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Naxos To Paros Ferry – 2024 Prices & Tips


Are you planning to take the Naxos to Paros ferry?

If you are wondering whether it is worth taking the Naxos to Paros ferry to visit the island of Paros, then this post is for you.

This comprehensive guide includes everything you need to know about how to get from Naxos to Paros, including how to book and travel on the ferry Naxos to Paros route and a one-day itinerary for Paros.  

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Paros is a small but stunning Cycladic Island with several historical sites, fantastic fresh seafood and locally grown wine, plus idyllic sandy beaches bordered by the azure Ionian Sea. 

Naxos to Paros ferry

You will quickly fall in love with its whitewashed houses, blue shuttered windows, narrow lanes overflowing with bougainvillaea and its laid back, relaxed vibe. Whilst the island offers some similarities to other Greek islands, it also offers unique landscapes and memorable experiences you will only find on Paros. 

The close proximity of the Cycladic Islands to each other makes this region perfect for island hopping. You can enjoy a fast, comfortable journey from Naxos to Paros in under one hour, so if island hopping is not for you, you can also visit Paros on an easy day trip from Naxos (or vice versa). 

Naxos To Paros Ferry At A Glance

Naxos to Paros ferry route.

There are three ferry companies which operate a direct crossing from Naxos to Paros. Seajet also operates a ferry from Naxos to Paros, which stops en route at Mykonos. This indirect ferry takes 1 hour and 50 minutes, so unless you want to go to Mykonos, it is better to catch one of the direct ferries below. 

Naxos To Paros Distance | 31 kilometres

Ferry Trip Time | Naxos to Paros ferry times vary. The Seajet ferry takes 30 minutes, and the Blue Star Ferries take 50 minutes. Hellenic Seaways makes the crossing in 35 minutes. 

Naxos To Paros Ferry Timetable | Ferries Naxos to Paros run all year round. In the summer months, there are up to seven departures a day between 9.30 am and 6.15 pm

In off-peak months there are up to three departures a day, all of which leave around 6 pm. Check an up-to-date timetable here. 

Naxos To Paros Ferry Price | Naxos Paros with Seajet costs €32.90 pp, Blue Star Ferries cost €15 pp whilst Hellenic Seaways cost €33 pp.

Where To Buy Your Naxos Paros Ferry Ticket?

Parikia Paros Greece
Parikia, Paros.

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It is best to buy your Naxos Paros ferry ticket online in advance of the day of travel, especially if you are travelling in peak season.

Ferryscanner is an easy-to-navigate website that you can use to compare prices between the different ferry companies and to book your passage. 

Plus, if you book through Ferryscanner, you will receive an updated schedule by email should any time changes arise. Helpfully, they also allow free cancellation up to two weeks before the date of travel which is useful if you want to keep your travel plans flexible. 

There are three companies that operate this route – Seajet, Hellenic Seaways and Blue Star Ferries. 

The large air-conditioned Blue Star Ferry has 32 cabins, a cafe, shop, open deck bar, an ATM and free WiFi. 

The mid-size Hellenic Seaways catamaran carries 1,010 passengers with no cabins, 188 cars and has a bar, lift and shop. 

The Seajet ferry is much smaller and, therefore, it is faster. It is a car-carrying catamaran with a maximum of 386 passengers. 

How Much Does Naxos To Paros Ferry Cost?

The faster the crossing, the more expensive your ticket will be. If you want to save money, choose a slower or indirect crossing. The time difference is minimal, and you can save a considerable amount of money, particularly if you are travelling as a family or group. 

A direct 30-minute sea crossing with Seajet costs from €32.90 per person. Hellenic Seaways costs from €33 per person. A slower 50-minute crossing with Blue Star Ferries Naxos to Paros costs less than half this price, starting at €15 per person. 

Do I Get To Choose My Seat?

You can choose to reserve either an economy or business class seat during the booking process. 

Business class seats tend to be on upper decks towards the front of the boat, so passengers will get better window views than economy travellers. Business seats tend to be larger, and business-class lounges are generally quieter. Some business lounges will have their own cafe or bar with shorter queues than you will find in economy lounges. 

Travellers are allowed to walk around during the crossing, so you do not have to stay in your assigned seat, though you will need to stay in your assigned class. However, the ferry from Naxos to Paros is so short that an economy seat will be adequate for the journey.

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Ferries From Naxos To Paros

Naoussa Paros Aerial View.
Drone shot of Naoussa on Paros.

There are a few things to be aware of when taking the ferry to Paros.

Firstly, as mentioned above, there are different companies operating the same route, so make sure you double-check which company you are travelling with and at what time. Ferry schedules change from season to season and run less frequently during off-peak months. 

Secondly, despite being known for warm sunny days, the Greek islands are also prone to windy weather. The island of Paros Greece is no exception.

If the wind is strong, ferries can be cancelled at short notice. Always check that the ferry is operating before arriving at the port. 

Naxos Ferry Port Location & Getting There

Naxos to Paros ferry takes you to Parikia - the island's port town.

The Port of Naxos is on the edge of Naxos town. It is an 11-minute walk or a six-minute taxi ride from the town centre. 

If you’re staying in other parts of the island, you can book a taxi or get to Naxos port by bus. Buses in Naxos operate frequently, and most touristy towns are well connected with the island’s port town. 

Make sure you arrive at the ferry port AT LEAST 30 minutes before departure. Ferry ports at boarding can get very busy, particularly in high season, and the ferry will not wait for you if you get caught in the chaos. 

