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Halki Naxos – A Guide to the Most Authentic Village of the Island


Thinking of visiting Halki Naxos?

A short drive away from all the popular beaches of Naxos, you’ll find the authentic Cycladic village of Halki Naxos tucked away in the mountains. Halki is the perfect place to take a break from lounging on the beach and immersing yourself in history, quaint architecture and local charm. 

Halki or Chalki Naxos is an excellent destination for a day trip, but also, if you’re looking for where to stay in Naxos, the village of Halki is a unique place to stay for a few nights, especially for those that want to do some hiking in Naxos. Other more obvious places to stay in Naxos include Naxos Town, also referred to as Chora, Agia Anna, Plaka Beach and Agios Prokopios

halki Naxos

I have spent quite some time on Naxos island, and Halki village was one of my favourite places by far! On this page, I’m sharing with you my best tips for visiting the charming village Halki Naxos. 

Quick Guide to Halki Naxos

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Where is Halki Naxos?

Halki Naxos
Halki Naxos.
Halki Naxos
Outdoor cafes in Halki.

Set in the heart of Naxos island, Halki, also spelt Chalki Naxos (or Halkio, Chalkio Naxos) is a charming, small village with an authentic Cycladic vibe. Halki Naxos is located a 25-minutes drive (16 km distance) from port Naxos and also 16 km from the island’s airport.  

Halki is also close to another mountain village called Vivlos, and combining the two places will make a nice day out if you’re staying in one of the coastal towns of Naxos. For those wanting to stay in Halki Naxos, the village is around a 20-30 minutes drive from some of the best beaches in Naxos, such as Plaka and Agios Prokopios.  

Naxos map Halki Naxos


How to get to Chalki Naxos?

Car Rental Naxos 

The most convenient way of getting to Halki Naxos town is by driving yourself. The roads on Naxos are well marked, and the journey should only take a few minutes. Also, you can park near Chalki Naxos Greece village centre for free. I’m leaving the location of the car park here.

Car Rental in Naxos is super common and widely available on the island. I found that online car rental costs the same as doing it in person on arrival, and it saves you the hassle of shopping around on the island. It also makes sense to prebook the car online if you’re travelling during the peak season. 

I usually use DiscoverCars to search for the best car rental option and always opt-in for the full insurance cover to save myself unpleasantries such as paying an excess fee for damages. Also, check if you need an international driving licence to drive in Greece. If you’re from one o the EU countries or the UK, you can legally drive in Greece with your country’s driver’s licence. 

Car Hire Naxos Deals

ATV Rental Naxos

Riding an ATV vehicle is also a popular form of exploring the island. ATVs are easy and fun to drive, and they are good at riding off-road. If you’re planning to visit places like Plaka Beach, Aliko Beach, Hawaii Beach, or Pyrgaki, you may want to consider getting an ATV as an alternative to a car. I was travelling on a scooter in that area, and at times the road was very tricky with sandy, slippery surfaces.    

The downside of renting an ATV is that they are almost as expensive as car rentals and may be unpleasant to drive in windy conditions. The prices start at €50 per day. If you decide on an ATV vehicle, make sure you rent it from a reputable dealer. Always check their reviews and get yourself insured. You may also require an international driver’s licence. 

TIP | If you want to rent it for more than one day, try negotiating the price. You may also offer a cash payment to get a better deal. 

Scooter Rental Naxos

Probably the cheapest way how to get around Naxos other than the bus is renting out a scooter. Since I lived in Bali for a long time, this was my preferred way! I rented a scooter in Naxos Town for €20 a day in September and I paid cash. 

You will probably need to negotiate a little and pay in cash to get a similar rate, but it’s entirely possible! Before you decide on renting a scooter, make sure you have the appropriate driving licence suitable for scooters. They actually check it in every rental shop! If you’re from the UK, a full driving licence is sufficient. 

