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20 Best Milos Beaches – For Epic Shots, Adventure & Swimming


Are you looking for the best Milos beaches?

The Cycladic island of Milos is an up and coming destination that in recent years went viral on social media wowing with its unworldly landscape! You must have seen Sarakiniko – one of the most unique Milos beaches with its moon-line scenery! I can assure you, my friend, there are so many more fantastic beaches in Milos!

This post is a detailed guide to the 20 Milos best beaches with my personal four favourites (see Quick Guide section) for those on short itineraries. 

paleochori beach milos

Quick Guide to the Island & Milos Beaches

🏖 Best Milos Beaches:

Sarakiniko | moon-like landscape

Kleftiko | white cliffs & turquoise water

Firiplaka | red cliffs & family-friendly

Klima | colourful fishing village 

⛵Best Milos Boat Tour: All Day Kleftiko Sailing with Snorkelling + Lunch.

🗺 Best Milos TourArcheology & Culture including Sarakiniko, Klima, Plaka & more.

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Adamas: Konstantinos Milos Hotel

Pollonia: Pollonia Studios Milos

Plaka: Halara Studios Milos

Milos Beaches Map 

Here is the map of all the amazing Milos beaches! Click anywhere on the map, to access the interactive version.

Milos beaches map, milos map beaches
Milos Beaches Map

Tips for visiting Milos Beaches 

Paralia What? | When you’re searching for Milos beaches on Google Maps, you will notice that they are called ‘paralia’, which means beach in Greek. Sometimes, in order to find a Milos beach on the map, you will need to type ‘paralia’ in front of the name or just the beach name. 

Off-roading | In order to get to some of the beaches in Milos Greece, you will have to navigate through various dirt-track roads. Take that into account when choosing a rental vehicle. For example, if you have never ridden a scooter, Milos may not be the best place to learn it for the first time. 

Meltemi winds | Milos can be a super windy island due to the strong, dry seasonal winds that can spoil your beach day! So, it is a good idea to check the wind forecast beforehand. You can use WindFidner for that.  

Most Epic Milos Beaches

In this section, you will find the most epic Milos beaches that will give you a sense of adventure and plenty of opportunities to snap some incredible photos! The most stunning beaches in Milos are not the standard – park up, rent an umbrella and chill beaches. You may have to make a little more effort to explore them, but I guarantee their unworldly beauty and uniqueness will leave you speechless and wanting more! 

#1 Sarakiniko Beach Milos Island 

sarakiniko beach milos
Simba hills & Sarakiniko beach

Where is Sarakiniko Milos? 

Sarakiniko beach Milos is the most famous beach on the island! If you type ‘Milos’ on Google, you will most likely get photos of this beach! Sarakiniko beach is located on the northern coast and is just a 10 minutes drive from Adamantas port. Milos island Sarakiniko beach is also easily accessible from Pollonia and Plaka

What’s special about Milos Sarakiniko?

Sarakiniko beach is hands down the most famous out of all beaches in Milos for its unique and super picturesque landscape! Most of the area is covered with post-volcanic white rocks of different sizes that have been eroded by the wind and sea, creating peculiar shapes. If you’re interested in geology and how Sarakiniko was formed, you can join a cultural and island archaeology tour.  

Sarakiniko’s unique landscape makes it the best beach in Milos for photographers, content creators and Instagrammers! If you’re interested in snapping some incredible shots, make sure you include Sarakiniko on your Milos itinerary. 

How to get to Sarakiniko Beach Milos?

Sarakiniko beach is located centrally, and getting here from Adamas is super easy. It takes around 10 minutes by car or an ATV vehicle. It is also possible to get here by bus from Adamantas. There is a separate Adamas to Sarakiniko bus line that goes four times a day. Check the bus timetable, before making any solid plans as bus services vary depending on the season. 

What to expect at Sarakiniko Beach?

Chalky rocks at Sarakiniko
sarakiniko beach milos
People swimming in the azure water

Facilities | You can find Sarakiniko Milos beach just off the main road; keep driving through the dirt track road until you see a large parking lot. You can leave your vehicle here, free of charge, and follow the same road on foot for about 5 minutes until you see white rocks. There are no bars, shops, or umbrella rentals at the beach, so make sure you’ve got everything you need to enjoy your day. 

Beach | Sarakiniko beach is not your regular beach with soft sand and umbrellas for rent. It is a rocky beach which offers a unique experience! To find the beach area, go left, having the sea in front of you. Walk until you find a narrow opening when the sea goes deep inland, resembling a riverbed. Here, the water is super calm, and its turquoise shade contrasts beautifully with the chalky white rocks. You can stretch your towel just in front of the opening or anywhere on the white rocks that are smoothed by the sea and strong winds. 

Swimming | There are a few places at Milos Sarakiniko where you can swim. The first one is the beach area, which I mentioned above. This is the best swimming spot, it is safe, and the water stays calm even on a windy day. North of the beach, you can find a cenote and a cliff jumping spot. When the sea is calm, it is also possible to snorkel at the shipwreck site that is located near Sarakiniko beach. 

Things to know/take | As Sarakiniko is one of the best beaches Milos is famous for, expect crowds at any time of the year. Make sure your camera is fully charged and that you pack enough water and some snacks. Also, if you plan to cliff jump, make sure you stay safe as there is no lifeguard, and you wouldn’t want to ruin your friends’ holiday by hurting yourself! 😉  

Photography tips for the Instagram-famous Milos Beach

sarakiniko beach milos

Sarakiniko’s outwardly landscape is a superb place to take some fantastic shots or videos. There are a few cool places you should definitely check out. The most Instagrammable spot at Sarakiniko Milos is Simba hill, located right by the beach, and climbing it is actually not as scary as it looks! Another cool spot is the cenote swimming hole, and you can take a picture or video jumping to it. Also, check out the area to the right of the beach with some interesting rock formations and more cliffs. Arrive early in the morning to avoid crowds while shooting. Another great time to shoot at Sarakiniko is sunset or sunrise.  

In terms of what to wear, avoid white clothes for obvious reasons, and instead choose a colour that will nicely contrast with the chalky rocks. If you own a drone, bring it with you. Sarakiniko beach may get windy, so check the wind forecast and ensure you drone in the right conditions for your drone type. 

Best time to visit Sarakiniko Beach

If you’re planning to take some pictures at Sarakiniko beach, come before 9 am to make sure the whole place is not already full. For those that are not too fussed about photos, any time of the day is great to enjoy this beach and swim in its azure water. 

During the high season, the only thing to have in mind is parking, which may fill up quickly. If this happens, you can always park along the road and walk, which is not a big deal.

Other attractions near Sarakinko Milos

Other awesome places that you can visit on the same day are Mandrakia – a traditional fishing village to the west of Sarakiniko and Papafragas beach, which is also one of the most epic Milos Greece beaches.       

#2 Tsigrado Beach Milos

Tsigrado beach
Tsigrado Beach

Where is Tsigrado Milos? 

Tsigrado Milos is located on the southern coast, 11 km away from Adamantas. Other nearby beaches on the south coast of Milos include Fyriplaka beach to the west and Gerakas Agia Kyriaki and Paleochori beaches to the east. If you don’t have enough time to visit all the southern coast Milos island beaches, I would go with Tsigrado or Paleochori. 

