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Renting A Car In Milos: All You Need To Know & Tips 2024


Ready for the comprehensive guide to renting a car in Milos? 

This essential guide to renting a car in Milos will cover who is eligible to rent a car on the island, the best places for car hire Milos has to offer, rental and driving tips, plus ideas for where to explore in your car

Milos is a small but stunning island. It only takes one hour to drive from the north of Milos to the south, but the island is packed with varied attractions. 

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Whether you like exploring historical sites, visiting charming Cycladic churches and pretty villages, sunbathing and swimming at pristine beaches or hiking dramatic trails, there is something in Milos for everyone. 

Renting a car in Milos is a fantastic way to explore the island.

The island’s small size, relatively traffic-free roads and many dirt roads make driving in Milos a pleasurable and memorable experience

So let’s dive in and discover if renting a car in Milos is the right choice for your upcoming trip to this special part of Greece. 

Should I Rent A Car In Milos?

There are several reasons why you should consider renting a car in Milos.

A car gives you the freedom to go where you want whenever you want. You can visit quieter off-the-beaten-track locations or visit popular locations at quieter times of the day. 

If you rent a car Milos island opens up to you. You can eat in isolated village tavernas that you cannot reach by bus after dark or that would be too expensive to travel to and from in a taxi. 

Some places in Milos can only be reached by car, such as the picturesque shoreline village of Klima. 

If you have kids or want to carry windbreaks, beach chairs or umbrellas for shade when visiting a local beach, you will struggle to carry all your gear on a bus or in a taxi. 

One of the biggest benefits of self-driving in Milos is that you can choose to stay further away from the main accommodation areas, such as Adamas or Pollonia. 

This means you will have a wider choice of accommodations in quieter, more authentic locations. Generally, this also comes with a lower price tag than hotels or Airbnbs near the ferry port or centre of town locations. 

Klima Milos

Renting A Car In Milos Greece: Logistics 

Let’s dive into the logistics of hiring a car on this gorgeous Greek island. 

What’s the best way of renting a car in Milos?

If you want to book a rental car Milos has several companies you can use. It is important to shop around to compare cars and prices.

It is also essential to book in advance, particularly if you are travelling in peak season.

Plus, if you want to ensure you get an automatic car rather than a manual, book as early as you can, as the limited number of automatic vehicles on Milos book out quickly.  

You can save time trawling car rental websites by using the comprehensive comparison site Discover Cars.

Discover Cars compares all the cars available during your chosen dates and prioritises them in order of best reviews, so you know you are renting from a trusted company. 

The listing includes useful information on specifications, and the price shown is the price you will pay – there are no hidden fees on Discover Cars.

Plus, Discover Cars offers a generous free cancellation should you change your mind or your trip plans need to change.

Car Rental Milos Airport

If you are arriving by plane and want to rent a car Milos Airport has several rental car booths. 

You can book in advance or upon landing, but to guarantee that a car is available when you need it (and to secure the best prices from a highly-rated company), book in advance with Discover Cars. This will create an easy and stress-free airport pick-up. 

Adamas Milos
Milos Port Town – Adamas.

Car Rental Milos Port

If you are arriving by ferry and want to rent a car Milos Port also offers car rentals. 

However, the port is a busy thoroughfare and negotiating a hire car in and out of the port is not for the faint-hearted. 

Plus, as many day trippers or short-term visitors hire a car upon arrival at the port in Milos, there may not be a car available when you arrive unless you book in advance.   For the best prices and best available cars, book in advance with Discover Cars.  

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How much does it cost to hire a car in Milos?

The cost of renting a car in Milos varies according to the make, model and size of the car you wish to rent. You can also expect much higher prices in periods of high demand, such as Easter and peak summer months. 

For example, a one-week rental of a small, economy-sized Fiat Panda starts from £86 / $104 in the low season, rising to £435 / $527 for one week in August. 

A larger SUV Renault Kadjar costs from £294 / $356 for one week in low season, increasing to £890 /$1080 for one week in August.  

What is the cheapest car rental in Milos?

To find the best car rental Milos has for your trip, browse the carefully selected options on Discover Cars

It is also the best site on which to discover the best cheap car rental Milos has to offer. 

As mentioned in the previous section, the cheapest car rentals on the island can be found during the off-season.

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The narrow streets of Plaka.

Is it difficult to drive in Milos?

If you are used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, driving in Milos is generally easy. There are only a few major roads (and no highways), and they are usually in good condition with adequate, easy-to-follow signage

Plus, you will not experience the same level of traffic or traffic speeds that you will encounter in other parts of Greece. 

