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Diamond Beach Nusa Penida – A complete guide to visiting

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida – A complete guide to visiting

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida is one of the most magical places I have ever seen. The striking beauty of white cliffs, the alluring pristine beach and perfectly turquoise water guarantee to take your breath away!

Until the recent years, the beach was inaccessible until the staircase was carved in the cliff allowing visitors to go down and explore a little piece of paradise which Dimond Beach is!

This post is a comprehensive guide to visiting Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida. Keep reading for tips on how to get there, where to stay, what to expect and much more.

How to get to Diamond Beach?

diamond beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach is situated on the south-eastern side of Nusa Penida about one hour drive from Toya Pakeh Harbour. There has been a new road built along the eastern coast, which made getting to this part of the island way quicker and easier. The last bit, however, will take you through a dirt track in the forest with many brunches sticking out of the ground.

From Bali

Boats leave nine times a day from (Sanur Ferry Port) Bali to Nusa Penida and are run by two companies: The Marlin Fast Boat and Crown Fast Cruise. Getting to Nusa Penida takes 45 minutes and arrives at Toya Pakeh Harbour. You can buy your ticket online before departure or arrive early in Sanur port and buy your ticket there. Expect to pay around 100k IDR.

By scooter

For those already staying on Nusa Penida, the easiest way to get to Diamond Beach is by hiring a scooter and driving there yourself. Motorbike rental on Penida is a little pricier than in Bali mainland so expect to pay around 80k IDR for a full day.

Remember to ask for a helmet and check breaks and lights before you set off. Also, the roads in Nusa Penida are poor, narrow with many bumps and potholes. If you’ve never ridden a scooter before, then this is not the place for your first time. However, if you’re an experienced driver, you may find it strenuous, but you will doable. And a lot of visitors choose that option so you definitely won’t be alone.

From the main harbour area, it should take around an hour to get there. If you’re already on the island, try to leave in the morning before the ferries arrive with day-trippers.

With a driver

If you don’t feel comfortable to ride a scooter, you can hire a car with a driver. A full day should cost around 600k IDR. The advantages of hiring a driver are you don’t need to worry about driving and navigating steep, bumpy roads that often turn into dirt tracks. Also, it is nice to relax in the air-conditioned car while getting to your next location.

This is the option that I’ve used. I rode a motorbike in Bali, which I found ok, but didn’t feel confident enough to do it in Nusa Penida.

What to expect on arrival?

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida
Clifftop view on Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

When you arrive, there is a parking area where you can leave your motorbike. A man will direct you to the available spot and will collect a parking fee. Some parts of the parking are steep and sandy, and it may be tricky to navigate with a motorbike, so just take your time and do it safely.

Follow the path up the cliff. You’ll see a booth where you pay the entrance fees. The trail further up and then left takes you to the neighbouring Atuh Beach. The staircase on your right leads to Diamond Beach.

If you arrive late morning and afternoon, this area will most likely be busy with people taking photos. Most visitors come here to admire the view from the clifftop and don’t hike down to the beach.

The Hike down

staircase to 
diamond beach
Staircase to Diamond Beach

The hike down takes about 15-20 minutes depending on how many photo stops you’ll make. The staircase has been carved in the cliff, and for the first part is in decent shape, and it’s easy to walk on.

The bit that is much harder is further down with very uneven steps and not much room to go through. The first time I’ve visited I actually turned away seeing that part but reading more reviews on my next visit I braved it and went all the way down. The last part of the hike involves holding on to a robe while descending and especially for this part I recommend wearing trainers or sandals with straps (my preferred choice).

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

As you approach the bottom, there is a small warung selling drinks and food. Also, there is a giant swing attached to two palm trees and a nest for taking photos. Go ahead, if you haven’t had the opportunity to do it elsewhere in Bali.

The beach has very soft sand, and the sea has many different beautiful shades of blue. The tall palm trees are swaying with the wind and mighty waves breaking against the beach. Diamond Beach is one of those places that makes travelling so rewarding!

Swimming at Diamond Beach

diamond beach nusa penida

Diamond Beach is not ideal for swimming. The currents usually are powerful with waves crashing against the shore and swallowing the beach almost entirely. Instead, explore the beach and enjoy the sheer, raw beauty of mother nature.

If you want to swim, I recommend visiting the neighbouring Atuh Beach where the sea is much calmer, and you can rent out a sun lounger from the beach warungs.

Best time to visit

Diamond Beach at sunrise

Best time to visit Diamond Beach on Nusa Penida is the dry season which occurs between October and March. When it comes to the time of the day, as with many tourist hot spots, the best time is early in the morning. Also, Diamond Beach is East facing, which makes it a perfect place for an epic sunrise.

Entrance Fees

5k IDR – parking

10k IDR – entrance

What to bring with you

diamond beach nusa penida
A giant swing on Diamond Beach

Day Backpack

Power bank – to recharge your phone (especially practical if you use Google Maps on your phone, which can quickly drain the battery).