Naxos Bus System

bus naxos stop
Bus Terminal in Chora

If renting a car in Naxos is not your cup of tea, you can also travel around the island on Naxos buses. There is a private bus Naxos company that runs several lines connecting all the places worth visiting on Naxos such as Plaka Beach, Agios Prokopios, Agia Anna, Glyfada, Aliko, Halki, Filoti and even Vivlos with Naxos Town and making using buses in Naxos easy. Bus ticket prices are also very reasonable costing anything between €1.8 and €5 for a single trip. I’m leaving a link to the Naxos bus schedule below.

Bus Timetable Naxos

Bus Naxos Port to Halki 

Getting a bus from Naxos port to Halki village is super easy and takes around 20 minutes. You can purchase your ticket from the Naxos Public Bus Terminal located near the port in Naxos Town. Take bus 2 or 6 to get from Naxos Chora to Halki Naxos. The bust ticket costs €1.8 or $2. Check the schedule beforehand to ensure you don’t miss the last bus. The bus stop in Halki is located on the main road that runs through the village. Check its location here.

Taxi Naxos 

Another way of getting to Chalkio Naxos is by taxi. However, travelling by taxi around Naxos is the least economical way, and I would only recommend doing it as an option of a last resort. 

Best Hotels in Naxos Halki Village

ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat via Booking.com
ELaiolithos Luxury Retreat via Booking.com

Elaiolithos Luxury Retreat in Naxos Eco-friendly hotel offering a unique, local experience.

Location | The property is perched at 500 m altitude, 3.7 km away from the village of Halki and surrounded by nature. 

Rooms | A range of suites is available to guests, all equipped with a kitchen and a furnished terrace. 

Facilities | Guests can enjoy an organic, local breakfast, free parking, a fruit basket and cooking class as well as access to a fruit and veggie garden. 

Best for | Couples, families, friends, sustainability enthusiasts, nature lovers and local experience seekers. 

Chrysolithos Kerami Apartments via Booking.com
Chrysolithos Kerami Apartments via Booking.com

Chrysolithos Kerami Apartments – Accommodation Naxos Halki with kitchen.

Location | The property is located a 12-minutes walk to the heart of the Halki village centre with a range of cafes and tavernas. 

Rooms | The property features double Halki rooms and 1-2 beds apartments. All units come with a kitchen and a balcony. 

Facilities | Sun terrace and free private parking.

Best for | Couples, families, friends, self-catering stay.

NATURE HOUSE #1 via Booking.com
NATURE HOUSE #1 via Booking.com

NATURE HOUSE #1 – Budget Halki apartments with a kitchen.

Location | The property is located an 11-minutes walk to the heart of the Halki village centre with a range of cafes and tavernas. 

Rooms | One-bed apartments with a kitchen, a dining area and a balcony are available to guests. 

Facilities | Free parking.

Best for | Friends.

What to expect at Halki Naxos?

Chalki Naxos
How pretty is this place?
Chalki Naxos
The colourful alleys of Halki.

Despite being a bit of a hidden gem, Halki offers many interesting Naxos Greece things to do and exciting places to see, so if you don’t mind venturing away from the beach, Halki Naxos is a super cool place to explore or even stay for a few nights!

Chalki Naxos village boasts many excellent bars, cafes and traditional local tavernas hidden in the network of its narrow alleys. The best thing to do in Halki is to order freshly squeezed orange juice, sit, and people watch, and absorb all the cuteness! Don’t forget to try the village speciality – loukoumades, which are sweet puff pastries served with cinnamon, chocolate sauce or ice cream!

Halki Naxos

For all the culture enthusiasts, Halki is home to an excellent art gallery – Fish & Olive and an interesting Folklore Museum. Not to mention all the quaint Byzantine churches waiting to be explored by you! Halki also has some excellent independent workshops – you can find here handmade textiles and jewellery, excellent items to bring back home with you as souvenirs or as a gift for your loved ones. 

If you’re a photographer, make sure you have your camera fully charged and ready because Halki is packed with delightful alleys, adorable buildings and stunning nature. The area of Halki is also famous for superb Naxos hiking trails. Some of the more popular hiking trails include a 6.5 km Circular Path to the village of Monitsia. There are also some shorter ones suitable for all levels. 