What’s special about Tsigrado Beach?

Tsigrado beach is one of the Milos beaches that require from you a bit of effort and even courage to get to! To get to the beach, you will have to climb down a vertical ladder that is attached to the cliff. 

If you enjoy water sports, you can join a kayaking tour along the stunning coast of Tsigrado and Gerakas beach.  

How to get to Milos Tsigrado?

Milos Tsigrado beach is located around a 20-minute drive from Adamas. The best way of getting here is by hiring a car, a scooter or an ATV vehicle and making your way independently here. Part of the route leading to this Milos beach is a dirt track road, but the road’s condition is not too bad, and you can even make it here on a scooter.  

There is also a regular bus service between Adamas and Tsigrado beach. I’m leaving a link to the Milos bus schedule at the end of this post. 

What to expect at Milos Tsigrado Beach?

Tsigrado beach
The access ladder to the beach.
Tsigrado Milos
Look at the colour of that water!

Facilities | There are no facilities of any kind on this beach or anywhere near, so ensure you have enough water and food to last you the time you want to stay on this beach. There is, however, a large off-road parking area where you can leave your vehicle free of charge. You shouldn’t have any problems with parking here no matter what time of the day you arrive. 

Beach | Getting to the beach is a little tricky and even scary! The beach is tucked under a soaring cliff, and you will have to climb a virtually vertical ladder attached to the rocks to get down to the beach. Make sure you’re wearing a sturdy pair of shoes! It is also a good idea to have your stuff in a backpack while descending the ladder. 

Once you’re down on the beach, you’ll be welcomed with azure, shallow waters, bright orange cliffs with rusty hues and a small beach covered with tinny stones. 

Tsigrado Milos

Swimming | Swimming at Tsigrado beach is a bliss! The waters are calm and crystal clear! Sometimes, yachts stop near the shore and make a beautiful background for the photos! 

Things to know/take | Tsigrado beach is not for everyone, and due to a not so safe access ladder is definitely not suitable for small children. Wear sturdy shoes that are attached to your feet and take a backpack with you to have both hands free for holding on tight to the ladder. Bring plenty of water, sunscreen and a good book. 

Photography tips for Tsigrado Beach

Tsigrado beach

If you’re interested in taking photos of Tsigrado beach, the best spot to capture the beach is from above! This is good news for those that don’t want to climb the scary ladder! Crystal clear water and the orangy-red cliffs are also great backgrounds for taking some cool shots. 

Best time to visit Tsigrado 

The best time for visiting Tsigrado beach is early to late morning when you can get a good spot for sunbathing or late afternoon for those who would rather avoid the midday heat. The beach is super tinny so expect to be cosy with other beach enthusiasts! 

Other attractions near Tsigrado Milos

You can easily combine visiting Tsigrado beach with Firiplaka, Gerakas or Paleochori beach. The southern coast of the island of Milos Greece, is extremely beautiful, and you will be spoiled for choice. 

#3 Papafragas Beach & Caves

Papafragas Milos

Where is Papafragas Beach Milos?

Papafragas beach Milos is located on the northern coast of the island, 2.5 km away from Pollonia and 7.5 km from Adamas Milos. If you’re planning to visit Pollonia, it is worth stopping by Papafragas beach, which you can easily access just off the main road between Adamas and Pollonia. 

What’s special about Milos Papafragas Beach?

Papafragas is one of the most unique Milos beaches on the island! Papafragas beach is tucked inside a narrow sea channel curved in the cliff. On a sunny, non-windy day when the sea is calm, Papafragas is an idyllic swimming spot on a windy day, especially off-season, the water turns dark and it takes over the beach!  

How to get to the Beach & Papafragas Caves Milos?

Papafragas beach and caves are located only a short drive from the island’s capital – Adamas. If you’re planning on visiting a few beaches or towns, it is worthwhile to rent either a car, a scooter or an ATV for the day. The road to Milos Papafragas is straightforward and will take around 15 minutes. You can also get here by a local bus if you’re staying in Pollonia or Adamas. Check the bus timetable beforehand, especially if you’re visiting Milos off-season, during which the bus service is more sporadic. 

What to expect at Papafragas Beach?

Papafragas Milos

Facilities | There are no facilities at Papafragas beach of any kind so make sure you pack all you need for the day. If you’re looking for a good lunch spot, I recommend going to the town of Pollonia which has a decent selection of nice tavernas for lunch and dinner. You can park your vehicle along the main road, just above Papafragas beach. 

Beach | As you arrive at Papafragas beach, you will notice a large channel curved in the cliff where seawater penetrates into the land. At the end of this channel, there is a staircase where you descend to access the tinny beach that is tucked in what looks like a cave. 

Make sure you only go down to the beach on a non-windy day, when the sea level is low inside the channel with virtually no waves! If you see from the above, that the sea is choppy, do not go down. 

Swimming | On a sunny, non-windy day, the water in the channel has lovely turquoise colour and you can swim its length, and through a natural archway at its end. 

Things to know/take | The area of Papafragas is super picturesque and includes a large area of headland covered with sharp rocks which you can explore and get some cool panoramic views. 

Photography tips for Papafragas Beach

Papafragas Milos
Papafragas on a windy day.

You can take some fantastic shots of the surrounding areas from the rocky headland that I mentioned just above. If you want some cool shots on the beach and inside the sea channel, make sure you check the weather forecast before planning your day. The Windfinder website may help or you can ask the host of your accommodation. 

The best time to take photos of the beach is around midday when the sun is high in the sky to provide enough light to the beach, which is situated inside the semi-cave. 

Best time to visit  Papafragas Beach

The best time to visit Papafragas beach is on a sunny, non-windy day when the sea is calm! This is super important to be able to enjoy the beach and swim in the sea at all. On windy days when seawater is super choppy, it is rather dangerous to go anywhere near the beach. If you happen to visit on a windy day, you can walk around the headland and take pictures of the panoramic views but you won’t be able to swim. 

The beach inside the channel is tinny and there is only space for a dozen of people. Because of that, most people don’t spend here all day but stop for 1-2 hours to take a dip and snap a few photos and move on. 

Other attractions near Papafragas Beach Milos Island?

Papafragas beach Milos is super close to Pollonia where you can stop by for a lunch after the beach. All the best restaurants in Pollonia are located along its marina.

I wrote a whole post about Pollonia if you want more information about this charming town, check it out – A Guide to Pollonia Milos

Papafragas is also close to the best beach Milos is famous for – Sarakiniko. 

#4 Kleftiko Milos

Kleftiko Milos Greece

Where is Kleftiko Milos Greece?

Kleftiko is located on the southwestern tip of the Greece Milos island. This part of the island has only a few roads and when you rent a car on Milos, basically you’re not allowed to drive there, because there is no road assistant available in case of any problems. 

What’s special about Kleftiko Greece Milos?

Kleftiko is one of the most iconic places and one of the best beaches in Milos. Kleftiko is actually not a beach, it’s more a bay with soaring chalky rocks that, over time, have been smoothed and shaped by the erosive powers of wind and sea. What’s unique about Kleftiko bay is its unbelievably turquoise and crystal clear water that stays calm throughout most of the year, which is perfect for snorkelling! The landscape at Kleftiko is truly extraordinary and resembles nothing I  have ever seen before!

