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Aldea Zama Tulum: Things To Do, Best Apartments & Insider Tips


Thinking of staying in Aldea Zama Tulum?

Aldea Zama is a new and up-and-coming area in Tulum, with brand-new apartment buildings and exciting eateries popping up every day. It is “the place” to be for expats and long-term travellers, but also the place where to stay in Tulum for home-like comfort and safety.

Aldea Zama Tulum

Looking for a prime location that’s not too far from the buzz of downtown but still within a short drive to the gorgeous Tulum beach? Look no further than this fresh-new neighbourhood that’s situated right between the hustle and bustle of the city and the peaceful serenity of the beach. It’s the perfect spot for those who want to have easy access to both worlds.

For a month, my partner and I lived as digital nomads in Aldea Zama – and we absolutely adored this chill neighbourhood! In this post, we’re going to share with you all you need to know to have a fab stay here – from where to stay and eat to the best things to do and insider tips.

Let’s dive in!

Aldea Zama Tulum At A Glance

aldea tulum
aldea tulum

Aldea Zama is an excellent base for enjoying all the cool things to do in Tulum, nearby Tulum cenotes and other natural wonders such as Laguna de Kaan Luum and Sian Ka’an Reserve.

It is a new and up-and-coming residential neighbourhood that is super safe and boasts an excellent selection of newly build apartments that offer a home away from home type of accommodation.

The apartments here normally come with a shared rooftop lounging area, rooftop pool and often a gym. They are also much more affordable in comparison to hotels in Zona Hotelera and offer way better bang for your buck. Despite being developing, Zama village is still a natural oasis surrounded by a jungle.

The neighbourhood also boasts a fantastic food scene, with its wide range of restaurants and cafes that can satisfy even the fussiest foodie.

Zama is also the perfect place for long-term stays. We really feel like Aldea Zama is a fantastic digital nomad base. Apart from great rentals, it has all the facilities that you may need for a longer stay, such as excellent gyms, yoga parlours, and some good coworking spaces.

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Where Is Aldea Zama In Tulum Located?

tulum zama village

The Zama Tulum neighbourhood is located between downtown and Zona Hotelara and its beaches. With a short drive to both areas (around 10 minutes), it’s a great spot if you want to be close to the action but still away from the touristy crowds.

Downtown of Tulum | 3.5 km (an 8-minute drive)

Aldea Zama to Tulum Beach | 3.4 km (a 6-minute drive)

Playa Paraiso | 4.7 km (a 10-minute drive)

Tulum ruins | 4.2 km (an 8-minute drive)

Aldea Zama Map

Click anywhere on the map to access the interactive map of Aldea Zama with all the places I mention in this post.

Aldea Zama map

Pros & Cons Of Staying In Aldea Zama Tulum


Safety – Aldea Zama is the safest neighbourhood in Tulum. The neighbourhood is new, and the evenings are tranquil with no crazy nightlife or parties, so it’s ideal for families or those who want to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Excellent choice of apartments – Everything in this neighbourhood is brand new, and as a consequence, here you will find very good comfortable apartments equipped with a proper kitchen and fantastic communal facilities such as a rooftop pool and gym.

Good value for money – If you’re looking for affordable places to stay in Tulum, Aldea Zama is perfect. Here, your hard-earned money will go a long way and give you so much more compared to hotels in Zona Hotelera.

Self-catering – Most apartments in Aldea Tulum come with a proper, fully-equipped kitchen making it easy to cook your own meals during your vacation. As long-term travellers, being able to prepare our own healthy meals is very important for us. It can also save you a lot of money, especially if you’re staying in Tulum for 1-2 weeks or longer.

Good restaurants & bars – In recent years, Aldea Zama has become a foodie hub in Tulum, with excellent restaurants and bars popping up all over the neighbourhood. During your stay here, you won’t run out of exciting places to eat!

Relaxed vibe – We really enjoyed the area’s relaxed vibe. You could see that many of its residents live in Tulum long-term, and it was nice to take a glimpse into their daily lives.


You will need to rent a car – Although Aldea Zama is located relatively close to everything, you will need some sort of mode of transport (car, scooter or bicycle) to get around Tulum.

There may be some construction noise – Because the neighbourhood is still a work in progress, you may have to contend with occasional construction-related noise. During our stay, the construction could be heard from about 8 am, but the noises were not loud, and it didn’t really disturb us. Most apartments come with good soundproofing, plus construction work finishes in the late afternoon, so it is unlikely it will affect your day at all.

It doesn’t have a holiday vibe – If you’re after an accommodation with a typical holiday vibe, we recommend you stay in one of the Tulum hotels by the beach or one of the fantastic Tulum resorts. Tulum Zama village feels more like a residential area.