Things to do in Naxos Halki Greece

#1 Visit Aghios Georgios Diasorits Church

Aghios Georgios Diasorits Church

A pleasant 10-minute walk from the centre of the village of Halki Naxos stands a well-preserved small Byzantine church dating back to the 11th century. The church is one of the most important Byzantine monuments on Naxos! It was built as cruciform inscribed with a dome. The exterior is made of red brick, and inside, you can find partly preserved colourful frescoes.  

Aghios Georgios Diasorits Church
The beautiful dome.
Aghios Georgios Diasorits Church
The church is so well preserved!

The church is tucked away in a thousand-year-old olive tree grove. It is a super peaceful area, just outside of the village, connected with a charming lane. Make sure you don’t miss this place, even if you’re in Halki for a few hours. On the way, you will walk past another small church that is worth exploring.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes – light trainers or sturdy sports sandals, as the path has a lot of loose rocks. Also, wear sunscreen, or even better, visit in the morning or late afternoon. Bring your camera with you and enjoy! 

Best time to visit | morning or late afternoon 

Location |  Aghios Georgios Diasorits

#2 Treat yourself to a fresh orange juice

chalkio naxos organge juice

When visiting  Halki Naxos, you must try the delicious fresh orange juice served in most village cafes! The orange juice comes 100% from oranges that are locally cultivated in the sunny fields of Naxos island. It is totally worth spending a few euros to try it, as the Naxos fresh orange juice tastes like magic! I had my juice at Four Tastes cafe, which is located in the heart of the village and where all the action is happening. Just sit at one of the outdoor tables, order your juice and perhaps a light bite and immerse yourself in the beauty of this village!

chalkio naxos
This is the map I talk about below.
chalkio naxos organge juice
What a vibe!

Check out the map of the local trails that is located on the wall, just in front of Four Tastes; maybe it will inspire you to go on a hike! Take an alley to the right of the map to get to the Aghios Georgios church, which is located only a short walk from the cafe. 

Location | Four Tastes Cafe

#3 Shop for handmade textiles and jewellery

Halki Naxos
Handmade textile store in Halki.

If you’re interested in purchasing some Naxos souvenirs to bring back home, Chalki Naxos is the perfect place. I found the most interesting shops in the area of the Four Tastes Cafe.

Halki Naxos

There is a boutique selling locally crafted textiles such as tote bags, rugs, scars and clothes. All textiles are handmade and of excellent quality, so the shop is definitely worth checking out! Another cute shop was just behind the cafe, and it had lots of beautiful jewellery and some home decor accessories. I’m leaving the location here.  

#4 Go on one of the historic hikes near Halki Naxos

The start of the hiking trial in Halki village.
You will go past some quaint churches.

Halki (or Chalkio Naxos) village is an excellent base for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to do some hiking. If you have the time, you can take one of the recommended hikes from Halki.

One thousand years old olive tree grove.
Peaceful scenery on along the hiking trail.

One of the more popular ones is called Circular Path, and it is 6.5 km long and it will take you through some scenic island landscape, past quaint Byzantine churches and historic towers, towards the village of Monitsia. 

More information | Naxos hiking

#5 Gorge on loukoumades  

Loukoumades are deep-fried crunchy doughnuts made of puff pastries and served with chocolate spice, honey or ice cream. There is a cafe in Halki Naxos called Liotrivi that specialises in loukoumades, and if sweet treats are your cup of tea, I highly recommend sampling them at that place. Liotrivi Cafe is a family-owned business, and they have a special family recipe for making these greek doughnuts. 

Location | Liotrivi Cafe

#6 Check out Vallindras Distillery

Halki Naxos distillery

Vallindras is a small distillery of the local spirit known as ‘kitron’ made of fruits and leaves of the citron tree. Kitron liquor is only produced on Naxos and comes in three varieties – green contains the least alcohol and is the sweetest, yellow is the strongest, and the least sweet and clear is somewhere in between. When you visit, you will get a short tour and explanation of the distillation process as well you will get to sample different varieties of kitron. At the end, there is also an opportunity to buy a bottle or two to take with you home. 