How to get to Milos Kleftiko Beach?

Kleftiko Milos

As Kleftiko bay is situated in the southwestern, most remote part of Milos, it is virtually not possible to reach by car (also for the reasons I’ve mentioned above). The best and super enjoyable way of getting to Milos Kleftiko is taking one of the boat tours! Here are some of the best Kleftiko Milos boat tour options you can take:

Full-Day All-Inclusive Kleftiko Cruise – On this tour you will get to enjoy a whole day on a luxurious yacht. There will be plenty of snorkelling stops and in between, you can relax in one of the lounge areas including deck cushions and hammocks while sipping on an alcoholic beverage.  

Full-Day Catamaran Cruise + Lunch – If you prefer to cruise on a catamaran, this tour is for you! In addition to visiting Kleftiko Milos, the catamaran makes various swimming stops along the western coast of Milos including Kalogries and Agios Ioannis beaches. 

What to expect at Kleftiko Milos?

Kleftiko Milos

Facilities | There are no facilities in this part of Milos. But, most boat tours or cruises will provide toilets, snorkelling equipment and some sort of drinks and food package. If you want to get spoiled, take an all-inclusive cruise that also includes unlimited alcoholic drinks!

Beach | As I mentioned earlier, Kleftiko is more a bay than a beach, although it is often referred to as a beach. Kleftiko Milos is all about admiring the incredible white cliffs and Kleftiko caves that, in the past, were hiding places for the pirates and enjoying the azure, calm sea.  

Swimming | Swimming in Kleftiko Bay is delightful! The sea is super gentle so even if you’re not the strongest swimmer, you will be fine. Make sure you have a snorkelling mask with you because the water is super clear and perfect for snorkelling! Jumping off the boat into the water is also one of the best activities at Kleftiko Milos!

Things to know/take | If you’re visiting during the high season, make sure you book your tour in advance as visiting Kleftiko is one of the best things to do in Milos! 

Photography tips for Kleftiko Bay Milos

In addition to being able to snap some awesome photos from a yacht or a catamaran, bring your waterproof camera such as GoPro to capture the underwater world!

Best time to visit Kleftiko Beach Milos?

The best time for Kleftiko boat tours is between late May and September during which time, you will be able to fully take advantage of the incredible sea. Kleftiko tours also normally leave in the morning. 

Other attractions near Kleftiko

As Kleftiko Bay has a remote location away from it all, there are no nearby attractions. 

Most Beautiful & Easy Beaches in Milos

I hope you liked the four most epic Milos beaches above, and in this section, you’ll find detailed guides to the best beaches in Milos Greece that are way more accessible and suitable for everyone. All the beaches of Milos mentioned in this section are located on the southern coast of the island and are perfect for spending the whole day. Most of them boast decent beach facilities such as beach bars, umbrella rentals and water sports services. 

#5 Firiplaka Beach Milos

Firiplaka Beach Milos

*Firiplaka is also spelt Fyriplaka so I will use in this section, both names interchangeably. 

Where is Firiplaka Milos?

Firiplaka Milos is located on the southern coast of the island, 11 km away from Adamas port. The final part of the road to Firiplaka beach is through a sandy dirt-track style road so hiring an ATV to reach Firiplaka is highly advised. 

Fyriplaka Milos

What’s special about Fyriplaka Beach?

Fyriplaka beach is one of my personal favourites Milos beaches Greece! I love this beach for its azure, calm water, nice sand and soaring cliffs with pink and red hues. I also love the fact that you can see this stunning beach in its full glory from the car park area before you go down.   

How to get to Fyriplaka Milos?

The best way of getting to Firiplaka is to hire an ATV vehicle and drive to this Milos beach independently. Take the main road from Adamas along the coast and drive south, and when you reach the airport go inland for another few kilometres towards the southern coast. 

If you don’t want to drive, there is also a local bus which takes you almost all the way to Fyriplaka beach. Check its timetable before making any solid plans, as Milos bus services vary depending on the season. 

What to expect at Firiplaka Beach?

Firiplaka Beach Milos
The large rock on Firiplaka beach.
Firiplaka Beach Milos
Loco beach club at Firiplaka.

Facilities | Firiplaka beach boasts some excellent beach facilities, especially for such a remote beach that Firiplaka is! At the end of the sandy road, there is a car park area, where you can leave your vehicle for free. However, the car park gets full very quickly and the parking is a little messy here. I personally prefer to park at the top of the hill, along the sandy road and walk down to the beach. But, if you’re a confident driver, you can try your lack with parking closer to the beach. 

There is a LOCO beach club, which provides sunbeds and umbrellas for daily rent starting at €20 for the set and a small menu with light bites and drinks. If you want to rent the sunbeds, I recommend arriving in the morning so that you can choose a good set and make the most of the €20. When I visited, there was no available toilet for the customers, which is a little weird. 

For all the watersports enthusiasts, Watersports Milos provides SUP paddleboards and kayaks for rental as well as kayak tours. 

TIP | If you want to visit Tsigrado beach but don’t want to climb the horrible vertical ladder, you can rent a kayak at Firiplaka and get there on a kayak!

Beach | Firiplaka is easily one of the best Milos beaches and my personal favourite providing a good balance between adventure and convenience not to mention its natural beauty! The beach is covered with tinny stones, which are soft enough to lay on but don’t stick everywhere and to everything. In the middle of the beach, there is a large rock that apart from being picturesque, also provides some natural shade. 

Swimming | The water at Firiplaka beach is perfect for swimming and suitable, even for the little kids. It’s shallow and crystal clear, perfect for taking a relaxing dip. 

Things to know/take | Firiplaka is an ideal place for a long, and relaxing beach day. If you want to rent sunbeds, a kayak or a SUP, don’t forget to take some cash with you. 

Photography tips for Firiplaka Milos

Firiplaka Beach Milos

The best spot for capturing the panoramic vista of this gorgeous beach with its colourful cliffs in the background is a small hill that you can find in the middle of the car park area. Even if you’re not interested in photography, take a minute to appreciate the breathtaking view from that spot! Another cool spot for snapping a few shots is in front of the large rock that stands in the middle of the island. 

Any time of the day will be good for taking photos on Fyriplaka beach but my favourite time for this beach is late in the afternoon when you can enjoy the beautiful golden light. 

Best time to visit Fyriplaka Beach

As I mentioned earlier, Firiplaka Milos is an excellent beach to spend all day on, but arriving in the morning is always advised to find a good parking spot, rent good sunbeds, or find the perfect spot for your towel. Firiplaka beach is also an excellent to stay for the sunset. 

Other attractions near Firiplaka 

Right next to Firiplaka beach, you can find Tsigrado beach and if you have more time, you can also check out Paleochori beach, Agia Kiriaki and Gerakas beach. 

#6 Paleochori Milos

paleochori beach milos

Where is Paleochori Milos?

Paleochori Milos is located on the southeastern coast and is 12 km away from the island’s capital Adamas. Paleochori is a little more remote from other beaches Milos Greece but if you’re after a beautiful beach that is easy to get to, easy to park and has some good beach facilities, Paliochori is for you.   