Best Airbnb & Best Aldea Zama Hotels

Wondering where to stay in Aldea Zama? Zama Tulum boasts an excellent range of holiday rentals and hotels to choose from for any sort of budget. The neighbourhood is relatively small, and since you will need a car to get around Tulum anyways, it should be easy to choose an Aldea Zama hotel that will meet your needs or one of the Aldea Zama rentals.

Best Aldea Zama Tulum Hotels

🌟 Mediterraneo Hotel TulumExcellent value

Aldea Zama village in Tulum
Mediterraneo Hotel Tulum via Booking.com

Boasting an inviting rectangular pool, a spacious sun terrace and beautifully landscaped gardens, the hotel offers guests access to a hot tub as well as bicycles for exploration. The rooms come with modern decor featuring a stylish white and silver colour palette. Complimentary continental breakfast is included in your room rate.

Book your stay in Aldea Zama Tulum here:

🌟 Naay Tulum Curamoria CollectionSpa Hotel

Where to stay in Aldea Zama Tulum
Naay Tulum via Booking.com

This 4-star hotel is the perfect place to relax and unwind. It offers a beautiful rooftop pool, an indulgent spa and wellness centre, as well as its own delicious restaurant. All of the rooms are tastefully decorated with brown wood furniture, stone walls and amenities such as coffee makers, minibars and safes.

Book your stay in Aldea Zama Tulum here:

Best Aldea Zama Tulum Airbnbs

🌟 Cave Apartments Mexico 5Excellent for families

Where to stay in Aldea Zama Tulum
Cave Apartments Mexico 5 via Booking.com

This property features modern 2-bedroom apartments with separate seating areas, a kitchen and a balcony. Guests can enjoy a communal rooftop pool and free parking. A grocery store is just a minute walk from the apartment.

Book your stay in Aldea Zama Tulum here:

🌟 Modern Luxury CondoPrivate pool

Where to stay in Aldea Zama Tulum
Modern Luxury Condo via Booking.com

This property features luxury 2-bedroom split-level apartments equipped with a private kitchen and a private outdoor pool. The communal facilities include a large rooftop pool, fitness centre, free parking and bicycle rental.

Book your stay in Aldea Zama Tulum here:

Best Things To Do In Aldea Zama Village Tulum

📍 Visit Cenote Aldea Zama

Aldea Zama Cenote

Aldea Zama cenote is probably the only cenote in Tulum that is still free and open to the public. Nestled in the jungle of Aldea Zama village, inside a small cave, this hidden gem boasts a crystal-clear pool of water that’s perfect for a refreshing dip.

Because it’s a free cenote, local kids flock to this spot in the afternoons to splash around and have a great time. It is also a place where construction workers come in the afternoon to cool off from the heat.

The vibe at this cenote is definitely local, and we felt a little awkward there being chatted up by tipsy builders. If you want to check it out, we recommend visiting during the day or in the morning.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Go for a morning yoga class

Yoga studio at Aldea Zama.

You’re not truly in Tulum if you don’t attend at least one yoga class! A morning yoga class is an awesome start to your day, and Studio Sol in Aldea Zama is an excellent choice.

What sets this studio apart is its inviting ambience – from the lighting to chic boho decor, every detail feels like it has been carefully thought out.

But what makes every session truly special is the knowledgeable instructors who lead the classes. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi, you’ll appreciate the attentive guidance and the variety of classes on offer.

And if you really fall in love with Studio Sol, you can grab a monthly pass to make attending classes even more convenient. 

After your invigorating session, head over to their small café and indulge in green juice to keep you refreshed for the rest of the day.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Realax at a spa

A spa at Tulum Aldea Zama.

If you’re in need of a little R&R after a day of exploring the sights, Casa Venus Spa, located right in the heart of Zama village Tulum, is worth a visit.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a fresh haircut, a flawless manicure, or a rejuvenating massage, their talented staff has got you covered.

The rustic decor creates a calming atmosphere, making it the perfect place to unwind and let go of any stress. Plus, the prices are reasonable, and the service is top-notch. 

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Rent a bicycle

Tulum Instagram Spots, Follow that dream sign Tulum

If you’re looking for a fun and affordable way to explore Tulum, renting a bicycle is the way to go! It’s a popular mode of transport amongst locals and tourists alike, and for a good reason.

Not only is it an excellent way to get exercise while taking in the beautiful scenery, but it’s also incredibly cheap. With your trusty bicycle, you can meander through the residential streets of Aldea Zama, stop in downtown Tulum for a bite to eat or some souvenir shopping, and head over to the world-renowned Tulum Beach for a dip in the crystal-clear waters.

And if you’re feeling adventurous and fit, you can also cycle to the nearby cenotes, such as Cenote Calavera, Grand Cenote and Cenote Cristal & Escondido.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Enjoy a smoothie at Matcha Mama

matcha mama tulum aldea zama
matcha mama tulum aldea zama

Looking for a healthy boost to kickstart your day? Look no further than Matcha Mama, the Instagram-famous spot for delicious smoothie bowls that opened up another location in Tulum, right in the heart of Aldea Zama.

