#1 First 2 Weeks in Bali

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I finally did it! Sold everything, worked my never-ending, five months notice period at my old job and left to Bali. It wasn’t as simple as that. Due to the global pandemic and closed borders, my plan was changing so many times. I didn’t know until very late that I can come to Bali, so it was all very last minute and very crazy.

I had to have a special visa, travel insurance, negative covid test result, an onward ticket showing that I am willing to leave Indonesia and booked accommodation.

After 30 hours of travelling and two airport transfers, I made it to paradise. My first week felt weird. I felt too hot, and I was getting bitten by mosquitos every day. Then, I rented a scooter, booked a longer stay, decent villa and most importantly started meeting like-minded people that made me feel more settled.

I went to Pasut Beach, which was my first photoshoot and made a lot of mistakes with the camera settings, the choice of clothes and how I imported my photos. LOL. It was definitely a learning curve. Then me and my newly met friend Haley went to Uluwatu where I’ve learnt so much how to use my camera on manual mode and even how to pose. Below are some of the photos we’ve taken.

I’ve now planned a lot more exciting trips around Bali and will be sharing them here with you. I’m a little gutted that I won’t spend this Christmas with my family but also excited for the new year and all the adventures that are awaiting me here in Bali.



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