Paleochori Milos

What’s special about Paliochori Beach Milos?

Paliochori beach Milos boasts picturesque cliffs with intense hues of red and pink! It also has some decent dining options with spectacular views over this incredible beach. In fact, the best thing to do at Paleochori is to sit on a restaurant terrace, sipping a cold beverage and soaking in the incredible view. 

How to get to Paleochori Beach Milos?

You can get to Paleochori beach in under half an hour from Adamas by car or a scooter. Take the coastal road that goes south of Adamas, and in Kanavas, switch to the main road that goes into the mainland. There is also a bus that goes to Paliochori from Adamas and you can check its timetable here

What to expect at Milos Paliochori Beach?

paleochori beach milos
Cold drinks & beach views.
paleochori beach milos
Colourful cliffs in the distance.

Facilities | Parking at Paliochori beach is super easy – there is a large parking lot in front of the restaurants with a proper asphalt surface. On the beach, there are a couple of sunbeds and umbrellas rentals and two large restaurants with terraces overlooking the beach. There is even a toilet!

Beach | The beach is large and covered with pebbles of different sizes. If you prefer to stretch your own towel, there is plenty of space for that, and the further part of the beach, away from the restaurants tends to be much quieter. 

Swimming | Paliochori beach is also a fantastic beach for swimming with calm and shallow water with gorgeous azure colour. 

Photography tips for Paleochori Milos Beach

paleochori beach milos

For a nice view of the entire beach, take a photo from one of the restaurant patios overlooking the bay and the colourful cliffs. Also, the afternoon light is definitely the best for capturing the beauty of this Milos beach!

Best time to visit Paleochori?

paleochori beach milos
Lunch time favourite!

Any time of the day is great to enjoy Paleochori beach but if I was going to choose the perfect time, it would be late afternoon to see the beach washed in the golden afternoon light and have an early dinner in one of the beach restaurants. 

Other attractions near Paleochori Beach

Other great Milos beaches in this part of the island include Agia Kiriaki beach, Gerakas, Tsigrado beach and Firoplaka beach.

Best Hotel Milos Greece Paleochori

Artemis Deluxe RoomsHotel with a pool & private beach

Artemis Deluxe Rooms via Booking.com
Artemis Deluxe Rooms via Booking.com

Location | Artemis Deluxe Rooms are located a 6-minute walk to the Paleochori beach and has their own private area on the beach for its guests. 

Facilities | The property features a pool with sea views and a bar for guests to enjoy. Each double room is en suite featuring complimentary toiletries and comes equipped with a fridge, a microwave and a coffee machine. Rooms also feature a private terrace with a seating area and garden view. Rooms sleep two adults, and family suites sleep up to 4 adults. The hotel staff can arrange various excursions and a car rental.

Best for | Couples, romantic stays, family holiday. 

Compare Booking | Agoda

#7 Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos

Agia Kiriaki Milos

Where is Agia Kiriaki Milos? 

Agia Kiriaki beach is tucked between Paleochori and Tsigrado beaches on the southern coast of Milos island. You can get to Agia Kiriaki Milos within 20 minutes from Adamas. 

Agia Kiriaki Milos

What’s special about Kiriaki Beach (Kyriaki Milos)?

Agia Kiriaki is a low-key beach where you can seek peace and quiet! The beach is covered with beautiful white pebbles that shine in the midday sun creating a magical effect. Not to mention its inviting calm waters with a perfect shade of turquoise! 

How to get to Agia Kiriaki?

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos

Agia Kiriaki is easy to get to. From Adamas, take the main coastal road south and turn into the mainland road in Kanava, just before the airport, all the way to Zefiria and then south to Paralia Agia Kiriaki. The journey should take no more than 20 minutes. 

The local buses don’t go to Agia Kiriaki, unfortunately, so making your own way here is the only choice.   

What to expect at Agia Kiriaki Beach?

Agia Kiriaki Milos

Facilities & Beach | Agia Kiriaki beach boasts a relatively long stretch of beach with beautiful white pebbles. You can leave your car, free of charge in a car park that is located just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. In season, a small taverna serves light bites and cold drinks and also provides sunbeds and umbrella rental. But, the organised part of the beach only takes up a small piece with plenty of beach space left to enjoy for those that don’t want to pay for sun loungers. There is also some natural shade under the trees on one side of the beach!

Swimming | Agia Kiriaki Milos is an awesome spot to enjoy swimming! On one side, there is a small jetty and boat rental services that don’t require a special licence, and you can always see a few small boats moored near the bay.  

Things to know/take | Outside of the high season, Agia Kiriaki is a tranquil oasis where you can truly unwind. Please, not that the taverna and the sunbeds rental shut down outside of high season months. 

Agia Kiriaki Beach Milos
Aerial shot of Agia Kiriaki.

Best time to visit Agia Kiriaki

The best time to visit Agia Kiriaki is anytime during the day until the late afternoon. If you want to rent a set of sun loungers during the high season, arrive before 10 am. 

Other attractions near Agia Kiriaki Beach

Agia Kiriaki is close to Paleochori beach and Tsigrado beach. 

Best Fishing Villages Beaches Milos is Renowned For

In this section, you will find Milos Greece best beaches set in super picturesque and traditional villages. By visiting one of those beaches, you will also visit the village, which is perfect for all the explorers out there! 

#8 Klima Beach Milos 

Klima village Milos

Where is Klima Beach?

Klima beach is situated on the northern coast of Milos cove, 5 km away from the island’s port and capital town – Adamas. This charming beach is also tucked in the heart of the colourful fishing village of Klima and for that reason is one of the most unique and interesting beaches on Milos. 

Klima Milos

What’s special about Klima Milos Greece?

Klima beach is set in a delightful traditional fishing village. Colourfully painted boathouses called ‘sirmas’ line up the shore and contrast beautifully with the dark blue water. Enjoying the beach can be easily combined with visiting Klima Milos village. Stroll the colourful shore and check out a few boutiques selling hand-made jewellery and unique home decor items. Don’t forget to bring your camera, because Klima is super cute with plenty of photo opportunities. 

If you want to find out more about Klima, I wrote a full guide, which you can access here – Klima Milos Guide

How to get to Klima Milos?

The best way of getting to Klima is driving your own car, scooter or ATV vehicle. The distance from Adamas is only 5 km, but the journey time is about 15 minutes due to the steep and winding roads. The route also takes you through a small town called Trypiti, which is an extension of the ancient town of Plaka Milos

Unfortunately, buses don’t go to Klima due to the road condition. The closest to Klima you can get by the public Milos bus is the Catacombs of Milos from where you can walk to Klima. It’s about a 2 km or 30 minutes walk.  

What to expect at Klima Beach?

Klima Beach Milos
Klima Beach.

Facilities | As a visitor to Klima village, you’ll be required to leave your vehicle at the top of the road and continue on foot to the centre of the village, which will take no longer than 5 minutes. When you reach the coast, turn left and walk along the shore to find the beach. Klima beach does not have any form of beach facilities, so if you want to spend here a few hours, make sure you pack everything you need. 

If you need to use the restrooms, there is Astakas Cafe just a short walk from the beach. Astakas Milos is also great for sunset drinks or even dinner. You can sit here at one of the tables in the front raw and enjoy the golden hour! It is the perfect place on Milos to enjoy the sunset.  