However, once you are off the major roads, smaller paved roads on Milos are very narrow and are generally not wide enough for two cars. Watch out for sharp turns, blind bends and always be aware of passing distances. 

There are also miles of unpaved dirt roads on Milos, which vary from being a little dusty and bumpy to challenging off-road trails, which will require a four-wheel drive and a stomach of steel!

Even some popular locations, such as Firiplaka Beach, have a steep and sandy unpaved access road.

It is essential to do your research before you set out so you know what to expect from the roads you will be driving. Ask locals for advice, scrutinise maps and online reviews and check out satellite images of the route. If you don’t feel comfortable driving steep, narrow dirt roads, play it safe and choose another location to visit.  

Download Google Maps to have it on hand and be able to use the chosen route offline, in case you lose network during your road trip.  

Do you need a 4×4 in Milos Greece?

If you are mostly sticking to towns, villages and popular beaches, you do not need a 4×4 rental in Milos. If you want to visit more out-of-the-way beaches and hilly areas or explore the eastern side of the island, you need to hire a 4×4. 

Plus, some rental car companies on Milos do not allow their standard cars to travel on unpaved roads (yet alone challenging off-road tracks), so if this is something you want to do, you need to rent a 4×4.  Always check your rental policy carefully to see where in Milos you are permitted and prohibited to drive. 

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Car Rental In Milos: Requirements

Kleftiko Milos Greece

If you are planning on renting a car in Milos, the following information will be helpful in clarifying whether or not you will be able to rent a car. 

Can you rent a car in Greece with a US driver’s license?

Yes, you can rent a car in Milos (or in the rest of Greece) using only a U.S. driver’s licence. You must have had your U.S. driver’s license for at least one year and be over the age of 21 and under 70.  If you are over 21 but under 25, you may have to pay an additional young driver fee when renting your vehicle. 

Pre-2021, you had to have an additional International Driver’s Permit (IDP), but post-2021, this is no longer necessary. 

However, there have been reports of drivers being asked to show an IDP to rental companies and to the police, so it may be prudent to get an IDP before your trip, just in case. 

More than 150 countries accept the International Driver’s Permit, so it is worth applying for one if you are a frequent traveller, particularly in Europe. You can apply for an IDP if you are over 18 years old and if your U.S. license is valid for at least six months after the issue date of your IDP. 

You can apply online or in person at your nearest AAA offices in the United States.

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Can you rent a car in Greece with a British driver’s license?

Yes, you can rent a car in Greece using only a British driving license. The same rules apply; you must be over 21 and under 70 and have had your license for at least one year. 

Firopotamos Beach Milos

What are the requirements for EU countries?

As of 2021, drivers from EU countries only need to show their own country driving license.

Again, you must be over 21 and under 70 and have had your license for over one year. This also applies to drivers from non-EU European countries such as Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. 

However, if your driver’s license is not in English or Greek and uses an unfamiliar script (such as Cyrillic),  it may be worth getting an International Driver’s Permit to avoid confusion. 

Do I need insurance for renting a car in Greece?

Yes, you will need insurance for renting a car in Greece. Not only will it protect you, your passengers and the car, but it will protect the driver, passengers and other cars or property that you may be unlucky enough to be in an accident with. 

With the stony dirt roads on Milos, it is recommended to get the best cover you can against the chips, cracks and dents that flying sharp stones can create on the car and windscreen. 

Discover Cars offer competitively priced and comprehensive full insurance cover when you hire a car through them. 

Milos Car Rental – Other Requirements

In addition to age and licence requirements, you must also have a credit card to hire a car in Milos. 

The credit card will not only be used for payment for the rental car, but it will be used to hold a deposit should you incur any damage or return the car with an empty tank. 

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Tips For Renting A Car In Milos

✔️ Get a full insurance cover

As with any car rental anywhere in the world, renting a car in Milos is not without risk, so it is always a good idea to take out full insurance cover. 

Many travellers feel that when they rent a car in Milos Greece, full insurance cover is an unnecessary expense. However, in the unfortunate but sadly common event of an accident or third-party damage to the car, full insurance coverage could save you huge bills and legal repercussions.

Plus, due to the nature of the rocky dirt roads in Milos, it is a good idea to protect yourself against the damage even tiny stones can do. 

Full insurance cover provides a greater depth of coverage than standard car insurance, or your own personal travel insurance can provide.

