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Hey there, I’m Mal

I’m a full time traveller and a photographer hoping to inspire you to travel more through beautiful photography & travel guides I create.

I was born in Poland and lived in the UK most of my life, where I had a 9/5 job in finance, a house and even a husband. Things went upside down for me in 2020, but I decided to turn it around, quit my old life completely and followed my dreams all the way to Bali.

Now, I live the digital nomad life and let my inner wanderlust speak up and dictate my life. The more I travel, the more fulfilled my life gets and the less material possessions I need.

If you want to connect with me, meet me on Instagram. 

Explore My Favourite Places


Indonesia is one of the most exciting countries you will ever visit! Start with the Island of Gods – Bali. Mighty beaches, hidden waterfalls, ancient temples and lush rice fields are awaiting to be discovered. Bali is truly a slice of paradise! Learn how to surf, eat your way through the island’s cafes and warungs and visit hidden gems such as Sidemen and the North. And of course, Indonesia with over 170k islands is so much more than Bali!


Steeped in ancient history and famous for its attractive islands with exquisite beaches and unique architecture.


Underrated European destination boasting superb beaches and Byzantine stone cities hidden in the mountains.

The Latest Posts

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60 Awesome Travel Lover Gifts for Every Budget

Are you looking for clever, practical or cute travel lover gifts for your partner, friend, sister or cousin? You came to the right place, my friend! In this post, I’ve gathered some epic ideas for the best gifts for travel lovers.

Pollonia Milos -The Charming Coastal Town – Full Guide
Europe | Greece | Milos

Pollonia Milos -The Charming Coastal Town – Full Guide

Pollonia Milos is a perfect town for relaxing Milos holidays. Picture a quaint coastal village with a beautiful golden beach, and charming whitewashed houses with azure painted doors – typical architecture of the island of Milos. In Pollonia, you can truly experience the slow island life! If you’re wondering where to stay in Milos, Apollonia…

Adamas Milos – Full Guide + Inspiring Photos
Europe | Greece | Milos

Adamas Milos – Full Guide + Inspiring Photos

Adamas Milos, also known as Adamantas, is one of the most popular towns on Milos. It is the island’s port and a lively area – excellent to base yourself while staying on Milos.  This post is a complete guide to everything you need to know about the port town of Adamantas Greece, from all the…

A Guide to Himare Albania – Europe’s Hidden Gem
Albania | Europe

A Guide to Himare Albania – Europe’s Hidden Gem

Are you planning to visit Himare Albania? Himare is by far my favourite place on the Albanian Riviera. It’s a small town that managed to preserve its local charm and where you can mingle with the locals. Himarë is also an excellent base for exploring the Albanian Coast. And did I mention the crystal clear,…

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