Klima restaurant Milos
Astakas Cafe

Beach | Klima beach is small and cosy with a nice layer of soft, golden sand. You can also find here some natural shade, under the trees that grow on its edge. If you plan to spend here all day, arrive early to make sure you can select the perfect spot. 

Swimming | Klima beach is generally a great spot for swimming. The only thing to have in mind is that the seawater is not as shallow as in other best Milos beaches and on a windy day, the water may be a little rough. 

Things to know/take | After the beach, I recommend stopping at Astakas Cafe for a drink or lunch/dinner! And if you have time, stay in Klima for sunset, you will not regret it. 

Photography tips for Klima Milos

Klima Milos

If you’re planning to take photos in Klima, the best time to come is in the later afternoon. Klima is west-facing which means, the boathouses by the shore are in the shade until after midday. During the day the sun will be too harsh to take good photos with vibrant colours and that leaves us with the late afternoon. If you’re after some Instagram-worthy shots in Klima, you’ll find them in the northern part of the village (right from the main road). 

Best time to visit Klima Beach & village

The best time to enjoy Klima Milos is in the afternoon, as I mentioned above this is the best time for photography but also the late afternoon is an excellent time to enjoy a drink with the awesome view of the colourful Klima shore. 

Other attractions near Klima Milos

You can combine your visit to Klima with exploring Plaka – the ancient capital of the island, perched on a hill. For all the history and culture enthusiasts, a visit to the ancient catacombs of Milos and the Milos amphitheatre is also recommended.    

Best Unique Place to Stay in Klima

Traditional Sirma in KlimaBoathouse apartment right on the beach 

Traditional Sirma via Booking.com
Traditional Sirma via Booking.com

Location | This traditional sirma is located right on the beach in Klima. Guests can park for free in a shared parking located 500m from the property. 

Facilities | This rustic sirma boathouse has a gorgeous design with tasteful furniture and ornaments. It includes a double bedroom and a fully equipped kitchenette with a dining area. Guests can also enjoy a private veranda overlooking the beach with easy access to take a dip in the sea. 

Best for | Couples, boutique hotel lovers, epic sunsets, peace and quiet.

Compare Booking | Agoda

#9 Firopotamos Milos

Firopotamos Beach Milos

Where is Milos Firopotamos Beach? 

Firopotamos is another charming fishing village with white and blue painted boathouses along the shore that boasts stunning azure water. You can find Firopotamos on the northwestern coast of island Milos Greece, 6 km north of Adamas.     

Firopotamos Milos

What’s special about Firopotamos Beach?

Firopotamos beach is located directly opposite the village of Firopotamos so you can enjoy the view of it from the beach or while swimming in the sea. Firopotamos is not super popular, so you will be able to enjoy some peace and quiet here, away from the crowds.  

Firopotamos Beach Milos

How to get to Firopotamos Beach Milos?

As local buses don’t go to Firopotamos, the only way you can get here is by car, scooter or ATV. Firopotamos is super close to Adamas but the road can get a little tricky in certain parts. The last bit of getting to Firopotamos is a steep, dirt-track road that leads all the way to the village. While it is still manageable in any type of vehicle, just take extra care while navigating it. To get to Firopotamos beach turn left on the dirt-track road, before the village. 

What to expect at Firopotamos Beach?

Firopotamos Beach Milos

Facilities & Beach | Firopotamos is a low-key beach with a small stretch of sand mixed with pebbles, and a few traditional boathouses converted into holiday rentals, along the shore. In high season, you can rent a set of sunbeds and an umbrella here for a more comfortable beach day. Alternatively, you can stretch your towel under the trees for some natural shade. 

Before the beach, don’t forget to check out Firopotamos village, which you can find on the opposite side of this tranquil bay.   

Swimming | Firopotmas beach is a great swimming spot with shallow water that remains calm most of the time! 

Things to know/take | Once you turn into the dirt-track road towards Firopotamos, there won’t be any shops or restaurants to get food or drink, so make sure you stock up beforehand or arrive after lunch. If you’re looking for a good lunch spot, check out Medusa in the neighbouring Mandrakia village. 

Photography tips for Firopotamos Milos

Firopotamos Beach Milos

The best time during the day for photography at Firopotamos village is from early to late afternoon. Firopotmas is tucked in a small alcove and will experience shade in the early morning and late afternoon. The beach and the village are equally picturesque.  

Best time to visit Firopotamos

Any time of the day will be good to enjoy Firopotmas beach apart from early morning and late afternoon when the beach may be in shade. 

Other attractions near Firopotamos

Firopotamos is near Klima and Mandrakia fishing villages, which means you can visit all three in one day. If you want some variety, you could also combine visiting Firopotamos with Plaka.  

Best Hotel in Firopotamos

Blue Mare ApartmentsRight on the beach

Blue Mare Apartments via Booking.com
Blue Mare Apartments via Booking.com

Location | Blue Mare Apartments are located right on the beach in the tranquil village of Firopotamos.

Facilities | This two-bedroom apartment can sleep up to 5 adults and comes with a lounge area and a fully equipped kitchen. Patio door leads to the beach and comes with a seating area. There is also a private bathroom.

Best for | Tranquil getaway, beachgoers, relaxation, friends, families.

Compare Booking | Agoda

#10 Mandrakia Milos 

Mandrakia Milos Greece

Where is Mandrakia Beach Milos? 

Mandrakia sits on the northern coast of Milos between other interesting and famous island attractions – Sarakiniko beach to the east and Firopotmaos village to the west. Adamas town can be found on the inner side of the Milos cove, 6 km south of Mandrakia. 

Mandrakia Milos Map

What’s special about Mandrakia Bay?

Although Mandrakia is not really a sandy beach, it earned its position on this list, for its beautiful azure and unbelievably clear water. Mandrakia Milos is also super picturesque and very Instagrammable!  

For more information, check out – A Guide to Mandrakia Milos 

How to get to Mandrakia? 

Mandrakia is located centrally and it is super easy to make your own way there from Adamas or Pollonia. Park your vehicle in a municipal parking lot free of charge, and take your time to explore this picture-perfect village. 

During the time of writing this post, there was no public bus that goes between Adamas and Mandrakia, but you can double-check that yourself here, to get the most up to date information, at the time you read it. 

What to expect at Mandrakia? 

How inviting is this water?
Mandrakia Beach Milos

Facilities, Beach & Swimming | Mandrakia is a picturesque bay with unbelievably clear azure water lined up with colourful boathouses that are still being used. Mandrakia is not really a place where you would stretch your towel and chill for hours, most people arrive at Mandrakia to explore and take a few shots and then continue to the next Milos attraction. However, there is no reason why you couldn’t take a quick dip in its waters, which look so inviting! 

Things to know/take | Right by Mandrakia, there is a local beach called Tourkothalassa that offers more beach space. During the low tide, you can find here, a few natural rock pools and swimming in them is a super cool experience! Also, Mandrakia boasts a really good lunch spot – Medusa restaurant! Definitely check it out if you’re at Mandrakia during lunchtime. During the high season, Medusa gets super busy, so you may need to prebook the table if you want to eat there.