There are no restrictions on the luggage sizes allowed on the ferry, but there also aren’t any personnel or shuttle vehicles to help you on board. Make sure you are able to roll or carry your bags onto the boat (including up and down stairs). 

Naxos Ferry Port What To Expect 

The ferries have a slick boarding process to ensure a fast turnaround. 

Firstly the incoming cars disembark, followed by foot passengers. Then the outgoing cars board the boat first, followed by foot passengers. 

If you are a foot passenger, you must leave your suitcase in a designated area below the main deck before proceeding to your seat on the upper deck. This ensures a quick boarding process and that the ferry is not dangerously blocked with luggage in case of an emergency. 

Before boarding, remove all your valuables from your main bag and add them to a daypack that you can keep with you whilst on the boat. Make sure you remember where you left your suitcase!

Paros Ferry Port What To Expect

parikia port paros
The port on Paros.

Once you disembark at Paros ferry port, you can spend all your time in the port town of Parikia or catch a bus or taxi to other island locations. Paroikia Intercity Bus Terminal is a one-minute walk from the ferry port, and there is a taxi rank directly in front of the port itself.  

Alternatively, stay in Parikia and explore the town or visit its gorgeous sandy beaches. It is a 10-minute walk along the seafront from the port to Livadia Beach and a 20-minute walk to Parikia Beach. 

If you wish to make onward journeys, you can take a Paros ferry to other destinations around Greece, including Mykonos and Athens. 

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Can You Take A Day Trip From Naxos To Paros? 

Parikia Paros Greece
Old Town in Parikia.
Naoussa Marina
Naoussa Beach.

The short answer is yes. It is a short, easy day trip from Naxos to Paros. Naxos and Paros are such a short distance apart, yet your visit will bring new sights and experiences. 

If you catch the first Naxos to Paros boat of the day in peak season and return by the last Paros Naxos ferry, you will have around 10 hours of sightseeing time. However, if you want to bring your car, make sure the rental company allows you to visit other Greek islands. 

If you wish to explore the island and do not bring your car, you can hire a car once you disembark the ferry. Alternatively, you can sightsee by local bus, taxi or using an ATV rental. 

Naxos To Paros Day Trip Itinerary

Monastiri Beach Paros
Monastiri Beach Paros.

Unlike many port towns around the world, Parikia (also the capital of Paros) is worth a few hours of your time. 

Spend an hour wandering through the narrow alleys of the charming old town, which are lined with traditional white-walled houses with blue shutters. History lovers could visit the Archeological Museum of Paros or the Byzantine church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani

Starting from the windmill, take a stroll along the seafront promenade. Stop for a morning coffee to watch the world go by before arriving at sandy Livadia or Parikia Beach, where you can rent a sunbed.

Departing pretty Parikia, drive for 25 minutes across the northern part of Paros to the historic coastal village of Naoussa. Before exploring, have lunch at one of the many seafood restaurants overlooking the picturesque marina. 

In the afternoon, visit the ruins of the 13th century Venetian Fort and the hilltop Faneromeni Church and pick up a tasty souvenir of Paros at Moraitis Winery. Spend a couple of hours 

sunbathing and swimming at one of Nouassa’s stunning beaches, such as Monastiri or Santa Maria, before winding your way back to Paros ferry port for the last ferry of the day. 

If you are lucky, you may catch a famed Paros sunset as you set sail for Naxos. 

Paros To Naxos Ferries

You can also enjoy a day trip T) Naxos from Paros by taking an early morning ferry from Paros to Naxos, returning on one of the last ferries departing Naxos around 6 pm. 

More Naxos To Paros Ferry FAQ

Lefkes village
Lefkes, Paros.

Is There A Naxos To Paros Flight?

You can fly from Naxos to Paros, but flights do not operate every day, and you will have to make a stop in Athens en route. The flight is long and expensive, so it is much better to travel from Naxos to Paros by ferry. 

Is Naxos or Paros better?

The choice of whether to stay on Paros or Naxos depends on your travel preferences. 

Naxos has fantastic sandy beaches, many of them quiet and secluded. It is larger than Paros and generally greener, with more hills.  Much of the island is unspoilt, rustic and quiet, so it offers a tranquil, relaxing stay. 

Paros is ideal for exploring, and unlike hilly Naxos, it is possible to drive around the entire island. It is drier and flatter than Naxos but offers charming, traditional Cycladic towns and villages with a vibrant art community. The historic port town of Naoussa is definitely worth a visit, and if you are a night owl, Paros has a livelier nightlife than Naxos.

Both islands are beautiful and varied, so you can’t make a bad choice in a Paros vs Naxos standoff. 

How much is a ferry from Naxos to Paros?

The price of the Naxos to Paros ferry (or Paros to Naxos ferry) starts at €15 per person for the slowest crossing. 

How long is the ferry ride from Naxos to Paros?

The Naxos to Paros ferry time varies. The shortest ride is 30 minutes, and the longest direct crossing is 50 minutes. 

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Final Word 

If you are staying in Naxos, visiting Paros is too good an opportunity to pass up. The islands are so close, and whilst they are similar in some ways, they are surprisingly different in many other ways. Visiting both islands will enhance your experience of the Cycladic islands and of Greece. 

Greek ferries are a fast, safe, efficient and, above all, affordable mode of transport between the islands. Taking the ferry Naxos Paros enables you to sit back and relax before embarking on discovering another gem of the Ionian Sea. 

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