Location | Distillery M. G. Vallindras

#7 Visit the Folklore Museum Florios Chorianopoulos

If you enjoy learning about history and the local customs from the past, make sure you save enough time to visit the Folklore Museum located in the heart of Halki Naxos. The museum houses various exhibits and historical objects from the daily life of people over a two-storey building. But, what makes this museum special and worth an hour of your precious holiday time is the host Florios that will provide all the narrative, bring meaning to the displayed objects and take you back in time and space on a wonderful journey!

Location | Folklore Museum

#8 Visit Fish & Olive Gallery Halki Naxos

If you enjoy art, make sure you also visit the Fish & Olive Gallery located in the heart of the village. In this space, you will find beautiful ceramics, marble sculptures and jewellery made by two talented artists – Katharina and Alexander. You can come here just to admire the pieces and you can also make a purchase. 

Location | Fish & Olive Gallery

#9 Go on a day trip to Filoti 

Filoti Naxos, where to stay on naxos
Filoti Naxos

Filoti Naxos is the largest village on the Cyclades island Naxos, built on the slopes of mount Zas with some spectacular island views, traditional Cycladic architecture with sugar cube houses, quaint churches and whitewashed alleys. The most picturesque part of Filoti is a small square, home to Panagia Filotitissa Church. From the church, head towards the main road west through the adorable alley until you get to a cute cafe with colourful chairs set on a large staircase. The place is owned by a super friendly elderly lady and it’s called The Old Cinema (To Palio Cinema). Have a coffee here and a desert, and spend a lazy afternoon chilling in the shade. 

Some of the best hikes in Naxos start from Filoti, and the choice is ample! Perhaps, the most popular hike to do in Filoti is the Mount Zas trail. Naxos Filoti is also excellent to experience the local life, spend some time in the local tavernas, talk to the Naxians and eat what they eat. And, oh boy, Filoti has an excellent choice of the local, family-owned tavernas where you can gorge on the Cycladic and Greek cuisine and eat your heart out. I’m leaving a list of the best places to eat Naxos in Filoti below. 

Location | Filoti Naxos 

#10 Visit Monastery Fotodoti

Monastery Fotodoti naxos
The beautiful interior of the monastery.
Monastery Fotodoti naxos
The incredible views.

For those explorers with a pressing desire of discovering off-beaten track destinations, there is a quaint monastery not too far from Halkio Naxos! The monastery dates back to the 6th-century, and it’s beautifully preserved! It opens to the public only within a certain time so if you’re keen on exploring it, make sure you check the opening times before. You will be greeted by a lovely lady that looks after the place with some sweets and an interesting story about the monastery. 

The road to the monastery is a little tricky, and if you’re not a confident driver, you can park your car when the asphalt ends and walk the remaining 2 km. Alternatively, hire an ATV vehicle to be able to get all the way to the top. Apart from the stunning monastery, the view is equally awe-inspiring!

Opening time | June-September 11 am to 2 pm (Sunday closed) 

Location | Monastery Fotodoti

Best Naxos Halki Restaurants 

Halki restaurants
Cuta Halki Cafes.
Halki restaurants

Kitron | Citron Cocktail Bar great for an evening drink

Halki Cafe | Great for breakfast or brunch, crepes 

Four Tastes Cafe | Cute seating, fresh orange juice and home-made cakes

Liotrivi | delicious loukoumades -puffy doughnuts with cinnamon, ice cream or chocolate!

How long do I need for Chalkio Naxos?

Halki Naxos
Make sure you bring your camera with you!
Halki Naxos
Beautiful show front in Halki Naxos.

Halki Naxos is super small and compact, and you will be able to see the most interesting places in  2-4 hours, including lunch. I recommend coming here either in the morning or late afternoon to avoid the midday heat. You can also stay 1-2 nights in the village for a local vibe and to be able to do some hiking in the local area. 

