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Top 12 El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants


Are you coming to El Paredon and looking for the best places to eat? Despite being a small fishing village, there are many good El Paredon Guatemala restaurants to choose from!

Paredon is an up-and-coming surf destination boasting empty lineups and deep barrels. If you’re a serious surfer, you should definitely add this town to your bucket list! 

If you’re a beginner or not a surfer at all, there are still many good reasons to come to El Paredon, including its expansive beach, great party vibe and the fantastic activities available at the nearby Sipacate Naranjo Mangroves

The streets of El paredon Guatemala.

But first, let’s look closer at the best places to eat in El Paredon, Guatemala. 

Best El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants For Breakfast & Lunch

#1 Cafecito Del Mar –  Best For Smoothie Bowls. 

Cafecito del Mar El Paredon.
Cafecito del Mar El Paredon.

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 8 am to 3 pm, Tuesday closed.

TOP FOOD | Smoothie bowl.

Cafesito Del Mar is one of my favourite restaurants in El Paredon! It is perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch. The cafe is located in the heart of the village and just a few minutes walk from the beach. 

It has a few tables at the front of the shop and a couple more at the back. We often had to wait for the table or wait for quite a long time for the food, but it was always worth it and waiting for food in El Paredon is very normal anyways. 

Our absolute favourite at Cafecito Del Mar was a fully loaded smoothie bowl with extra protein powder topped with peanut butter, homemade granola, coconut flakes, almonds and fresh fruit! We had this smoothie bowl many times, and it was the best choice to top up nutrients and hydrate after surfing!  

The other awesome options at Cafecito are porridge bowl, avo on toast with eggs of your choice, and humous on toast. They also serve really good coffee, fresh coconut, tasty smoothies and fresh juices. 

#2 Dosha – Best Veggie Restaurant in El Paredon.

El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants
El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | Thursday-Saturday 11 am to 9 pm, Sunday – Tuesday 8 am to 9 pm, Wednesday closed.

TOP FOOD | Avocado on toast.

You can find Dosha cafe on the western edge of town, on one of the quieter streets. El Paredon is super small, and you can walk to most places in less than 15 minutes.

The restaurant has a few tables set in a lush garden and has a small menu, but the dishes on offer are beautifully presented and eating it is a whole journey of tastes and flavours.

Dosha’s menu is fully vegetarian, with many vegan options. For breakfast, you can have a bowl of porridge with fruit topping, breakfast tacos, avo on toast or egg muffin. For lunch or dinner, there is a selection of colourful mushroom tacos, a Hawaiian burger or a veggie version of Guatemala’s popular dish – ceviche.  

My favourite lunchtime dish at Dosha was avocado on toast with a fried egg. It came simply yet beautifully presented and tasted perfect. 

If you’re self-catering, you can also buy here homemade tortillas, ghee and sauerkraut. 

#3 Cafe Zoah

Cafe Zoah
Cafe Zoah

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 7 am to 5 pm, closed on Tuesday.

TOP FOOD | Omlette or tipico. 

Cafe Zoah is located near the La Choza Chula shop and a few minutes walk from the beach. We actually stayed in one of Zoah’s bungalows, and it was easy just to have breakfast at their onsite cafe. 

The seating area is on the second-floor terrace with a nice view and pleasant breeze. There are a few tables and couches for relaxation. 

My favourite at Cafe Zoah was their large smoothie bowl topped with matcha and cocoa powder, and homemade granola. If you come here for breakfast, coffee (which is super good) and water are free, which is very nice! 

Other things on the menu include avo and eggs on toast, on an omelette and a typical Guatemalan breakfast – both come served with fresh fruit and home-baked bread. 

If you have a sweet tooth, ask for their chocolate brownies! They are to die for! Take it with you for a snack at the beach. 

And last but not least, say hi from me to the cafe bosses – two sweet kittens – Mantas & Kiko. They are adorable, and we couldn’t get enough of them during our stay at Zoah!

#4 El Tiburon Pacifico

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | Every day.

TOP FOOD | Musli waffles.

