125 Funny & Inspiring San Diego Captions For Instagram + San Diego Quotes


Here is a collection of the best San Diego captions for Instagram and inspiring San Diego Quotes! If you struggle with coming up with captions for your Instagram photos, this post is for you!

All the San Diego Instagram captions in this post are suitable to go either with a photo from your San Diego trip or even a reel! If you want your caption to be humorous, go straight to the funny San Diego captions or San Diego puns. And, if you prefer a more elaborate caption, use one of the inspirational San Diego quotes or one of the song lyrics about San Diego.

San Diego Captions For Instagram

Feel free to copy and paste any of the Instagram captions for San Diego and have fun!

Short San Diego Captions For Instagram 

  1. “San Diego girl.”
  1. “Paradise found.”
  1. “San Diego dreamin’
  1. “Sunny state of mind.”
  1. “San Diego = freedom.”
  1. “Slam Diego Padres.”
  1. “San Diego, I’m yours.”
  1. “Stay classy, San Diego.”
  1. “Living the San Diego life.”
  1. “West coast, best coast.”
  1. “San Diego is my therapy.”
  1. “Greetings from San Diego.”
  1.  “Life is better in San Diego.”
  1. “My heart is in San Diego.”
  1. “Follow me to San Diego.”
  1. “Chillin’ on the best coast.”
  1. “Straight out of San Diego.”
  1. “Here’s to you, San Diego.”
  1. “I’d rather be in San Diego.”
  1. “Sun, sand, and San Diego.”
  1. “San Diego is a state of mind.”
  1. “San Diego is heaven on earth.”
  1. “Falling in love with San Diego.”
  1. “San Diego is my happy place.”
  1. “Forever crushing in San Diego.”
  1. “Keep calm and love San Diego.”
  1. “San Diego: America’s Finest City.”
  1. “It’s a good day to be in San Diego.”
  1. “Going to San Diego, be back never.”
San Diego Captions For Instagram

More San Diego Instagram Captions

  1. “I want a little bit of San Diego.”
  1. “Endless summer in San Diego.”
  1. “In that San Diego state of mind.”
  1. “Current status: San Diego dreaming.”
  1. “San Diego is calling me, and I must go.”
  1. “Nothing comes close to the golden coast.”
  1. “Sorry mom, I’m never leaving San Diego.”
  1. “Salt air, cool breeze, adventure in my soul.”
  1. “Dreaming about going back to San Diego.”
  1. “Take a walk on the wild side in San Diego.”
  1. “A San Diego Sunset is always a good idea.”
  1. “There’s no place in the world like San Diego.”
  1. “I just can’t help falling in love with San Diego.”
  1. “A trip to San Diego is sure to please the soul.”
  1. “If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to San Diego.”
  1. “I can still hear the waves from the West Coast.”
  1. “There’s no place like home. Except for the beach.”
San Diego Captions
  1. “There’s no problem that San Diego can’t solve.”
  1. “Let’s be honest: San Diego is always a good idea.”
  1. “San Diego – where it’s 80° and sunny year round.”
  1. “The world is my oyster and San Diego is my home.”
  1. “Never underestimate the power of a day in San Diego.”
  1. “I listened to my heart, and it took me to the West Coast.”
  1. “Falling in love with San Diego, one trip to the zoo at a time.”
  1. “You can never go too long without watching a sunset in San Diego.”
  1. “As far as I’m concerned, the West Coast will forever be the best coast.”
  1. “Did you even go to San Diego if you didn’t take a picture at Hotel Del?”
  1. “From Balboa Park to Mission Bay, San Diego is the place I’ll stay.”
san diego quotes for instagram

Funny San Diego Puns

  1. “Life’s a beach.”
  1. “Tis the sea-sun.”
  1. “Talk birdy to me.”
  1. “Shell we dance?”
  1. “San Diego, I sea you.”
  1. “Keep palm and carry on.”
  1. “San Diego is my sand-tuary.”
  1. “I’m in need of some vitamin sea.”
  1. “It’s a zoo-tiful day in San Diego.”
  1. “Everybody’s zooing it in San Diego!”
  1. “All you need is a dose of Vitamin Sea.”
  1. “Our trip to San Diego was zoopendous.”
  1. “No lion, the San Diego Zoo was pretty grrreat.”
  1. “Any trip to San Diego is shore to please the soul.”
san diego quotes for instagram

Funny San Diego Captions

  1. “Don’t get tide down.”
  1. “Slam Diego Padres.”
  1. “High tides, good vibes.”
  1. “Girls just wanna have sun.”
  1. “Welcome to Slam Diego.”
  1. “Sorry mom, I’m never leaving San Diego.”
  1. “Look at me, moving to San Diego and s***.”
  1. “All I need are palm trees and a cool breeze.”
  1. “Relationship status: In love with sunsets and this city.”
  1. “Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat.”
  1. “All I need are palm trees and this little slice of paradise.”
  1. “I’ve got sunshine on my mind, so I’m headed to San Diego.”
  1. “You can take the girl out of San Diego, but you can’t take San Diego out of the girl.”
san diego instagram captions