With a focus on nutritious and energizing ingredients, Matcha Mama offers a beautiful and colourful feast for your eyes and your taste buds. Start your day off right with a bowl filled with fresh fruits, granola, and a blend of superfoods. Not only will you be treating your body to a nutrient-packed meal, but you’ll also be treating your senses to a visually stunning dish that’s as tasty as it is picture-worthy. 

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Go boutique shopping

Aldea Zama shops.

Are you a fashion enthusiast looking for something unique and trendy to add to your wardrobe? You’ll be delighted to know that Aldea Zama has a selection of really cool boutiques. Here, you’ll find a selection of high-quality fashion, hand-made jewellery, accessories and home decor items, each with its own distinct style.

Whether you’re in the mood for something classic or trendy, you’re sure to find it here. Here are some of my favourite shops in Aldea Zama: Afrodita Fashion, Mina de Tiera and House of CUCA.

📍 Hang out on the lively ‘And. Kaan’ street

Andador Kaan in Aldea Tulum.

Andador Kaan is the ideal place to hang out in Aldea Tulum. It’s known as the neighbourhood’s walking street, and it’s lined with restaurants, cafés and bars offering an array of international cuisines.

With plenty of outdoor seating areas, it’s easy to sip your coffee al fresco or enjoy a few margaritas under the stars while relaxing or people-watching. The nightlife here is nowhere near as wild as it is in the Downtown area, but it’s still a great place to grab dinner or drinks with friends or family.

WHERE | Location on Google

Aldea Zama Restaurants

Aldea is an excellent place for foodies, boasting a really good selection of cafes and restaurants serving Mexican and international cuisine. Below, we are sharing our favourite restaurants in Aldea Zama Tulum.

For breakfast and lunch

📍 Matcha Mama Tulum Aldea Zama

matcha mama tulum aldea zama

Matcha Mama is our favourite place for a quick breakfast in Tulum. They now have three locations – one in Zona Hotelera, one in downtown and one in Aldea Zama. their smoothie bowls not only look beautiful, but they’re also packed full of antioxidants and energy-boosting ingredients, making them the perfect breakfast.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Vintage Cafe Tulum

This quaint little spot is perfect for those who crave a lazy Sunday morning breakfast or a much-needed lunch break during a busy day. They offer a variety of breakfast dishes – from eggs to smoothie bowls, as well as a range of sandwiches, ciabattas and baguettes for lunch.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Rossina Cafe

Rossina is my favourite spot for brunch! It is located right by Matcha Mama along the main road running through Zama. Here, you can expect dishes like avo on toast, poached eggs and eggs benedict accompanied by fresh juices, smoothies and decent coffee.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Fit-a-licious

aldea zama restaurants
aldea zama restaurants

Fit-a-licious is another excellent place for a healthy and tasty breakfast or lunch, located in the heart of the neighbourhood. The menu consists of dishes such as overnight oats, superfoods, smoothie bowls, bagels and hot cakes. While for lunch, you can treat yourself to a beautiful cocktail such as mango bellini! They also have a small selection with healthy grabs to go, which you can buy and consume during the day when you get hungry during sightseeing.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Alegría Cafetería Tulum

What we loved about this place was its excellent coffee and delicious brioche bread cooked to perfection and topped with colourful fruits and chocolate sauce! Other recommended dished include fruit bowls, omelettes and pancakes.

WHERE | Location on Google

For dinner

Here is a selection of our favourite Aldea Zama Tulum restaurants, perfect for an evening meal.

📍 Bejuco restaurant (Top rated)

Bejuco is the ideal restaurant to visit for a special evening meal and fine-dining experience. The food served has superb quality starting from the exquisite presentation to a beautiful texture and perfect flavours. They make their bread and pasta fresh and have an entirely separate menu for vegans and vegetarians.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Safari Comedro Zama

Choose this place for a cool outdoor seating area, tasty tacos and good cocktails.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Los Morros Aldea Zama (seafood)

Los Morros is a seafood restaurant located in the village of Aldea Tulum near the coworking space and Matcha Mama. It specialises in seafood and serves fantastic ceviche, freshly cooked shrimp and other various fish dishes.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Mamazul Tulum Mezcaleria

If you’re into some mezcal tasting, this is the place to go! Apart from mezcal, you can also enjoy here a good cocktail as well as some seriously delicious tacos.

WHERE | Location on Google

📍 Totem Restaurante Italiano & Pizza

Craving a departure from tacos and guac? Totem has got you covered with their delicious Italian cuisine. Your taste buds are in for a treat with their fantastic selection of pastas, pizzas, and more.