Photography tips for Mandrakia village

fishing boats in Mandrakia milos

Mandrakia is a gem for taking stunning photos! For a panoramic shot of Mandrakia, go to the car park area and take a picture by the edge of the shore. Other good photo spots include the colourful boathouses and the quaint church. 

Best time to visit Mandrakia 

Church in Mandrakia greece

The best time to visit Mandrakia is early afternoon when the sun shines on Mandrakia harbour bringing up all its colours. Mandrakia’s colourful bay is facing west, which means that Mandrakia is in the shade until midday. If you’re a photographer, that is definitely an important factor for taking good quality photos. 

Other attractions near Mandrakia Milos

Mandrakia is super close to the best beach Milos Greece – the mighty Sarakiniko, the village of Firopotamos and the ancient capital of the island – Plaka. 

Best Apartment in Mandrakia

Seascape Mandrakia Milos Apartment in the heart of Mandrakia

seascape mandrakia hotel milos

Location | Seascape apartments are located in the heart of Milos Mandrakia, 150 meters from Gerania Beach. 

Facilities | The apartment features a double bed, a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. Outside of the house, there is a cute terrace with a table and chairs, perfect for enjoying meals. The hotel offers a car rental service and a tour desk. 

Best for | Couples on a peaceful holiday.

Best Milos Beaches in Towns

#11 Pollonia Beach Milos

apollonia beach milos

Where is Milos Pollonia? 

Pollonia is one of the more famous Milos towns which you can reach by driving 10 km northeast of the island’s port – Adamas. Pollonia is also one of the most northern coastal towns in Milos and it is known to be a tranquil town, perfect for couples and families. 

Pollonia Milos Map

What’s special about Pollonia Milos?

Pollonia is a quaint coastal town yet it boasts all the holiday facilities you may possibly desire – rental shops, excellent tavernas and cute cafes. Pollonia is also one of the best places to stay on Milos! Also, if you’re interested in exploring the Cyclades beyond Milos, you can catch a short ferry ride from Pollonia to the nearby islet of Kimolos.  

How to get to Apollonia Milos?

You can reach Pollonia town and beach in under 20 minutes drive from the island’s port town Adamas and a little longer from the Milos airport. There is also a local bus that connects Adamas with Pollonia and runs regularly throughout the day. The bus timetable varies depending on the season so I’m leaving the link to the bus schedule here so that you can check the exact schedule for the dates of your trip.  

What to expect at Apollonia Beach? 

Pollonia Milos Aerial shot

Facilities | Park your vehicle in the free parking, just across the street from the beach. During the high season, a few tavernas provide sunbeds and umbrella rentals as well as drink and food service straight to your lounger, so that you don’t need to move at all! If you’re travelling in the low season, you can also find a bunch of great cafes for lunch along the town’s promenade. 

Beach | Pollonia beach has dark, golden sand, and it’s surrounded by brown hills and whitewashed Cycladic cube houses. It is also super quiet compared to other beaches in Milos. There is a small jetty in the middle of the beach where small private boats stop and take people out into the sea for diving and fishing. 

You can also rent a boat in here, in Pollonia and go on your private boat tour around Milos!

Swimming | Apollonia beach is great for taking a refreshing dip! The water stays calm and it’s shallow, which is also perfect to enjoy for small kids.  

If you’re interested in finding out more about this beach town, check the complete Guide to Pollonia Milos

Photography tips for Pollonia Milos

Pollonia Milos
Saint Nicholas Church.
Pollonia Milos
The view of Pollonia Milos.

Pollonia is super charming and boasts a few good photo spots including the beach itself. Other picturesque places in Pollonia include Saint Nicholas Church, Agia Paraskevi Church and Pollonia jetty. 

Best time to visit Apollonia Beach

Any time of the day is great to enjoy Apollonia beach! 

Other attractions near Apollonia Beach

Pollonia is close to Papafragas beach and some awesome caves. If you’re a wine lover, check also out the Kostantakis Winery nearby. 

Best Hotel in Pollonia

Pollonia Studios MilosCycladic studios with sea view.

greek milo hotel
Pollonia Studios via Booking.com
Pollonia Studios via Booking.com

Location | Pollonia Studios are situated right at the seafront in the tranquil finishing village of Pollonia. Sandy beach and a range of tavernas and cafes are minutes walk from the property.

Facilities | Studios at Pollonia sleep up to 4 adults, which is an excellent choice for families or friends travelling together. Each comes with an en suite bathroom with complimentary toiletries, private terrace, and some come with a fully equipped kitchenette and sea view. Guests can enjoy a daily breakfast for an additional charge.

Best for | Families, friends and couples.

Compare Booking | Agoda

#12 Pachena Beach Milos

Where is Pachena (Pachaina Beach Milos)?

Pachena beach sits on the northern coast of Milos island and neighbours Mandrakia to the west and Pollonia to the east. Adamas Port is situated 7 km or about an 11-minute drive. 

Pachena Milos Map

What’s special about Pachaina Beach?

Pachena or Pachaina beach may not be as spectacular as other Milos beaches reviewed earlier in this article but it is a sandy beach that remains quiet most of the year, which is the quality that earns Pachena a position among the best beaches Milos Greece.  

How to get to Pachena Beach?

Pachena boasts a central position, and it is super easy to drive to from the nearby villages of Pollonia, Adamas or Plaka. Once you get off the main road, you enter a small settlement with holiday homes and family-run hotels; take a road to the left to find the steep road that will take you down to the beach. 

There is also a local bus that connects Pachena beach with Pollonia and Adamas and regularly runs throughout the day. The bus timetable varies depending on the season, so I’m leaving the link to the bus schedule here so that you can check the exact schedule for the dates of your trip.  

What to expect at Pachena Beach Milos?

pachaina beach milos

Facilities | Apart from seasonal sunbeds rental, Pachena beach has no other facilities. 

Beach | Pachena boats beautiful golden sand and some interesting rock formations. It is located a few minutes walk from the Pachena village, down a steep road. 

Swimming | Pachena is great for swimming. The only thing to have in mind is that on a windy day, there may be big waves. 

Things to know/take to | Pachena beach is excellent for those that want a relaxing day away from the crowds. Pachaina beach can be great during the high season when other beaches are super busy.

Best time to visit Pachena Beach

Any time of the day is great to visit Pachena beach, as this part of the island never gets too busy to enjoy. Pachena is a north-facing beach which exposes it to the northern winds that can get very strong. You can check the wind forecast before you make any plans via WindFidner

Other attractions near Pachena Beach Milos

Other places near Pacheina beach that are worth adding to your itinerary include Sarakiniko beach and Papafragas beach. If you want to add a lunch stop to your itinerary, I recommend you pop into Pollonia village, which is located a 5-minute drive east of Pachena. You can find all the local Pollonia restaurants along the main promenade. 

Best Milos Hotel near Pachena Beach

air bnb milos
Papafragos Studios via Booking.com
airbnb milos
Papafragos Studios via Booking.com

Papafragas Studios Milos apartments, 5 min from the beach.

Location | Papafragas Studios are located in the Pachana village, 5 minutes walk to the beach and about 2 kilometres away from supermarkets. 