El Tiburon, which is part of the Pacifico Hotel, is another great pick for breakfast in El Paredon, Guatemala. 

The restaurant is located in the heart of the village, under a large roof with middle eastern-style low tables and benches lined with cushions. I found the ambience a little dark in the morning, but the breakfast compensated for a weird vibe. 

Every breakfast comes with a free refill of coffee, and you can choose between typical Guatemalan breakfast, breakfast de la case that comes with tuna, eggs, avo and veggie salad, and muesli waffle, which was by far our favourite.

The waffle is huge and comes with a pile of fresh, seasonal fruit, yoghurt or muesli. 

El Tiburon is also a good restaurant for dinner. The dinner menu includes a large selection of pizza, which we didn’t really like, pasta, sandwiches and salads. 

Best Restaurants In El Paredon Guatemala For Dinner

The following El Paredon Guatemala restaurants are great for dinner!

#5 Soulfood Kitchen

restaurants in El Paredon
El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 12 pm to 3 pm & 5 pm to 9 pm, closed on Tuesday.

TOP FOOD | Malaysian noodles.

Soulfood Kitchen was by far our favourite El Paredon restaurant to come to for dinner. We actually dined there at least three times during our stay, and each time the food was on point!

This small restaurant is located on the same street as The Driftwood Surfer Hostel, with the seating area set in a garden. After dark, they turn on fairy lights, which makes the place super romantic.  

Soulfood Kitchen specialises in Asian-style noodles and Thai and Indian curries, and you can choose between shrimp, chicken or tofu to accompany your dish. The food tastes super authentic, and if you love Asian cuisine as I do, you also will enjoy Soulfood Kitchen.  

Bring your mosquito spray!

#6 Chef in Flip Flops

Chef in Flip flops El Paredon.
Chef in Flip flops El Paredon.

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 6 pm to 9 pm, Sunday to Tuesday closed.

TOP FOOD | changes weekly.

Chef in Flip Flops in one of the top El Paredon Guatemala restaurants you need to try out at least once during your stay! It is located right in the town’s main tourist area, and you can easily find it; just check out the link above. 

Chef in Flip Flops is owned and run by a couple of friendly El Paredon expats that are super passionate about their small business. They source all the ingredients from local towns and have a weekly changing menu. 

The person that prepares the meals is a real-deal chef, so you can expect the meals to be thoughtfully composed and full of flavour. Their menu always offers one option for meat eaters, one for pescatarians and one for vegans and vegetarians. You can also order a cocktail, homemade lemonade, or iced tea while waiting for your dinner.

If you want to dine at Chef in Flip Flops, I recommend arriving just after 6 pm to ensure you get a table. Each evening, the portions are also limited, so arrive early to avoid disappointment. 

Bring your mosquito spray!

#7 Cocori

Cocori El Paredon
burritos at Cocori Lodge.

WHERE | Location on Google


TOP FOOD | Shrimp burger.

If you enjoy the lively atmosphere and sunset views over the Pacific Ocean, come for dinner at Cocori. Cocori Lodge is an upmarket hostel that often hosts parties and also has a bar and a restaurant right on the beach. 

Apart from being an excellent place to come for a drink during sunset hour, it is also a great place to have your dinner. 

The menu is extensive and includes dishes like burgers, tacos and burritos. We ate here a few times, and each time the food was fabulous. We particularly enjoyed the burgers, which came with nice chunky fries and three types of sauces. Just make sure you come hungry, as the portions are pretty generous! 

The only thing to remember is that at busy periods such as around Christmas or New Year’s Eve, Cocori may have a “guest only” policy. This means that they won’t serve you if you’re not staying in their hostel. I know it sounds super weird, but they do it when they can’t cope with the demand.

#8 Olivia Artisant Restaurant 

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 12 pm to 9 pm, Sundays and Tuesdays closed. 

TOP FOOD | Pizza!

Are any pizza lovers out there? If you love good artisan pizza, you definitely must visit Olivia, which is the best restaurant in El Paredon Guatemala, for pizza. 

The restaurant is set in a cute little food court and also offers other foods such as ceviche and burgers, but their main speciality is pizza. They have about four different types of pizza, and you can also order half on half. 