It not only provides cover for injuries to yourself or your passengers and damage to the rental car, but it also provides cover to other cars and passengers involved in your accident or any third-party property

Make sure you scrutinise the full insurance policy, including the small print. Some insurance policies have strict rules, so it is best to know what they are before setting off on your road trip around Milos to avoid any nasty surprises later on. 

✔️ Record the condition of the car

Ten minutes spent examining your Milos island car rental for marks and damages before you leave the rental depot could save a lot of stress and money later in your trip. 

It is imperative to accurately record the condition of the car before you leave the rental depot to avoid any problems when you return the car. 

Start by checking the current state of the car in the paperwork you are given. If any dents, scratches or windscreen cracks have been noted on the paperwork, check the damage carefully to make sure the paperwork has accurately recorded the location and severity of the damage.

If you think the paperwork needs amending, ask an employee from the rental car company to assess the damage and change the information. 

Then record the condition of the car yourself by taking photos and videos of the outside and inside of the car. Be sure to focus on any potential problem areas, such as the windscreen, lights, seats and front and rear bumper.

If you notice any damage, no matter how small, make sure it is verified and noted by a rental car agent. Don’t forget to make copies of your photos and videos.

✔️ Make sure your hotel or Airbnb comes with parking 

It is easy to get carried away with the attractive rooms, gorgeous views and stunning facilities of an Airbnb or hotel so that car parking gets pushed to the bottom of the ‘must have’ list. 

However, car parking is important and can make a huge difference to your holiday. It is not fun or relaxing to spend time each day walking to your parking space and then having to search for another space when you return from a long day of sightseeing. 

You also don’t want to rent a car in Milos island and leave it on a dark, isolated street that you will not feel relaxed, safe or comfortable returning to at night or leaving overnight. 

Always try to ensure your hotel or Airbnb provides parking and preferably a designated spot that is free of charge. Some hotels charge a daily car parking fee which can add up over a two-week vacation. 

✔️ Take advantage of free car parks

There are lots of free car parks in towns and villages around Milos. For example, Pollonia has a central town car park which is free to use. 

Use the free car parks even if they are a little further away from where you want to be.  You will save time looking for a car park and avoid car parking fees. Plus, car parks are usually busy locations which can add an element of safety to both you and your car. 

✔️ East side of Milos

Do your research if you are planning to drive to the eastern side of Milos. 

This rugged part of the island has fewer roads and even fewer well-maintained roads. Most of the roads in the eastern region are dirt, rocky or sandy roads, and many of them are steep and hilly.  

Some Milos rent a car companies will not insure you for driving in this area, so always check before hiring your car. It is also worth checking that roadside assistance will come to your aid in the east of Milos should you need them.

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Best Places To Visit In Milos By Car

church in Milos Plaka


The capital of Milos island, Plaka, is in the northern part of the island. The small hilltop town is an excellent base from which to explore Milos, but it also has several attractions of its own.  

There are charming 19th churches such as Panagia Thalassitra and Panagia Korfiatisa, and history fans will love the Archaeological Museum of Milos and the Plaka War Museum. Learn about local history and culture at the small but fascinating Folklore Museum. 

Make sure you spend time wandering Plaka’s gorgeous, winding, car-free lanes, admiring its white, flower-adorned houses or go shopping for authentic souvenirs. 


This tiny village on the edge of Milos Bay is known for its colourful two-storey houses that hug the shoreline and its spectacular sunsets. 

Klima is a short ten-minute drive from Plaka though the route is steep and winding. As the bus cannot reach Klima due to its narrow access road, this is an ideal car trip to catch a famed Milos sunset. 

There is one shop, one church, and one restaurant, so exploring Klima will not take long. See the sights, take a stroll or sunbathe on Klima beach, grab dinner at Astakas restaurant and sit back and enjoy the sunset. Free parking is available in Klima. 

Firopotamos Beach Milos


Firopotamos is a tiny, picturesque fishing village on the north coast of Milos, around four kilometres from Plaka. 

It is best known as an authentic, unspoilt location and for its examples of traditional Milos architecture. In the hamlet of Syrmata adjacent to Firopotamos, you can see the carved-out rock spaces where local fishermen keep their boats in winter, enclosed by brightly coloured wooden doors. 

Spend time relaxing on the gorgeous sandy beach and swim in the crystal clear blue waters. Climb the hill to the idyllic white and blue rimmed Chapel of St Nicholas for fantastic views of the area. 

There is free parking in Firopotamos, but there are no toilets, cafes or restaurants, so it is best for a short visit. Don’t forget to bring snacks, umbrellas for shade and drinks with you in your rental car. 

sarakiniko beach milos

📍Sarakiniko Beach

Halfway between Pollonia and Plaka lies Sarakiniko Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. 

