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Burrito Amor Tulum – Restaurant Review + Menu


Looking for the best burrito in Tulum? Look no further than Burrito Amor Tulum! 

Burrito Amor is definitely a restaurant you won’t want to miss. From their mouth-watering burritos and bowls to their delicious smoothies and tropical vibe, this place is a must-visit restaurant. 

Best of all, the atmosphere of this delightful little gem is one unique experience like no other – it’s simply vibrating with energy and cuteness. 

The tropical setting of Burrito Amor Tulum.

Indulging in food is one of the best things to do in Tulum as the city boasts an incredible food scene – hipster cafes, vegan, international and Mexican cuisine – you name it. If you’re a foodie and thinking of where to stay in Tulum – I recommend you stay in the downtown area. 

I’m sure that after reading my review of Burrito Amor Restaurant in Tulum, you’ll be itching to book your next flight down to Mexico just so that you can sink your teeth into their amazing eats. 

Let’s dive right into the full review of Tulum’s Burrito Amor!

Burrito Amor Tulum At Glance

Eating at Burrito Amor Tulum is one of the best things to do in the city.

Here are some quick facts about Burrito Amor restaurant. It initially had 2 locations – one in Tulum and the second one in Valladolid. 

And they recently opened up a third restaurant in Puerto Aventuras, which is located between Tulum and Playa del Carmen, near two fantastic cenotes – Cenote Azul and Cenote Cristalino

🗺️ Burrito Amor Locations | Tulum downtown & Valladolid & Puerto Aventuras

⏰ Burrito Amor Tulum Hours | every day, from 8 am to 10 pm.

🛵 Burrito Amor Delivery | no delivery service, only take-away packed in zero-footprint biodegradable packaging. 

🌯 Prices | burritos start at 109 MEX ($6)

💳 Payment | cash & cards accepted

🌱 Veggie/ vegan options | YES

Burrito Amor In Tulum – Location

Location of Burrito Amor in Tulum.

Address | Avenida Tulum Mz 05-Lote 03, Tulum Centro 77760, Tulum.

If you’re looking for the best burrito in Tulum or even the best burrito that you’ve eaten in your life, make sure you add visiting Burrito Amor to your Tulum Itinerary

The restaurant is located on the western end of the main road that goes through the downtown of Tulum, near Tulum ADO Bus Terminal and a 10-minute walk to the very centre of Tulum and an 8-minute drive to Aldea Zama. 

Although the location is a little bit remote, Burrito Amor Tulum is well worth a visit, and it can be coupled with an evening leisurely stroll along the Avenida Tulum, which is super lively and packed with interesting shops, ice cream places, bars and restaurants. 

The Vibe At Burrito Amor Tulum

The seating area set in the garden at Burrito Amor in Tulum.

Sitting snugly beneath a thatched roof, that is complemented with colourful flower bushes and brightly painted door and window frames, Burrito Amor instantly evokes tropical paradise vibes and a warm and inviting atmosphere. 

The restaurant has three different seating areas. The garden area is set at the front of the restaurant. Here you can sit amongst greenery and flowering bushes with your feet on pretty white pebbles. A large roof made of fabric protects the garden from the sun, and sitting and enjoying a cold cocktail is the top experience! 

Restaurant interior.

The second space is inside the building under a large thatched roof. The indoor area boasts larger double tables and more comfy chairs. There is also an expansive bar on one side, and the restaurant’s open windows fill the indoors with whispers of warm air. Customers can also sit on bar chairs that are lined along the windows and enjoy the views while dining at Burrito Amor. 

The seating area at the back of Burrito Amor Tulum Quintana Roo.

Finally, the third, much smaller dining area is at the back of the restaurant.  

Its charming exterior is matched by authentic and delicious food, and I will share more about the food in the next section!

Burrito Amor Menu

Guacamole starter at Tulum Burrito Amor.
The best burrito Tulum has to offer!

As you can guess from the name, Burrito Amor specialises in burritos! There are 3 sections on the menu entirely devoted to different-style burritos. 

EGG BURRITOS section has 5 different burritos that are perfect to have for a scrumptious breakfast, and since the restaurant opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm, you will never miss a chance to enjoy them.

The burritos come with eggs that are scrambled and cooked to perfection, not too runny or dry but just right. And the egg burrito is also accompanied by other delicious ingredients such as cheese, pico de gallo, onions, marinated cactus, and chaya – Mayan spinach. 

GRILLED GOURMET BURRITOS is where you can find the most popular burritos at Burrito Amor Tulum, such as the Chicken Breast Burrito, the Veggie Burrito and the El Pastor Pork Burrito, as well as the simple Cheese & Bean Burrito and Smoked Pork & Pineapple. 

All of these burritos are made with fresh ingredients and grilled to perfection. They come wrapped in a banana leaf and are served in a plastic basket, which looks cute but also reduces the waste and energy that would be needed to wash plates. 

The perfect combination of texture, flavour and spice makes these burritos a true treat. Plus, they’re served in a warm tortilla shell that will melt in your mouth and is accompanied by three delicious sauces: green (avo-based), white (creamy & garlicky) and orange (similar to thousand islands). 

Restaurant interior.

THE GRILLED DELUXE BURRITOS section on the Burrito Amor Tulum Menu is where you can find all the premium burritos made with deluxe ingredients such as seasonal fish, rib eye of beef, shrimp or cactus & Mayan spinach that make the perfect vegan burrito. 