Facilities | The studios all come with air conditioning and an en suite bathroom, a fully equipped kitchenette and a patio with a seating area. The property features studios that sleep up to 4 adults. Some rooms have a sea view while others overlook the garden. There is free parking available at the property.  

Best for | Friends, couples, off-beaten track experience.

Compare Booking | Agoda

#13 Papikinou Beach Adamas

Milos beaches - Papikinou

Where is Papikinou Beach?

Papikinou beach is one of two Adamas beaches situated a 15 minutes walk or a few minutes drive from Adamas Milos Port. 

Papikinou Milos Map

What’s unique about Papikinou Beach?

What is special about this Adamas Milos beach? Papikinou is located in Adamas town, which is the perfect base for Milos first-timers, being close to all the island’s amenities, including good bus connections with the rest of Milos. Adamas also boasts a central location, so you can’t go wrong by choosing Adamas over any other place on Milos. If you want to book a hotel here, I’m leaving a couple of the best Adamas Milos hotels below.  

How to get to Papikinou Beach?

Although Papikinou beach is a great beach to relax on for a few hours, it is not as spectacular as other Milos beaches reviewed earlier in this post. It is, however, a great beach to go to for those that decide to stay in Adamas. It is also a great stop for those that visit Adamas on a day trip and need a couple of hours to chill in the shade or take a refreshing dip in the sea. You can find Papikinou beach 1.5 km southeast, along the coast from the Milos port. 

What to expect at Papikinou Beach

Papikinou Adamas beach
Sun loungers at Papikinou beach.
Papikinou Adamas beach
Natural shade & decking.

Facilities | Papikinou beach has sunbeds & umbrellas for rent but also an area where you can just stretch your own towel and enjoy the beach free of charge. 

If you’re travelling with kids, there is also a small entertainment area for the little ones with plastic swings and slides situated under the trees. And, if you get hungry after a few hours of working hard on your tan, there is a highly rated Greek taverna – O! Hamos! – just across the street serving delicious salads, stews and Greek meze.

Beach | The beach boasts dark, golden sand and wooden decking. Also, what’s nice about this Adamantas beach is that there are trees on the beach where you can hide from the midday heat. 

Swimming | Papikinou beach Milos is also an excellent place for a swim, with shallow and mostly calm water. 

Things to know/take to | If you decide to stay in Adamas, make sure you have a walking distance to Papikinou beach or Lagada beach, which you will find more about in the next section. 

Papikinou Milos
Kids playground.
Papikinou Adamas Beach - Milos beaches
The view of Adamas from the beach.

Best time to visit Papikinou Beach

Any time of the day will be great to enjoy Papikinou beach. If you’re travelling during the high season months of July and August and want to spend a whole day at Papikinou beach, arrive before 10:00 am to get a good spot. This Milos beach is also perfect for enjoying the golden hour and sunset. 

Other attractions near Papikinou Beach

I highly recommend checking out Oh Hamos Tavern, which you can find just across the street from the beach. They have a beautiful, shaded garden and a fantastic menu for a delicious lunch or dinner. If you need more information on the best things to do in Adamas Milos, check out the full guide here:

For more information, check out – Adamas, Milos – Full Guide  

#14 Lagada Beach Milos

adamas beach milos

Where is Lagada Beach?

Lagada Beach is the most convenient to get to Adamantas beach, located just a 2-minute walk west of the port. If you’re looking for a chilled beach day, this is the perfect place to stay close to all the Adamas amenities. 

Lagada Milos Map

What’s special about Lagada Milos?

Lagada beach is tucked right in the heart of Adamas and it’s a super convenient beach to go to, for all those that are staying in the island’s port town. Lagada is also an excellent spot for kayaking and hiking!

How to get to Lagada Milos?

You can find Lagada a few minutes’ walk west of the island’s port.

What to expect at Lagada Beach?

Lagada beach in the distance.
Fishing boats at Lagada Milos.

Facilities | At Lagada beach, you can either stretch your own towel or rent a sun lounger and a parasol for the day. There is a kayak rental place by the shore, where you can get a kayak and explore the picturesque coast north of the beach.

Beach | The beach has dark, yellow and powdery sand and calm waters of deep turquoise shade.

Swimming | Laga Milos is an excellent swimming spot with calm and shallow water. 

Things to know/take to | If you’re feeling adventurous, you can go hiking starting from Lagada beach. Simply follow the path along the coast north, which leads to Adamas Lighthouse. This is not only a great exercise, but you will also be rewarded with some epic views over Adamas town.  

Lagada beach.
Lagada Beach Milos
Lagada beach.

Best time to visit Lagada Beach

Any time is excellent to enjoy Lagada Beach. If you’re staying in Adamas, you can spend a lazy beach day here. Morning or late afternoon are the best times to go hiking or kayaking to avoid the midday heat. 

Other attractions near Lagada Milos

Adamas boasts some great museums including Maritime Museum, Mining Museum and Ecclesiastical Museum. There is also an interesting WWII Bomb Shelter, a quaint orthodox church with a picturesque bell tower and some fantastic dining options along the town’s main promenade. 

Best Adamas Milos Hotels

where to stay in greece
Santa Maria Village via Booking.com
places to stay in greece
Santa Maria Village via Booking.com

Santa Maria Village MilosHotel with pool

Location | Santa Maria Suites are located 15 minutes walk from the Adamas harbour with a wide selection of restaurants and cafes and 12 minutes walk from Papikinou Beach.

Facilities | Santa Maria Luxury Suites boast a large pool set in a garden with plenty of sun loungers, a jacuzzi, a cocktail bar and magnificent views of Milos Bay. Each room comes with stylish dark wood furnishing, coffee and tea making facilities, fridge, private terrace and an en suite bathroom with complimentary toiletries. Guests can enjoy a complimentary and extensive breakfast daily and free parking. Rooms at range from double to 2-bedroom suites.

Best for | Large families or group of friends, couples, pool lovers.

Compare Booking | Agoda

Hotel Rigas via Booking.com
Hotel Rigas via Booking.com

Hotel Rigas MilosRight in the centre

Location | Hotel Rigas has an excellent central location within walking distance to all cafes and restaurants in Adamas Port. This location is perfect for grabbing a drink or two in the evening and not having to take a taxi back to the hotel. Papikinou Beach is also within walking distance.

Facilities | Each apartment comes with a kitchenette equipped with a kettle, a fridge and a stove. There is also a dining table, a private bathroom, and a terrace. Guests can enjoy a complimentary breakfast daily as well as wifi and free parking at the property. The staff can arrange an airport shuttle and ATV rental for an additional charge.

Best for | Families and friends travelling together, party goers and island hoppers.

Compare Booking | Agoda

More Beautiful Milos Beaches 

If you’re staying longer on Milos, you may also want to check out the lesser-known but equally epic Milos Beaches!

#15 Alogomandra Milos

Alogomandra Beach Milos 2-2 (1)

Where is Alogomandra Beach?

Alogomandra beach is tucked between Sarakiniko beach from the west and Papafragas caves from the east on the island’s northern coast. The best way to get here is to rent a car or a scooter and take a 6 km inland road that will take you to the northern coast in less than 20 minutes. If you’re based in Plaka, the distance is similar. 

Alogomandra Milos map

What’s unique about Paralia Alogomandra Milos?