What’s the best time to visit Halki Naxos Greece? 

The best time to visit Halki is between May and September and make sure you avoid midday during the summer months of July and August.  

Other places to visit near Halki Naxos

Plaka Beach Naxos 

Plaka Beach Naxos

Situated a 20-minutes drive from Halkio Naxos, Plaka Naxos is known to be the best beach in Naxos. When you visit the island, you’ll be spoiled with superb beaches in Naxos Greece, and Naxos Plaka is certainly one of them!  

Plaka Beach on Naxos is one of the unspoiled and underdeveloped beaches on Naxos, with golden sand and calm waters thanks to its sheltered location. At its northern edge, you will find a few hotels, a couple of beach bars, sunbeds, and parasol rentals. Don’t expect loud music and a lively, party vibe, though! Even this part is super quiet and perfect for a relaxing getaway in nature. The southern end of Plaka Beach on Naxos is even less developed, with not much besides a golden beach and gentle waves washing against the shore. 

Mikri Vigla Naxos

Mikri vigla naxos
Mikri Vigla Beach

A 25-minute drive southwest of Halki Naxos, Mikri Vigla Beach attracts kites and windsurfers with world-class wind conditions.

Mikri Vigla is a small town that caters for an increasing number of kitesurfing enthusiasts with a few good accommodation options, a small range of tavernas and cafes. There are two main beaches in Mikri Vigla – the northern beach – the best beach in Naxos Greece, for kite and windsurfing due to its strong north wind, and the southern beach, which is calm, perfect for non-surfers that enjoy sun lounging and swimming. If you’ve never surfed before, know that learning kitesurfing is one of the best things to do in Naxos, and Mikri Vigla is the perfect place!

Even if you don’t surf, Mikri Vigla Naxos may be a perfect town to check out on a day trip. The town is only a minutes drive to some of the most stunning Naxos Greece beaches such as unspoiled Plaka Beach, north of the town, and Glyfada which is also great for windsurfing, Hawaii, Aliko and Pyrgaki which are calm beaches perfect for swimming and relaxing away from the crowds and noisy beach clubs. 

Agia Anna Naxos

Agia Anna Naxos

Just a few kilometres south of Halki Naxos, along the western coast of the island, you’ll find the charming fishing village of Agia Anna. 

The town has a lovely stretch of sandy Agia Anna beach with shallow water that is suitable for everyone to enjoy. Various beach bars and picturesque cafes line up the coast offering sunbeds and umbrellas rental and drink and food service. There is also plenty of room to bring your own towel if you prefer that. 

At the end of the beach, boat cruises leave daily to the nearby Greek islands such as Kaufonissi from a small jetty. And a short walk away from the village centre you can find a quaint white and blue church. Walk behind it for stunning, panoramic vistas of Agia Anna and some interesting rock formations. You can find here a secluded spot and enjoy your little, private beach for a romantic time or just a relaxing time by yourself. Nearby, there is also a nudist beach.

Best Naxos Tours 

A great way of exploring the island is by taking an organised tour. This is a particularly good option if you don’t have enough time. Here are some of the best hand-picked Naxos excursions, Naxos boat tours and best day trips from Naxos island. 

Milos boat

All-Inclusive Catamaran Day Cruise & Snorkelling 

All-Inclusive Boat Tour Naxos to Small Cyclades 

where to stay in naxos

Private Food Tour in Naxos Old Town 

Apollo Temple, Naxos

Half-Day Private Tour of Naxos

Best time to visit Naxos?

Portara of Naxos Chora
Portara in Naxos Town

Naxos experiences its peak season during July and August when the island receives the most visitors, hotel prices are at their highest and so are the daily temperatures averaging around 27 degrees Celsius. 

June, September and October are the perfect months to visit Naxos island. You can expect plenty of sunshine, temperature averaging in the mid-twenties degree Celcius with seawater staying above 20 degrees Celsius as well, which is ideal for swimming. During this time you can also grab some good deals on accommodation and rentals and enjoy half-empty Naxos beaches.  