Go Pro camera

Water shoes – to wear in the sea as the bottom is a little rocky.

Water flask – to keep your water cool and reduce plastic usage.

Fast-drying towel – takes little room and dries fast, perfect for your beach adventure.

Eco-friendly sun cream

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Places to stay on Nusa Penida

There are a few options to stay near the beach, but the area around Diamond Beach is mostly underdeveloped. If you decide to stay, expect to have peaceful, away from it all experience which may be suitable only for a few nights.
If you want to have more restaurant and shop options, I recommend staying near the harbour.


Kompyang Cottage 

This hotel consists of a beautifully designed cottage with tasteful accessories made of natural materials like stone and wood. They come with lovely outdoor bathrooms and a porch and are situated in a well-kept, lush garden. There is a nice pool where you can get your breakfast served on a floating tray in the pool or served in your room if you prefer that, both for no extra charge. The hotel offers a free pick up and drop off at the harbour. The owner and staff are really friendly and helpful.
Kompyang cottages are located on the west Nusa Penida within 20 minutes’ drive to Toya Pakeh harbour and within walking distance to a good selection of local warungs.


Hotel Arsa Santhi 

This hotel is situated in an excellent location close to the beach. There are also some great beach clubs, a choice of restaurants and shops all within walking distance. This is the hotel where I stayed and really liked it, especially for its convenient location.
The rooms are clean and simple with all the standard comforts such as air-conditioning, mini bar and wifi. There is also a pleasant pool area where you can chill out, and a free breakfast is served in the hotel’s restaurant.


Atuh Forest Cottage

This property is family-owned and consists of several cottages situated on the mountaintop with some fantastic views, only 2.5 km away from Diamond Beach. The owner is very friendly. There is a good hotel warung which serves local food and has a lovely outdoor setting on a deck overlooking hills and lush greenery. The cottages are clean and very cute, come with an en suite bathroom.

You and We House

This property is a little further away from Diamond Beach, about 20 minutes’ drive but it comes with a pool. The wooden cottages are spacious and clean, and the property is overlooking the Eastern coast. The friendly host will help you with travel arrangements and restaurants recommendations. The hotel is located not far from Giri Putri cave temple and Teletubbies Hills.

La Roja Bungalows 

The hotel, which is also one of the best Nusa Penida hostels offers private and shared rooms. It is located within 20 minutes’ drive from the harbour on the western coast, minutes’ walk from shops and small, local restaurants.
What I liked most about this property is a beautiful pool area with white decking around it and a well-kept garden. There is a choice of older bungalows and newer ones situated around the pool which are so cute, simple yet very tastefully designed.
This is an excellent option for a solo traveller for very cheap but quality accommodation with chic communal areas!

Other places to visit near Diamond Beach

Check out my full post on the most incredible things to do in Nusa Penida.

Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach can be accessed from the same parking area as Diamond Beach. To get to Atuh Beach continue walking passed the staircase to Diamond Beach on your right. There is an entrance fee of 10k IDR, and the stairs to the beach are on the left. The staircase is in good shape, and it’s a short 5-10 min climb down.
The place is genuinely breath-taking, and you can easily spend here the whole day. Also, the sea is much calmer so you can enjoy a nice swim.
There are a few warungs on the beach and umbrellas and sunchairs to rent out for the day. I sat on the binbag for free in exchange for buying some food and drink later on. The sun loungers were 100k IDR for the day. I got some coconut water for 25k IDR and some fresh cut mango (20k IDR) and fries (20k IDR)

Rumah Pohon Treehouse

This famous Treehouse Nusa Penida is something that you will never forget. It is situated a short drive from Diamond Beach, and it’s a must-see if you’re in the area! There is a small entrance fee (5k IDR) and space where you can park.

There are actually a few tree houses there where you can stay overnight. The one with the best view is to take photos only. There is a ladder that you can climb and get to the house. The view is truly jaw-dropping!
Tip: To take the best photo, climb to the tree, which is slightly behind and to the right of the treehouse. This way, you get the best angle of the ocean view as well.
If you follow the path further and uphill, you’ll get to two more viewing points. At the last one, there is a bench under a small roof where you can take a break from the heat.
On the way back, by the parking area, there is a small warung where you can stop over for a cold drink or an ice cream.

Thousand Island Viewpoint

This is the viewpoint which is located in the same spot as the Rumah Pohon. It is included in the 5k IDR entry fee while visiting the treehouse.
There are two spots where you can take in some incredible views over some unusual rock formation and crystal-clear turquoise sea.
The first one is a thin, bridge-like path that is fenced off by sticks and robe.
The second one, slightly higher up where you can see the treehouse at the bottom

Is Diamond Beach worth a visit?

If you don’t have time to hike down to the beach, then it’s entirely ok to take some photos from the clifftop where the view is truly epic! However, if time allows and you feel like going on a little adventure, then Diamond Beach is totally worth it!

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