Alogomandra (also called Agios Konstantinos Beach) boasts a similar landscape to Sarakiniko beach – white, chalky cliffs contrasting with dark, blue water. The white cliff resembles a wave, and if you own a drone, you can get an epic shot of this unique bay!

What to expect at Alogomandra Beach Milos?

Facilities | There are no facilities available at Alogomandra beach. If you’re looking for a good lunch spot, I recommend driving to Polonia, which boasts an excellent range of restaurants.  

Swimming & Beach | Alogomandra has a small beach area and is one of the more popular Milos beaches, and it can get crowded during the high season months. Swimming at Alogomandra beach depends on the wind and tide. At high tide, the sea takes up the beach, and the swimming conditions may not be ideal. If you enjoy some natural shade, you can stretch your towel in the semi-cave, which also provides an excellent frame for a photo of the beach. 

Alogomandra Beach Milos

Photography tips for Alogomandra Beach

If you own a drone, Alogomandra beach is perfect for an epic aerial shot. A wide-angle lens is also advised, to capture the whole beach. Early morning or late afternoon will have the best light for photography at the beach. 

Best time to visit Alogomandra Milos?

Before visiting, check the wind forecast at WindFidner and avoid windy days with strong northern wind; also, the best time to enjoy the beach is at low tide. If you’re visiting Milos during the high season months of July or August, arrive as early in the morning as possible, to have this beach entirely to yourself, at least for a short while. 

#16 Plathiena Beach 

Plathiena Beach Milos

Where is Plathiena Beach Milos?

Plathiena beach is set on the northwestern coast of the island, 7 km away from Adamas, 2 km from Firopotamos and just under 4 km from the historic town of Plaka Milos.  

Plathiena Milos map

What’s special about Plathiena Milos?

Plathiena Milos boasts gorgeous turquoise water that is shallow and perfect for swimming, including kids. The beach is a little more sheltered from the northern winds so it may be a good option on a windy day. Plathiena is also one of the lesser-known Milos beaches, so it never gets super busy. 

What to expect at Plathiena Milos?

Plathiena Beach Milos

Facilities | Plathiena beach is reasonably easily accessible by car and offers a large dirt-truck parking lot next to the beach. There are a few sun loungers and umbrella sets available for daily rent. In order to secure one during the high season, arrive before 10:00 am. There is also a small bar serving snacks and cold drinks. 

Swimming & Beach | The beach has white, powdery sand and shallow turquoise waters that slope gently, which is great for kids and beginner swimmers. In fact, Plathiena is one of the best beaches in Milos for swimming! 

#17 Provatas Beach

Provatas Milos

Where is Provatas Beach Milos?

Provatas beach is set on the southern coast of Milos island, a 9 km drive from Adamas and 17 km from Pollonia. The nearby beaches of the southern coast include Fyriplaka, Paleochori and Tsigrado beach.

Provatas Milos map

What’s unique about Provatas Beach?

Provatas Milos boasts picturesque cliffs with hues of red and pink and shallow, turquoise water – perfect for enjoying a refreshing dip. 

What to expect at Provatas Milos?

Provatas Milos

Facilities | Provatas beach has a convenient parking area, right next to the beach. For those that want to have a comfy beach day, there are sunbeds and umbrellas to rent and a Greek taverna serving salads, fresh juices and seafood. 

Beach & Swimming | There is a long stretch of soft, golden sand and plenty of space to stretch your own towel for those that would rather avoid paying for the sunbeds. The water at Provatas is shallow, which makes it an excellent family beach. It is also incredibly clear and turquoise, making Provatas one of the best beaches Milos is renowned for! Provatas is also one of the most popular Milos best beaches, so the best time to arrive is early in the morning. 

#18 Gerakas Beach Milos 

Garakas beach

Where is Gerakas  Beach?

Gerakas beach is tucked away between Tsigrado beach to the west and Agia Kiriaki beach to the east. Port Adamas is located 10 km away, and if you’re travelling from the Adamantas area, it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Other nearby beaches include Fyriplaka beach and Paleochori beach. 

Gerakas Milos map

What’s special about Gerakas Milos?

What makes Gerakas so special is the imposing white volcanic cliffs that surround the beach. Not to mention its mesmerising turquoise water that is so clear it’s almost hard to believe it’s real! However, Garakas beach is only accessible by boat so to visit it, you will need to book a boat tour. 

What to expect at Gerakas Beach?

Garakas beach

Facilities | As the beach is only accessible from the sea, there is absolutely nothing on the beach apart from sand and cliffs. 

Beach & Swimming | In order to experience this beach, book one of the Milos sailing cruises that include a stop at Garakas beach. I’m leaving a link to one of the better cruises run by Get Your Guide below. Typically, the boat will stop close to the shore, and you will be given snorkelling equipment and time to explore the underwater world and swim to the beach. 

Milos Full-Day Sailing Cruise in a Small Group 

#19 Kastanas Beach 

Kastanas Milos

Where is Kastanas Beach Milos?

Kastanas beach is set on the eastern coast of the island, 11 km away from Adamas and 7 km south of the town of Pollonia. There are no public buses that stop at Kastanas beach, so the only way to get here is by a hired vehicle. Some part of the road takes you through dirt-track roads of questionable condition,  and for that reason, an ATV vehicle is definitely the best choice. If you’re a confident driver, it is also entirely possible to get here by car or even a scooter. 

Kastanas Milos map

TIP| If the road gets too tricky, you can leave your scooter/car and walk the last bit of the road (about 1-2 kilometres on foot). 

What’s special about Kastanas Milos?

Because Kastanas beach is a little tricky to get to, expect a complete serenity with almost no people! 

What to expect at Kastanas Beach?

Kastanas Milos

Facilities | The beach is completely unorganised so make sure you take with you everything you need for a comfortable beach day. 

Beach & Swimming | Kastanas is one of the best beaches Milos island is known for those that enjoy an off-beaten track experience! The beach has a layer of small stones and it’s surrounded by colourful cliffs with different shades of red and pink. There is a picturesque natural arch, just off the shore and a cave hidden amongst the cliffs. 

#20 Thiorichia Beach

Thiorichia Milos Beach

Where is Thiorichia Beach Milos?

Thiorichia which translates to sulphur mines in Greek can be found on the eastern coast of Milos, 12 km east of Adamas Port and a similar distance if you’re based in Pollonia. The last bit of the road to the Sulphur Mines beach is a little tricky and narrow at times, but with a bit of caution, can be easily reached by a standard car. It is also a good idea to abandon your car, the minute you stop feeling comfortable driving and walk the last kilometre down to the beach. 

Thiorichia Milos map

What’s special about Thiorichia Milos?

Thiorichia beach is another off-beaten track Milos beach for those that love exploring peculiar places. There is an abandoned sulphur mine and a gorgeous, quiet beach to enjoy!

What to expect at Thiorichia Beach?

Thiorichia Milos Beach

Facilities | There are no facilities of any sort at Thiorichia beach, so make sure you pack everything you need, including enough snacks and water to keep you going. 

Beach & Swimming | After checking out the abandoned mines, head to the beach for a refreshing dip in the azure water! You’ll be also able to enjoy a long stretch of beach and have it almost entirely to yourself! 

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