How many days in Naxos?

Naxos is the biggest Cycladic island which is impossible to visit on a day trip. Luckily, all the most exciting things to do in Naxos, and Naxos best beaches are concentrated on its western coast. To fully appreciate the island’s beauty and the best of Naxos, I recommend spending at least one week here. 

How to Get to Naxos?

chora naxos old town
Naxos Port

Direct Flights to Naxos

The only direct way via an aeroplane to the island is Athens to Naxos flight. Several airlines serve this connection and these are Olympic, Sky Express and Aegean. Use a flight browser such as Kayak to find the cheapest or best flight. 

Naxos airport is situated on the western coast of the island, an 8-minutes drive from Chora. You can hire a car, take a taxi or a bus to get to your Naxos accommodation. 

How to get to Naxos from the UK?

As there is no direct flight between the UK and Naxos, you will need to fly to Athens and then go on a flight Athens to Naxos, which operates multiple times per day. You can also take a ferry to Naxos from Pireaus Port in Athens. Check the next section for more information.

Naxos Ferries 

The most common way of getting to Naxos is taking a ferry either from Athens or, if you’re island hopping in the Cyclades, from another island. Several companies service the route between the Cycladic islands in Greece, such as Seajets, Blue Star Naxos, and Hellenic Seaways. 

If you want to save some money on the ferries that can be costly, especially if you’re island hopping, I recommend booking your fares way in advance. I always use Ferry Scanner to look for the best tickets. If you’re planning your trip to Naxos at peak season, booking your ferry in advance makes even more sense, especially if you’re not very flexible on dates. If you book online, Ferry Scanner offers an extended free cancellation period in case your plans change. 

When searching for tickets, you will also notice that slower ferries can be a lot cheaper, so if you don’t mind a 2-3 hours longer trip, booking a slower ferry can be a good way of saving some money. 

Travelling on ferries is an experience in its own right! Remember to arrive early as the boarding process and loading of the vehicles is swift, and boats don’t wait around and usually leave on time. Also, always check ahead of time if your ferry is scheduled to go on time. Ferry services rely on good sea conditions, and cancellations are common, especially in September and October when there are more chances of strong winds. 

Ferries to Naxos from Athens

Athens to Naxos ferry is the most popular route and the most frequent service. Ferries Athens to Naxos leaves multiple times a day from Piraeus or Rafina ports to Naxos Town. Depending on the ferry, the journey takes anything from 3 to 5 hours. For ferry schedules and prices, check Ferry Scanner

Ferries Santorini to Naxos

A ferry Santorini Naxos is another popular route with multiple ferries scheduled daily. The trip takes from 80 minutes to 3 hours, and during summer holidays, ferries get booked out quickly, so consider booking online if you’re travelling during that time. 

Ferries Mykonos to Naxos

The same applies to ferry Mykonos to Naxos. The journey takes between 35 minutes to just under 2 hours, and online booking is recommended for travels between July and August. Because the two islands are so close to each other, taking a day trip from Naxos to Mykonos is a popular form of visiting the more expensive Cycladic sister island. 

Ferries from Crete to Naxos

A ferry Crete to Naxos is way less popular and less frequent. There is only one ferry from Crete to Naxos with Seajets, which takes 3 hours and 30 minutes. If you’re not flexible on dates and travelling during the peak season, make sure you prebook your Crete to Naxos ferry online. 

Ferries from Paros to Naxos

Ferries Paros to Naxos are frequent, and the journey takes between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the route of your ferry Paros Naxos. If you are short on time, you can also visit Paros on a day trip from Naxos if you take a fast ferry. 

Ferries from Milos to Naxos

Milos island is quite far from Naxos, and there is only one ferry per day with a journey time of almost 4 hours. 

Ferry from Ios to Naxos

There are a few ferry services per day between Ios and Naxos. Ios is a much smaller island. It takes around 60 minutes to get there by ferry, which means you can also visit Ios on a day trip.  

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