#9 The Driftwood Surfers

El Paredon Beach

WHERE | Location on Google


TOP FOOD | different buffet every day.

Another great place to have dinner in El Paredon is the Driftwood Surfers Hostel. 

They make buffet-style dinners every day at 7 pm. You don’t have to stay in their hostel to enjoy the buffet. But you will need to come earlier, before 5 pm, to sign up for the evening buffet.

Every day they do a different theme. We came for an Italian buffet, and the food was really good. They had plenty of vegetarian options. The only thing to keep in mind is that it is not really an all-you-can-eat buffet as they advertise it. It’s more like a – fill your plate once thing. 

Another thing is the vibe at the hostel; it is a very hippie/ backpacker vibe, and it may not be for everyone. 

#10 Pez Paredon

Fish restaurant in El Paredon Guatemala.

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 11 am to 11 pm, Tuesday & Wednesday closed. 

TOP FOOD | Fish & chips.

Pez Paredon is a tinny restaurant with only a few tables, located right by the Cafecito del Mar. They offer a small but fantastic menu and a friendly service! 

The menu included ceviche, tacos, fully loaded fries, burgers, pasta, wings and fish and chips, which were my favourites! 

Best Local Restaurants In El Paredon

The following El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants are the best local picks, excellent for budget travellers. 

#11 Bella Luna

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | every day from 8:30 am to 10 pm.

TOP FOOD | Burgers.

For friendly local service and budget prices, head to Bella Luna restaurant, located along the main road that runs through El Paredon. Unlike other restaurants in El Paredo, Bella Luna is open every day, so it is a great option to come on Tuesdays when most restaurants are closed. 

The menu includes dishes such as chicken or fish with fries, tacos, ceviche and burgers. The service is friendly and fast. 

#12 Yoli’s Local Cuisine

WHERE | Location on Google

OPENING TIMES | 8 am to 9 pm every day.

TOP FOOD | Veggie platter.

Yoli’s is located down the road from Cafecito del Mar, towards the beach. It is a local restaurant that serves very simple food for cheap. It is one of the best local El Paredon Guatemala restaurants to come to on Tuesday when all other restaurants are closed. 

All the food options are written on a large board and include a few dishes for vegetarians. The food is not really super special, but the food is adequate, and you get what you pay for. 

Make sure you can speak a bit of Spanish because the orders are taken by a little girl! Bring cash. 

A Map Of El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants

Click anywhere on the map to access the interactive version.

A Map Of El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants

Eating In El Paredon Guatemala Restaurants – Tips

The town in El paredon.

Pay By Cash

Make sure you bring cash, as most of the restaurants in El Paredon, Guatemala, don’t accept card payments. In fact, we were only able to pay by cash in Cocori and Zoah. The town’s ATM is located inside the 24 Super shop. 

Arrive Early

El Paredon is a super small town, and its restaurants often have limited availability! If you want to dine in places like Chef in Flip Flops, arrive early to make sure you secure your table and get served! 

Expect To Wait

Waiting for food in Paredon is normal, and this is partly related to the limited availability. We waited for food for up to 60 minutes during Christmas time. Bring with you a bottle of water so you don’t get dehydrated while waiting for your meal, and enjoy a chat with your partners and friends. The food will arrive at some point. 😅

Check Opening Times 

Don’t expect restaurants to be open at all times. This is El Paredon, and the people that own these places are super relaxed. 😉For up-to-date opening hours, check Google maps. I added links to Google maps for each restaurant above.

Tuesday In El Paredon

Tuesday is the equivalent of Sunday in Paredon, which means that most businesses are closed. This is the day when the local people have a day off and are able to meet up and relax. Don’t worry; you will still be able to have your meals. Just check which restaurants are open on Tuesdays and leave them for that day. 

Restaurants In El Paredon Guatemala Final Word

Paredon is a new-exiting surfing destination of Central America, and it is currently booming, with new restaurants and guest houses being built all the time. I hope you found this guide to the best places to eat in El Paredon helpful and that you are enjoying yourself!

Mal xxx

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