cried her heart out for her lost love. Today is kept artificially for tourism. It attracts mostly bucket listers to try sand boarding.

Hotel- Huacachina choices

We only spent here one day but if you have more time, I would recommend staying for 2 days. On a first day do sand boarding on a second, stay relaxing by the hostel pool, drinking beer with fellow travellers and admiring giant dunes.

We came here by Peru Hop bus, that offered a good choice of accommodation in hipster hostels for a reasonable price.

Sand Buggy Experience

After dropping our bags, we went on a sand buggy. Unluckily or luckily, depending on the view point, we got the most crazy driver who did not spare us from any dune or turn.

He skilfully manoeuvre through sandy dunes and every time we were going down, the buggy was losing touch with the ground, flying through the sands.

Adrenalin was rushing through my veins and my throat was soar from screams and laughs of pure, wild pleasure!

Sandboarding in Huacachina

At the first stop, we took out our boards, got wax and instructions, and as a warm up we started from 3 small dunes. We were explained the stomach down, head at the front boarding position and were left with the dunes. I was scared a little but I let the notorious driver push me from the dune. It was so fun I felt childish happiness and was ready for the next 2.

Things got more complicated when we arrived at the second stop. Only our group was starting from a dune that looked like a 10 storey building! I’m not joking.. At first I though there is no way I can slide from this height and that I’m scared for my life. But then this other feeling came, that I don’t want to miss out on anything and this feeling was stronger!

And I let our driver to push me down again hearing the last advise: ‘spread your legs, es muy importante!’.

The gravity pulled me down, with every muscle of my body tense. As I was sliding down the giant dune, feeling the speed and adrenaline present in every cell of my body, I felt this rush of wild pleasure again! And yes I did it again and again, every time with the same fear and the same pleasure going down.

After we finished, we got back to the buggy exhausted and happy, we found out that 2 people got minor injuries sliding down and a couple form the UK told us that their friend went to hospital for full face reconstruction after injuring himself doing sand boarding.. Yes, sailboarding in Huacachina is no doubt an extreme sport!

Huacachina Sunset

At the end we managed to get a glimpse of a spectacular sunset and a party at the hostel awaited us.

It was an awesome day, and yet again I managed to push the boundaries of my fear a little bit further.



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