All burritos at Tulum Burrito Amor can be enhanced with extra ingredients of your choice, such as avocado, grilled purple onion, pineapple or meat, fish or seafood. You can also order any burrito extra large for a bigger, heartier meal when you’re super hungry. 

There is also a small selection of starters, such as our all-time favourite guacamole plate with tortilla chips, and a separate menu for breakfast that includes vegan chilaquiles, coconut yoghurt, chia pudding and avo on a gluten-free toast. 

There is also a selection of healthy bowls that are perfect for a healthy and light lunch. 

Burrito Amor uses 100% pure olive, organic coconut oil and salt, and raw local Mayan honey and is committed to reducing plastic use.

Tulum Burrito Amor Drinks Menu

The seating area set in the garden at Burrito Amor in Tulum.

The  Burrito Amor’s drinks menu is also packed with interesting beverages and an array of healthy options, and mouthwatering blends. 

Satisfy your thirst with nutritiously refreshing smoothies or savour the vibrant taste of natural juices, freshly squeezed to perfection. 

If you are a true coffee connoisseur, indulge in their speciality coffee offerings, such as Adaptogen Latte, Bullet Proof Coffee or Matcha – a shade of green and goodness in a cup. 

And when the evening calls for a celebration, Burrito Amor serves an enticing collection of craft beer, tequilas, mezcal and liquor-based cocktails, and sumptuous wine to elevate your dining experience. 

Burrito Amor – Veggie Options

What’s awesome about Burrito Amor is that it caters for any diet! It has plenty of veggie options, and I personally love its Vegetarian Burrito, which is cooked to perfection and bursts with delicious complementing flavours. 

Are you a pescetarian or a vegan? No problem; the Burrito Amor menu has something to satisfy everyone. 

Also, any burrito can be ordered with a gluten-free tortilla homemade with coconut flour or can be made into a burrito bowl with no tortilla at all for a lighter meal, which is equally  flavoursome. 

Tulum’s Burrito Amor Customer Service

Restaurant interior.

At Burrito Amor, you’ll not only experience mouth-watering, irresistibly delicious burritos but also encounter friendly customer service that instantly makes you feel like part of the family!

The moment you step into the vibrant atmosphere of the restaurant, the warm and welcoming staff at Burrito Amor will greet you with enthusiasm, making sure you’re well informed about their burrito menu and how it works.

You don’t really have to book a table in advance, but be aware that you may have to wait to be seated as the restaurant is extremely popular, especially around lunchtime and after sunset. 

Tipping is expected, and it’s customary to give anything between 10% to 20% of the bill value.  

Burrito Amor Valladolid

Burrito Amor in Valladolid.
Burrito Amor Valladolid.

🗺️ Burrtio Amor Valladolid Location | Valladolid 

⏰ Opening Hours | 8 am to 10 pm (closed on Wednesdays)

If you love Burrito Amor in Tulum, you will also enjoy their restaurant in Valladolid!

Burrito Amor In Valladolid Location

Tucked away in the charming town of Valladolid, a 7-minute walk southwest of the city’s main square, you will find the second location of Burrito Amor! 

Customer Service & Vibe

Burrito Amor

Set within a picturesque colonial building that immediately draws the eye with its bright red paint, and just across the street, from a quaint church – Iglesia de la Candelaria and a peaceful park, Burrito Amor in Valladolid is a true eye candy, and dining there is one of the best things to do in Valladolid!

A colourful church opposite Burrito Amor Valladolid.
Iglesia de la Candelaria opposite Burrito Amor Valladolid.

As you step inside the restaurant, you’re greeted by an incredible ambience and captivating aesthetics, perfect for snapping some cool vacation shots!

Inside the restaurant, there is an adorable small courtyard, in the evening adorned with twinkling fairy lights, creating a perfect setting for a romantic dinner under the stars. 

Similarly to the Tulum restaurant, the staff at Burrito Amor Valladolid is super friendly and informative.

Burrito Amor – Our Experience

Our first experience with Burrito Amor was in Valladolid, and we instantly fell in love with the food and its picturesque location! I’m vegetarian and often struggle with veggie options at restaurants, which tend to be boring. 

But I absolutely loved the veggie burrito at Burrito Amor that was wrapped in a deliciously crunchy tortilla and full of mouth-watering smoky veggies, cheese and guacamole and served with three tasty sauces.  

My partner had the chicken burrito, which was equally delicious. We came back twice to the Valladolid restaurant and were delighted to find out that there was another Burrtion Amor in Tulum. 

If you read Burrito Amore reviews on Google, you will also notice that many people share out opinions! 

Burrito Amor Tulum – Final Word

Overall, Burrito Amor is an incredible restaurant that caters to all dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re vegan or pescetarian, gluten-free or vegetarian – you are guaranteed to have here a delicious burrito! Maybe even the best burrito you have ever tried like it was for me!

The staff at both locations in Valladolid and Tulum are friendly and welcoming, and also both locations have a really cool vibe – tropical in Tulum and colonial charm in Valladolid. 

Our own experiences of dining at Burrito Amor were nothing short of amazing – we can’t wait to go back! If you’re looking for a delicious burrito in Tulum or Valladolid, Burrito Amor is a perfect choice. 

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