The small beach is surrounded by unusual geological rocks which appear bleached white by the sun. These undulating white rocks set against the pure azure sea create a stunning location. 

Sunbathe, swim or search for fossils in the moon-like volcanic rock. The beach gets very busy in peak season, so if you choose to rent a car in Milos you can visit this otherworldly beach at quieter times of the day before the tour groups arrive.

Firiplaka Beach Milos

📍Firiplaka Beach

If Sarakiniko Beach is too busy for you, drive to Firiplaka Beach on the south coast of Milos. 

This long stretch of silvery white sand is bordered by clear shallow sea and rocky cliffs. It is a gorgeous, unspoilt beach with lots of space to spread out and a calm sea for kids to swim and snorkel in. 

Sunbathe, swim, go rock pooling or swim under the naturally formed arch in the rocky outcrop metres from the shoreline. 

There are some umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, but it is a good idea to pack your own shade equipment in your rental car. 

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How To Get Around Milos Without A Car?

Bus terminal in Adamas, Milos.


Local buses are the cheapest way to explore Milos. Each disembarkation costs just €2 per person, so buses in Milos are cost-effective for solo travellers. 

You will have to travel on a timetable (and travel light), but Milos buses are reasonably frequent and could save you a lot of money if you are only planning on doing a couple of day trips. 

The central bus station is located in Adamas, within walking distance of the port, but there are smaller bus depots in Pollonia, Plaka, Sarakiniko and five other small towns and villages. 

Timetables reduce drastically after dark, so you may need to catch an alternative mode of transport if you want to be out late in the evening. 

You can check the routes and timetables of Milos Bus here.

scooter rental Milos


Hiring and exploring Milos on a scooter is very popular with young tourists. Hiring and running costs are cheap, and parking is easy. Scooter rental prices in peak season start from £60 / $72 for two days. Discounts are available for longer periods. 

If you choose a Milos scooter rental, you will need a valid driving licence from your home country that includes motorbikes and scooters up to 125cc. 

You will also need to check that your travel insurance allows you to hire a scooter or motorbike; it will include details of what power bike you are permitted to drive. If your policy does not include motorbikes and scooters, you will not be covered legally or medically if you have an accident whilst riding one. 

If you have never ridden a scooter before, a new location with unfamiliar road signs and layouts is not the right time to do it. 


Milos ATV rentals and quad bikes are another popular method by which to explore the island. 

Milos quad rentals seat two people, and helmets are usually included in the hire price. Wearing a helmet is mandatory by law in Milos. Prices start from £120 / $145 for two days’ hire. 

All-terrain vehicles are a fantastic way to get off the beaten track and explore the island, but they must be driven with caution as they can – and do – tip over easily. You will need to be experienced in driving on sandy, rock-strewn dirt tracks. 

To hire an ATV in Milos, you will need a full, valid driver’s license. Again, check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance carefully. 


Taxis in Milos are easy to use but, unfortunately, are not cheap. If you need to get somewhere fast, taxis are your best option, particularly with luggage. 

Taxis can be caught from most Milos towns and villages and from the ferry port and airport. 

Ideally, ask for local recommendations and phone numbers of reputable taxi firms and only travel in registered taxis. Some popular routes on Milos have a pre-set cost, so make sure you check in advance of your journey. 

If you are travelling with kids, there is also no guarantee of getting age-appropriate car seats that are in roadworthy conditions. 

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos


It is also possible to explore the island using a Milos boat rental or as part of an organised boat trip or private hire. 

You can see and enjoy some of the island’s 80 beaches, including beaches such as Gerakas and Gerontas, which can only be accessed by boat. 

You can hire a boat if you have an operator license from your home country, or you can hire a boat with its own skipper. 

Check out the boat rental prices here. 

Where to stay in Milos without a car?

If you do not wish to use car rentals in Milos, the best place to stay on the island without a car is Adamas. 

Adamas is within walking distance of the ferry port and is home to the central bus station, so getting around by bus will be easy. You can find taxis, bicycle hire and scooter rentals in Adamas. 

The lively town has a wide range of accommodation options plus several attractions such as the 2-kilometre-long promenade and Lagada and Papikinou Beach. 

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The Wrap-Up: Renting A Car In Milos

Renting a car in Milos is the perfect way to discover all that this idyllic Greek island has to offer. 
Once you have checked, you are eligible by age and license, research your routes, book a trustworthy, competitively priced car from Discover Cars and use it to explore this small jewel of the Mediterranean.

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