Inspirational San Diego Quotes For Instagram

  1. “All I’m focused on is San Diego state.” – John Beck
  1. “San Diego as a city is really awesome.” – Kristen Bell
  1. “San Diego is the best city in the world.” – Eric Weddle
  1. “You stay classy, San Diego.” – Ron Burgundy, Anchorman
  1. “San Diego walked away with just a scratch.” – Susan Davis
  1. “I’m just a San Diego girl living in a San Diego world.” – Unknown
  1. “I want to go to San Diego, I want to go why no puedo” – Manu Chao
  1. “Los Angeles is like San Diego’s older, uglier sister.” – Justin Halpern
  1. “It wasn’t until I got to San Diego that I started exploring music more.”- Andra Day
  1. “So, how are you adjusting to life in safe, boring San Diego?” – Grace and Frankie
  1. “I can’t sleep cause what if I dream of going back to San Diego?” – Blink 182, ‘San Diego’
  1. “There’s something about San Diego that is quite different than Los Angeles.”- Donal Logue
  1. “This port of San Diego, truly a fine one, and not without reason called famous.” – Junipero Serra
  1. “To go to San Diego is everything. It’s literally everything. It’s the ultimate dream. It’s the big one.” – Tim Rozon
  1. “When I was a kid, I grew up in San Diego next to the ocean. The ocean was my friend – my best friend.” – Robert Ballard
  1. “We pride ourselves on having more confusion per square inch in San Diego than Washington ever heard of.” – San Diego I Love You
  1. “I was looking for inspiration. I found it in California. The weather was always great, and the majority of San Diego seemed to be youth.” – Jason Mraz
  1. “I need to surf – surf and yoga. Whenever I’m in LA, I go down to San Diego to surf for the weekend, and I always come back perfect” – Rodrigo Santoro
  1. “When it comes to inspiration, I come from San Diego originally – it’s an un-media-hyped, sleepy sort of town, big on beach culture” – Gary Jules
  1. “The San Diego region in many ways is defined by our relationship with the ocean. It’s our front yard and a beautiful playground for families and visitors.” – Scott Peters
  1. “In the fall of 1998, I began my freshman year at San Diego State University, which my dad commonly referred to as ‘Harvard, without all the smart people.” – Justin Halpern
  1. “The best sunsets are always going to be in my hometown, San Diego. Watching the sunset from the Pacific knowing that you’re sleeping in your own bed, there’s something special about that.” – Jon Foreman
  1. “People actually enjoy it when it rains in San Diego because we never get it. It’s a nice change of pace. When you live in Southern California, everybody says, ‘it’s so expensive there.’ I tell them, ‘it’s just a very expensive weather tax.” – Steve Finley
san diego instagram captions

Song Lyrics About San Diego

  1. “I live my life like it’s San Diego.” – Lick-G, “Set Me Free”
  1. “Oh I’m going to San Diego, here I come.” – Kaleo, “Automobile”
  1. “Gonna find my way back to San Diego.” – Gomez, “Tijuana Lady”
  1. “I can’t sleep cause what if I dream of going back to San Diego?” – Blink 182, “San Diego”
  1. “We pride ourselves on having more confusion per square inch in San Diego than Washington ever heard of.” – San Diego I Love You
  1. “I want to go to San Diego, I want to go why no puedo” – Manu Chao, “Bienvenida a Tijuana”
  1. “Sunset in Southern California, in the distance there’s the light of San Diego.” – Ace of Base, “Southern California”
  1. “Let’s hop in the whip, I’ll take you to San Diego Let’s lay on the beach, baby, we smokin’ that fuego.” – Afrojack
  1. “They’ll say, let’s go to San Diego, where all the crazy kids go. Just don’t change a thing” – The Thrills, “Deckchairs and Cigarettes”
  1. “Well it was out in California by the San Diego sea, that was when I was taken in and it left its mark on me” – Tom Petty, “Louisiana Rain”
  1. “So she sold her diamond ring and bought a Winnebago. Found her way to heaven on the way to San Diego” – SHeDAISY, “5 4 3 2 Run”
  1. “To San Diego — Was I seeing you or seeing double? With the palm trees adorable, in a town so explorable?” – The Starlight Mints, “San Diego”
  1. “I know a pretty little place in Southern California, down San Diego way. There’s a little cafe, where they play guitars all night and all day.” – Bruce Springsteen
  1. “Come with me to San Diego, we will find our kind of people there. Headin’ south, I’m goin’ where they go for the sunshine and hot air.” – The Foremen, “San Diego”
  1. “Follow me and come to San Diego. I hear it’s nice and warm in the winter, just leave your coat by the door, you won’t need it anymore.” — The Blenheims, “San Diego”
  1. “It’s the best thing, a beautiful feeling, a smile from San Diego.” – PJ Harvey, “Beautiful Feeling”“From San Fransisco to San Diego, I’ll be there if you let me know,” – Herman Dune, “Baby Baby You’re my Baby”
  1. “San Diego from LA, you’ll find out where your dreams flow. From the hillside to the desert, following the map inside me. I can feel the road is leading to the treasure that will guide me” – Leon Ware, “Why I Came to California”
  1. “Now, I was leaving San Diego in a Chevrolet van, out across the desert into no man’s land. I just love the west, you know, sure it’s pretty. But I gotta have me some of that New York City.” – Delbert McClinton, “New York City”

San Diego Captions Final Word

I hope you enjoyed this collection of captions about San Diego & San Diego sayings and found your favourite San Diego quote! For more inspiration, let’s connect on Instagram!

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