WHERE | Location on Google

Living In Tulum Aldea Zama As A Digital Nomad

We really enjoyed staying in Aldea Zama and will definitely stay there again on our next trip to Tulum. From being surrounded by like-minded people, having excellent restaurants on your doorstep, and good yoga and gym studios to awesome coworking options and comfy, affordable apartments, Aldea Zama is the perfect choice for any digital nomad.

WeNomads Tulum Coworking space

Coworking in Aldea Zama.

Located right in Aldea Zama, WeNomads is an excellent coworking space for remote workers and digital nomads. They feature a range of packages from a day pass to a monthly membership that comes with various benefits and private office hire.

They also have venues in downtown Tulum and the beach, and if you get a monthly or weekly membership you get access to all of their spaces.

WHERE | Location on Google

Mayan Monkey Hostel

If you’re travelling solo and looking for a hostel that doesn’t compromise on style, Mayan Monkey is your choice. It features a 3-star dormitory and private rooms as well as a pool, shared kitchen, laundry and a restaurant. Here you can meet people during events and socials but also have some productive time in their co-working space. It is really an excellent place to stay for solo travellers.

WHERE | Location on Google

Aldea Zama Tulum Real Estate

aldea zama tulum rentals
airbnb tulum aldea zama

If you’re looking for investment properties, Zama Tulum may be of interest to you. The prices start from $150k for a one-bedroom apartment, and there is a wide selection – from modest studio flats to ultra-luxury split-level condos.

We’ve also learnt that a brand new airport is set to be constructed in Tulum. Also, the upcoming launch of the train line project is set to revolutionize travel, offering direct connections between cities like Merida, Valladolid, Cancun and Tulum.

And, with this exciting news, tourism in this beautiful beach town is set to skyrocket. And that means investing in property here will be an even smarter move than ever before. 

Aldea Zama Tulum Safety

Is Aldea Zama Tulum safe? Yes, Aldea Zama Tulum is a very safe neighbourhood. It is an upscale residential area with mostly professionals, digital nomads and tourists living here. The apartments here are safe, and loud parties are not common in the area, making it tranquil at all times. For those looking for peace of mind, this neighbourhood is ideal!

How To Get Around In Aldea Zama

By A Rental Car 

If you want to stay in Tulum Aldea Zama, you may want to rent a car to stay connected with the rest of the city and be able to visit the local attractions. Whenever we come to Tulum, we always use Discover Cars to book our cars. Discover Cars helps you find the cheapest car rental deal from the top-rated providers. It also offers a generous cancellation policy and no hidden fees.

Book your car here:

By Bike

Another great way of getting around Tulum is by bicycle. You can rent bicycles from many shops in the area and explore Aldea Zama Tulum at your own pace. It is also a great way to stay fit while travelling. Expect to pay around $10 per day.

By scooter

Another common mode of transport in Tulum is scooter rental. Scooters are a fun way of travelling short distances in Tulum, but only if you have previous experience and a valid driver’s licence that includes motorbikes.

By taxi

Taxis in Tulum are plenty, but they are not the cheapest, especially if you want to use them every day. It often works out more economically to rent a car than use taxis.

Aldea Zama Tulum: FAQ

Is Aldea Zama Tulum a good place to stay?

Yes, Aldea Zama Tulum is a great place to stay. The area is calm and tranquil, with modern amenities nearby. There are plenty of shops, restaurants, coworking spaces and other amenities in the area that make it perfect for digital nomads or anyone looking for a safe, peaceful neighbourhood away from the touristy area.

What is the closest beach to Aldea Zama?

The closest beach to Aldea Zama is Playa Paraiso, a public beach located just 5 km away. It has white sand and turquoise blue waters, making it the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling.

aldea zama restaurants

Is Aldea Zama Tulum a gated community?

Aldea Zama is a neighbourhood with some apartment complexes offering gated accommodation. The buildings and streets within the complex are gated and supervised 24/7, providing an added level of security for residents.

Additionally, many of these complexes have amenities such as pools and gyms, as well as common areas for residents to enjoy and socialize with one another.

What does Zama mean in Tulum?

“Zama” is a word in the ancient Mayan language. It means the beginning of a new day or dawn. Zama embodies a fresh start, a new beginning. It’s no wonder that many businesses, streets, and even people have adopted this word as their own, symbolizing the start of something new and good.

Aldea Zama Tulum: Final Word

I hope you found this article helpful. Aldea Zama Tulum is a great place to stay if you’re looking for an upscale, safe neighbourhood in the heart of Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

With plenty of amenities nearby and easy access to public beaches like Playa Paraiso, Aldea Zama has everything that travellers need to make their stay comfortable and enjoyable.

It is an ideal place to stay for families searching for affordable self-catering accommodation as well as travellers and digital nomads wanting to experience a less touristy Tulum.

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